2024 VA Loan Limits by County

Updated: December 7, 2023
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    A VA loan limit is a cap on how much a homebuyer can borrow without needing a down payment. However, thanks to the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019, VA loan limits do not apply to eligible VA borrowers with full VA loan entitlement.

    VA loan limits only apply to those with partial entitlement. Often that could mean the Veteran is buying a second property with a VA loan while they still own another home they originally acquired with a VA loan.

    The loan limit is based on county home prices. In most of the U.S., the 2024 maximum conforming loan limit (CLL) for single-unit properties is $766,550. That’s up 5.5% from 2023 ($726,200). In high-cost areas, the loan limit sits at $1,149,825.

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    2024 VA Loan Limits (Maximum Conforming Loan Limits)

    StateCountyOne-Unit Limit
    N/AAll Other Counties$766,550
    AKAleutians East Borough$1,149,825
    AKAleutians West Census Area$1,149,825
    AKAnchorage Municipality$1,149,825
    AKBethel Census Area$1,149,825
    AKBristol Bay Borough$1,149,825
    AKDenali Borough$1,149,825
    AKDillingham Census Area$1,149,825
    AKFairbanks North Star Borough$1,149,825
    AKHaines Borough$1,149,825
    AKHoonah-Angoon Census Area$1,149,825
    AKJuneau City and Borough$1,149,825
    AKKenai Peninsula Borough$1,149,825
    AKKetchikan Gateway Borough$1,149,825
    AKKodiak Island Borough$1,149,825
    AKKusilvak Census Area$1,149,825
    AKLake And Peninsula Borough$1,149,825
    AKMatanuska-Susitna Borough$1,149,825
    AKNome Census Area$1,149,825
    AKNorth Slope Borough$1,149,825
    AKNorthwest Arctic Borough$1,149,825
    AKPetersburg Census Area$1,149,825
    AKPrince Of Wales-Hyder Census Area$1,149,825
    AKSitka City and Borough$1,149,825
    AKSkagway Municipality$1,149,825
    AKSoutheast Fairbanks Census Area$1,149,825
    AKValdez-Cordova Census Area$1,149,825
    AKWrangell City and Borough$1,149,825
    AKYakutat City and Borough$1,149,825
    AKYukon-Koyukuk Census Area$1,149,825
    CAAlameda County$1,149,825
    CAContra Costa County$1,149,825
    CALos Angeles County$1,149,825
    CAMarin County$1,149,825
    CAMonterey County$920,000
    CANapa County$1,017,750
    CAOrange County$1,149,825
    CASan Benito County$1,149,825
    CASan Diego County$1,006,250
    CASan Francisco County$1,149,825
    CASan Luis Obispo County$929,200
    CASan Mateo County$1,149,825
    CASanta Barbara County$838,350
    CASanta Clara County$1,149,825
    CASanta Cruz County$1,149,825
    CASonoma County$877,450
    CAVentura County$954,500
    COAdams County$816,500
    COArapahoe County$816,500
    COBoulder County$856,750
    COBroomfield County$816,500
    COClear Creek County$816,500
    CODenver County$816,500
    CODouglas County$816,500
    COEagle County$1,149,825
    COElbert County$816,500
    COGarfield County$1,149,825
    COGilpin County$816,500
    COJefferson County$816,500
    COPark County$816,500
    COPitkin County$1,149,825
    CORoutt County$1,012,000
    COSan Miguel County$994,750
    COSummit County$1,006,250
    DCDistrict Of Columbia$1,149,825
    FLMonroe County$929,200
    HIHawaii County$1,149,825
    HIHonolulu County$1,149,825
    HIKalawao County$1,149,825
    HIKauai County$1,149,825
    HIMaui County$1,149,825
    IDTeton County$1,149,825
    MADukes County$1,149,825
    MAEssex County$862,500
    MAMiddlesex County$862,500
    MANantucket County$1,149,825
    MANorfolk County$862,500
    MAPlymouth County$862,500
    MASuffolk County$862,500
    MDCalvert County$1,149,825
    MDCharles County$1,149,825
    MDFrederick County$1,149,825
    MDMontgomery County$1,149,825
    MDPrince George's County$1,149,825
    NHRockingham County$862,500
    NHStrafford County$862,500
    NJBergen County$1,149,825
    NJEssex County$1,149,825
    NJHudson County$1,149,825
    NJHunterdon County$1,149,825
    NJMiddlesex County$1,149,825
    NJMonmouth County$1,149,825
    NJMorris County$1,149,825
    NJOcean County$1,149,825
    NJPassaic County$1,149,825
    NJSomerset County$1,149,825
    NJSussex County$1,149,825
    NJUnion County$1,149,825
    NYBronx County$1,149,825
    NYKings County$1,149,825
    NYNassau County$1,149,825
    NYNew York County$1,149,825
    NYPutnam County$1,149,825
    NYQueens County$1,149,825
    NYRichmond County$1,149,825
    NYRockland County$1,149,825
    NYSuffolk County$1,149,825
    NYWestchester County$1,149,825
    PAPike County$1,149,825
    TNCannon County$943,000
    TNCheatham County$943,000
    TNDavidson County$943,000
    TNDickson County$943,000
    TNMacon County$943,000
    TNMaury County$943,000
    TNRobertson County$943,000
    TNRutherford County$943,000
    TNSmith County$943,000
    TNSumner County$943,000
    TNTrousdale County$943,000
    TNWilliamson County$943,000
    TNWilson County$943,000
    UTSummit County$1,149,825
    UTWasatch County$1,149,825
    VAAlexandria City$1,149,825
    VAArlington County$1,149,825
    VAClarke County$1,149,825
    VACulpeper County$1,149,825
    VAFairfax City$1,149,825
    VAFairfax County$1,149,825
    VAFalls Church City$1,149,825
    VAFauquier County$1,149,825
    VAFredericksburg City$1,149,825
    VALoudoun County$1,149,825
    VAMadison County$1,149,825
    VAManassas City$1,149,825
    VAManassas Park City$1,149,825
    VAPrince William County$1,149,825
    VARappahannock County$1,149,825
    VASpotsylvania County$1,149,825
    VAStafford County$1,149,825
    VAWarren County$1,149,825
    VISt. Croix Island$1,149,825
    VISt. John Island$1,149,825
    VISt. Thomas Island$1,149,825
    WAKing County$977,500
    WAPierce County$977,500
    WASnohomish County$977,500
    WVJefferson County$1,149,825
    WYTeton County$1,149,825

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    Calculating Loan Amount With Loan Limits

    If VA loan limits apply to you, below is a step-by-step process to figuring out how much your loan can be before putting money down. 

    1. Use the chart above to find the VA loan limit for the county where you’re buying. If your county isn’t listed above, the amount is $766,550.
    2. Take the VA loan limit for that county, and multiply it by (.25) to find the maximum VA guarantee for that county.
    3. Figure out how much entitlement you’ve used by taking your original VA loan amount and multiplying it by (.25).
    4. Find your remaining entitlement by taking the maximum guarantee (from Point 2) and subtracting your entitlement used (from Point 3).
    5. Take your remaining entitlement and multiply it by 4. That will show how much you can borrow without a down payment.

    VA Loan Limit Example

    You took out a VA loan for $415,000 on your current home. You receive PCS orders and must move. Before you can sell your home, you arrive at your new location and want to buy a home. The new house is in Huntsville, AL, near Redstone Arsenal. Huntsville is in Madison County, AL, which has a loan limit of $766,550. 

    The basic calculation would look something like this:

    • $766,550 x .25 = $191,637 maximum VA loan guarantee for the county
    • $415,000 x .25 = $103,750 is the amount of entitlement used 
    • $191,637 – $103,750 = $87,887 in remaining entitlement
    • $87,887 x 4 = $351,548

    So, $351,548 is the largest amount you can borrow without making a down payment. 

    Note: In this example, you can get a larger VA loan; you would need to offset the difference of anything above the maximum amount with a down payment.

    Getting A Loan Above the VA Loan Limit

    It’s important to remember there is no max VA loan amount. However, as mentioned above, there is a limit to how much you can borrow without a down payment. Any loan above the county-specific limit is known as a VA jumbo loan. VA jumbo loans also have specific guidelines and rules.

    Qualifying For a VA Jumbo Loan Above a County Limit

    Depending on the lender’s requirements, like debt-to-income ratio, down payments, credit score, etc., you can get a VA jumbo loan. You’ll only be able to figure out how much you can borrow by talking with a specialist.

    Alternative Loan Options For Veterans

    Other alternative mortgage options are available, such as an FHA Loan, USDA Loan, or a conventional loan. Each of these options comes with its restrictions and guidelines.

    How Often VA Loan Limits Change

    VA loan limits are based on the conforming loan limits laid out by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). The agency sets county limits based on home prices each year with new limits taking effect on January 1st. The loan limit is based on the closing date of the VA loan, so loans that close shortly after the new year will be subject to the latest loan limits even if the application began prior to the new year.

    Regional Loan Center Info:

    • Cleveland Department of Veterans Affairs
      VA Regional Loan Center
      1240 East Ninth Street
      Cleveland, OH 44199
    • Denver Department of Veterans Affairs
      VA Regional Loan Center
      155 Van Gordon Street
      Lakewood, CO 80228
    • Honolulu Department of Veterans Affairs
      VA Regional Office
      Loan Guaranty Division (26)
      459 Patterson Rd.
      Honolulu, HI 96819
      * Not an RLC but can handle all Loan Guaranty matters for Hawaii.
    • Phoenix Department of Veterans Affairs
      VA Regional Loan Center
      3333 N. Central Avenue
      Phoenix, AZ 85012-2402
    • Roanoke Department of Veterans Affairs
      VA Regional Loan Center
      210 First Street
      Roanoke, VA 24011
    • St. Paul Department of Veterans Affairs
      VA Regional Loan Center
      1 Federal Drive, Ft. Snelling.
      St. Paul, MN 55111
    • St. Petersburg Department of Veterans Affairs
      VA Regional Loan Center
      9500 Bay Pines Blvd.
      St. Petersburg, FL 33708

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