Veterans ID on Driver’s License or ID Card by State

Updated: April 7, 2023
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    A “Veteran” designation is now offered on driver licenses and ID cards in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

    The state, district and territory programs make it easier for veterans to access government benefits and discounts at restaurants and retailers.

    Many only require U.S. Department of Defense DD Form 214, but some require additional documentation or accept supplemental documentation. While some do not charge for the designation, others do.

    A veteran ID card (VIC) is also available from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, but you must have served on active duty, in the Reserves or National Guard (including the U.S. Coast Guard) and received an honorable or general discharge (under honorable conditions).

    There are options for getting a veteran ID card.

    StateDriver License Designation StatusDescriptionOfficial Information
    AlabamaAvailableTo establish proof of service, a veteran must visit an Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Department of Public Safety driver license office and present a DD Form 214 from the DoD showing an honorable or general under honorable conditions status. There is no charge for the designation.Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs:
    AlaskaAvailableTo receive the designation, a veteran must show the Department of Motor Vehicles a military retiree ID card, DoD DD Form 214, National Guard Bureau NGB-22 form or other applicable forms proving a discharge under honorable conditions.Alaska Department of Administration Division of Motor Vehicles:
    ArizonaAvailableStandard fees apply plus valid veteran’s designation such as DoD DD Form 214 or other similar documentation must be shown as proof with Arizona Motor Vehicle Division.Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division:
    ArkansasAvailableIssued to individuals who request the veteran’s designation through the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration’s Office of Driver Services. Applicants must submit a DoD DD Form 214 showing honorable discharge; DoD DD Form 2, DoD DD Form 256 or DoD DD Form 257; National Guard Bureau NGB Form 22 with honorable discharge; or VA veteran identification card (VIC).Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration:
    CaliforniaAvailableEligible veterans can add a veteran status to Department of Motor Vehicles-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards to indicate service in the U.S. military.California Department of Motor Vehicles:
    ColoradoAvailableMilitary service members and veterans may request to include a veteran/military identifier on their Colorado driver's license and ID card. Either a valid military identification card or DoD DD Form 214 is required as documentation.Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles:
    ConnecticutAvailableAt least 30 days prior to visiting a Department of Motor Vehicles or AAA Northeast office in Connecticut,, veterans must submit to the state Department of Veterans Affairs a completed application and proof of honorable discharge, such as DoD DD Form 214. The Department of Veterans Affairs verifies the veteran’s military status and notifies the DMV prior to the driver's license or ID card being issued.Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs:
    DelawareAvailableVeteran identification cards are available to Delaware veterans who served in the U.S. military and were honorably discharged, free of charge. To obtain the card, veterans must have a valid Delaware driver’s license or ID card and provide proof of military service.Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles:
    FloridaAvailableVeterans who live in Florida can add a veteran designation to their driver’s license or identification card for a one-time fee. Present DoD DD Form 214 or DD Form 215 showing an honorable discharge from active duty.Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles:
    GeorgiaAvailableApplicants must have an honorable discharge from active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces; or 20 years in the National Guard. with a Georgia Department of Drivers’ Services certificate of eligibility (DS-516) from Georgia Department of Veterans Services (GDVS). To obtain the driver’s license or ID, veterans must take their documentation, DoD DD Form 214 and proof of Georgia residency to a GDVS Veterans Field Service Office.Georgia Department of Veterans Service:
    HawaiiAvailableA veteran’s designation is available for all Hawaii driver's licenses, state IDs and instruction permits. Those persons who served in the U.S. uniformed services o and received a discharge other than dishonorable are eligible.Hawaii Department of Transportation:
    IdahoAvailableVeterans who present valid documentation, including DoD DD Form 214, with proof of honorable discharge from military service may get veteran’s designation on driver's licenses or state-issued identification cards. There is no charge for the designation whether renewing or getting a new card.Idaho Division of Veterans Services: ​​
    IllinoisAvailableU.S. military veterans can get an updated Illinois driver's license or ID card with veteran’s designation by presenting proof of service at any Secretary of State Driver Services location.Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs:'s-License.aspx
    IndianaAvailableActive-duty military, veteran or veteran spouse indicators for driver’s licenses or state identification cards are available for new issuances or renewal applications. Must provide the Bureau of Motor Vehicles with current military ID; proof of discharge or separation other than dishonorable from the military; or proof of the veteran’s honorable discharge or separation, marriage certificate or a death certificate for deceased veterans.Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles: ​​
    IowaAvailableHonorably discharged veterans with active-duty experience can get veteran’s designation when applying for or renewing driver’s licenses or non-operator IDs. Apply with DoD DD Form 214 through your local Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs county services office and driver’s license issuance location.Iowa Department of Transportation:
    KansasAvailableVeterans with an honorable or general discharge or a general discharge under honorable conditions can get the veteran’s designation on state-issued driver’s licenses and ID cards. Submit DoD DD Form 214, VA ID card or retired military ID card as proof at a Kansas Department of Revenue driver’s license office.Kansas Department of Revenue:
    KentuckyAvailableTo obtain a driver’s license with a veteran’s designation, veterans who are honorably discharged must present a DoD DD Form 214 as verification at your local circuit court clerk’s office, where driver's licenses are issued.Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs:
    LouisianaAvailableVeteran’s designation on driver’s licenses and ID cards is available through Louisiana State Office of Motor Vehicle locations or Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs offices. Proof of veteran status is required.Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs:
    MaineAvailableFor military service designation on a driver’s license or state ID card, applicants must be currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, provide proof of honorable discharge (DoD DD Form 214) or provide VA certification or other official verification at Bureau of Motor Vehicles locations.Maine Department of the Secretary of State Bureau of Motor Vehicles:
    MarylandAvailableVeteran’s designation on state-issued driver’s licenses with one of these documents at local Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) branch office: DoD DD Form 214, honorable discharge certificate or letter certifying service from National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records (NPRC-MPR).Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs:
    MassachusettsAvailableMassachusetts residents who are U.S. Armed Forces veterans and were honorably discharged can have a veteran’s indicator on their driver’s license or other state ID card when applying for, renewing or duplicating with Registry of Motor Vehicles. The documentation needed is DoD DD Form 214 or DD Form 215 or an honorable discharge form.Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles:
    MichiganAvailableVeteran status can be designated on Michigan-issued driver’s licenses and ID cards for veterans who served in any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, including the National Guard and Reserves. Applicants must provide proper certification, including a DoD DD Form 214 at any Secretary of State’s office or when renewing by U.S. mail. Michigan Secretary of State:,4670,7-127-1627_68162---,00.html
    MinnesotaAvailableVeteran’s designation on state driver’s licenses and ID cards can be obtained by request by paying the required fees and providing
    certified documentation of honorable discharge status.
    Minnesota Department of Public Safety Division of Driver and Vehicle Services:
    MississippiAvailableUnder a new state law in effect July 1, 2021, U.S. military members honorably discharged seeking veteran status on driver’s licenses or state ID cards must present specific certification of their status for the designation at Department of Public Safety drivers’ licensing locations. The documentation includes DoD DD Form 214, military retiree identification card, VA identification or medical identification card, or National Guard Form NG-22.Mississippi Veterans Affairs:
    MissouriAvailableAny U.S. military veteran can obtain a veteran designation on a Missouri driver or non-driver license. Persons requesting the designation must submit an initial request or renewal application with the Missouri Department of Revenue, along with DoD discharge document (DD Form 214) indicating status of honorable, general or under honorable conditions.Missouri Department of Revenue:
    MontanaAvailableVeterans may request veteran designation on their Montana driver’s license or ID card. To apply, submit Form 21-3000 with documentation certifying veteran status from Montana Veterans Affairs Division and a check or money order for proper fees to Motor Vehicle Division, or make an appointment with the Motor Vehicle Division and submit documentation to have the designation added.Montana Department of Justice:
    NebraskaAvailableVeteran’s designation can be displayed on driver’s licenses or state ID cards for qualifying veterans by registering with the Nebraska Department of Veteran’s Affairs registry online and filing a request with the Department of Motor Vehicles.Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles: | Nebraska Department of Veterans Affairs: ​​
    NevadaAvailableHonorably discharged veterans may have a veteran designator placed on their driver’s license. Present DoD DD Form 214, honorable discharge certification, at any Department of Motor Vehicles office.Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles:
    New HampshireAvailableVeterans with an honorable discharge can request a veteran indicator on their New Hampshire driver’s license or non-driver ID cards with an appropriate state application at any Division of Motor Vehicles location.New Hampshire Department of Safety Division of Motor Vehicles:
    New JerseyAvailableSpecial veteran designation is available for display on driver’s licenses or non-driver ID cards through the Motor Vehicle Commission with specified documentation.New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission:
    New MexicoAvailableAvailable to any honorably discharged veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces. Veterans need to provide DoD DD Form 214, ; military retiree, VA medical ID or National Guard ID when applying for the designation with the Motor Vehicle Division. There is no additional cost to the normal driver's license renewal or replacement fee. New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division:
    New YorkAvailableQualified U.S. military veterans honorably discharged can have veteran designation on driver’s licenses or non-driver ID cards with DoD DD Form 214 or DD Form 215. If discharged before January 1, 1950, present an honorable discharge frm War Department Adjutant General’s Office (WD AGO) 53, WD AGO 55, WD AGO 53-55, Navy Personnel (NAVPERS) 553, Navy Marine Corps (NAVMC) 78PD, Navy Coast Guard (NAVCG) 553 or an Enlisted Separation Paper; or Certification of Military Service (NA Form 13038) indicating honorable or under honorable conditions discharge.New York Department of Motor Vehicles: ​​
    North CarolinaAvailableMilitary veterans may get veteran designation for driver’s licenses and identification cards if they are North Carolina residents honorably discharged from the U.S. States Armed Forces. Applicants must submit DoD DD Form 214 or DD Form 215, War Department Adjutant General’s Office (WD AGO) Form 53-55, Navy Marine Corps (NAVMC) Form 78-D or Navy Personnel (NAVPERS) Separate of Service form at Department of Motor Vehicles drivers’ license offices.North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles: ​​
    North DakotaAvailableVeteran Indicator designation for driver’s licenses may be obtained through a veterans’ service officer with DoD DD Form 214 and a completed Department of Transportation form SFN 59980 submitted at a state driver’s license site.North Dakota Department of Transportation:
    OhioAvailableArmed Forces Designation on driver’s licenses and ID cards is provided at no cost for any veteran, active-duty or Reserve member of the U.S. Armed Forces. Visit Bureau of Motor Vehicles deputy registrar license sites with Ohio license or ID and DoD DD Form 214, active or retired military ID, veteran ID card or a copy of current orders.Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles:
    OklahomaAvailableVeteran status may be placed on driver license or state ID cards by showing proof of military service with DoD DD Form 214 or 215, World War II-era discharge documents or a VA ID card when renewing or obtaining a license or ID card at Department of Public Safety locations.Department of Public Safety:
    OregonAvailableDriver & Motor Vehicle Services may add veteran designation to a driver license, instruction permit or ID card when requested on meeting certain qualifications.Oregon Driver & Motor Vehicle Services:
    PennsylvaniaAvailableVeterans Designation may be added by the Department of Motor Vehicles to driver’s licenses or identification cards. There is no fee, but applicants must qualify, provide proof of honorable discharge military service and pay the initial, renewal or duplicate driver’s license or ID fee.Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles:
    Puerto RicoAvailableMilitary members discharged under honorable conditions are eligible for veteran’s designation on Commonwealth of Puerto Rico-issued driver’s licenses. Visit a Centro de Servicios al Conductor (CESCO) location with certification from DoD DD Form 214 or the VA (VA). Military members who are age 60 and older and those declared as 100% Disabled Veterans by VA are eligible are exempt from driver’s license fees.Centro de Servicios al Conductor (CESCO):
    Rhode IslandAvailableVeterans must present DoD Form DD 214 or other documentation showing honorable discharge to qualify for veteran designation on a driver’s license or ID card and a completed Division of Motor Vehicles form to the DMV. There is no cost.Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles:
    South CarolinaAvailableThe Department of Motor Vehicles applies veteran designation for driver’s licenses, ID cards and learner’s permits for individuals who served honorably in the U.S. Armed Forces. To apply at any DMV branch, veterans must present DoD DD Form 214; a Certificate of Discharge or Enlisted Separation Papers for service before January 1, 1950; 20 years serving in the National Guard with National Bureau form NGB-22; military Reserve component retirement pay notification after 20 years of service; or a veteran identification card (VIC) issued by the VA. No other proof of service will be accepted. Military dependents, spouses or civilian employees on military bases are not eligible.South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles:
    South DakotaAvailableVeterans honorably discharged can add veteran designation to their South Dakota driver license or identification card. To do so, visit any South Dakota driver license office with required documents, including DoD DD Form 214, DD Form 2 or DD Form 2A; certification signed by county or tribal veteran’s service officer verifying status; or National Guard Bureau form NGB-22 for National Guard service.South Dakota Department of Public Safety:
    TennesseeAvailableTo obtain veteran’s designation on a state driver’s license or ID card, qualifying U.S. military members must provide a county clerk’s office with DoD DD Form 214 or other DoD documentation certifying honorable discharge.Tennessee Department of Veterans Affairs:
    TexasAvailableThe Department of Public Safety offers veteran designation on driver licenses for qualifying military veterans. Visit a driver license office, and present DoD DD Form 214 or DD Form 215; National Guard Bureau form NGB-22; or VA disability letter.Texas Department of Public Safety:
    UtahAvailableApplicants 21 years or older applying for a state driver's license or any applicant applying for a state ID card may add a veteran indicator by providing acceptable proof of honorable discharge from the U.S. military to Department of Public Safety offices. Proof includes DoD DD Form 214 or World War II-era Record/Notice of Separation.Utah Department of Public Safety:
    VermontAvailableA veteran’s designator for drivers’ licenses and state ID cards is available through Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) branches and mobile units. The designation is free for qualifying honorably discharged veterans on renewal or initial issuance with DMV form VG-168 and DoD DD Form 214.Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles:
    VirginiaAvailable (separate ID card)U.S. Armed Forces veterans may add a veteran indicator on driver’s licenses or ID cards issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Certain eligibility requirements and documentation must be met, and there is no fee for the designation.
    WashingtonAvailableQualifying U.S. military members who were honorably discharged may get veteran designation on driver’s licenses or state ID cards for free.Washington State Department of Licensing:
    Washington D.C.AvailableThe District of Columbia offers veteran’s designation for honorably discharged U.S. military members on driver licenses or non-driver identification cards.District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles:
    West VirginiaAvailableTo obtain veteran’s designation for state driver’s licenses or ID cards, those who served in the U.S. military and were honorably discharged can apply at Division of Motor Vehicles regional offices. Bring DoD DD Form 214, another form of military ID or motor vehicle registration showing a current military plate.West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles:
    WisconsinAvailableFor a veteran identifier on Wisconsin driver’s licenses or ID cards, requests must be made through the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Certain requirements must be met, with application at DMV locations or online through ​​ Department of Veterans Affairs:
    WyomingAvailableHonorably discharged U.S. military veterans may request veteran designation on driver’s licenses or identification cards. To qualify, applicants must submit a verification form and copy of separation papers (DoD DD Form 214) to the Wyoming Veterans Commission.Wyoming Department of Transportation:

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