2024 USAA Military Pay Deposit Dates

Updated: June 11, 2024
USAA Military Pay Dates
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    With a USAA bank account, you can receive your military pay up to two days earlier than usual. Military pay dates are generally the 1st and 15th of each month, except when they fall on weekends or holidays.

    While the USAA’s military pay policy lets you access your pay earlier, it’s not always guaranteed to be two days before. There could be times when you only get it one day in advance, which is often due to the information your employer shares with USAA.

    Note: A key step in getting this benefit is making sure you set up your direct deposit.

    2024 USAA Military Pay Schedule

    Below is the list of 2024 military pay dates and the earliest possible USAA military pay deposit dates.

    MonthMilitary Pay DateUSAA Deposit Date
    JanuaryJan. 12Jan. 10
    Feb. 1Jan. 30
    FebruaryFeb. 15Feb. 13
    Mar. 1Feb. 28
    MarchMar. 15Mar. 13
    Mar. 30Mar. 28
    AprilApr. 13Apr. 11
    May 1Apr. 29
    MayMay 15May 13
    May 31May 29
    JuneJune 14June 12
    June 29June 27
    JulyJuly 13July 11
    Aug. 1July 30
    AugustAug. 15Aug. 13
    Aug. 30Aug. 28
    SeptemberSep. 13Sep. 11
    Oct. 1Sep. 27
    OctoberOct. 12Oct. 10
    Nov. 1Oct. 30
    NovemberNov. 15Nov. 13
    Nov. 28Nov. 26
    DecemberDec. 13Dec. 11
    Dec. 31Dec. 27

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    In Closing

    Be sure to talk this through with a USAA employee or support staff member to figure out exactly how much sooner you will get your pay. Also, make sure to ask about the option to get this benefit for your military retirement pay.

    Written by Jon Rehagen