Wounded Warrior Project, Alumni Supports War Heroes

Updated: April 16, 2021
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    The Wounded Warrior Project is a program for wounded military service members who served on active or reserve duty from Sept. 11, 2001 to present. The alumni program was founded by John Melia, a veteran of both the United States Marine Corps and the Army National Guard.

    Funding and support for the Wounded Warrior Project is supported through a network of small businesses, corporations, federal government agencies and other nonprofit organizations worldwide.

    Qualification Process

    • Disabled Veterans who served in the military armed forces with a combat related injury or illness after Sept. 11, 2001
    • Active or reserve duty service members with a combat related or service connected illness or injury
    • Be eligible for Veteran Rehabilitation and Employment benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs
    • Department of Defense form DD214 that indicates record of disability code information and dates of military service for validation purposes.
    • Department of Veterans Affairs disability service rating award letter
    • Family member or care giver of a severely wounded service member
    • Widowed spouse of a military service member

    The Wounded Warrior Project offers a lot of free programs for veterans and service members who qualify.

    Four Key Elements of Support

    Mind: The combat stress recovery program is designed to promote ways on how to utilize effective coping skills to overcome the challenges many wounded warriors experience.

    Body:  Structured activities sponsored by the Wounded Warrior Project will help wounded veterans get back in shape physically and mentally.

    Economic Empowerment: Employment advisors will mentor veterans with training programs, resumes, job search, interview techniques and additional scholarship opportunities towards continuing education.

    Engagement An advisor from the Wounded Warrior Project will make every effort to follow up with a client and ensure client needs are addressed in a timely manner

    Member benefits, recreational activities and events

    Alumni recipients receive free VIP admission to local area concerts, complimentary invitation tickets to shows, participate in marathons, sports venues, attend free recreational and entertainment events.

    Members will also receive a complimentary membership from Veterans Advantage. Veterans Advantage is a discount program for veterans; active duty, reserve military members and retired military personnel.

    The membership offers discounts at major department stores, Best Buy retailers, major online shopping stores, air travel corporations, greyhound bus charter services, rental car companies and more.

    The membership usually costs about $40.00 to $50.00 a year. Alumni members will receive a free Veterans Advantage club card paid for by the Wounded Warrior Project.

    No warrior is left behind

    Service members who experienced the traumas of war, diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injury experience difficulties adjusting back into the civilian community.

    Wounded veterans with combat related disabilities have to adjust to living with their physical disabilities and re-learn how to be independent with the injuries sustained through self-care.

    All of these effects can be stressful. Therefore, the combat stress programs, peer and mentor support influence that the Wounded Warrior Project provides helps wounded warriors overcome the challenges they face.

    Ways to Support the Wounded Warrior Project

    • Organize a WWP fundraising event
    • Become a WWP Volunteer Program
    • Join the Tough Mudder obstacle challenge
    • Donate A Facebook Post Or Tweet
    • Thank A Wounded Warrior
    • Get Your Company Involved in WWP
    • Support WWP Sponsors
    • Get a WWP USAA Credit Card
    • Shop at Under Armour – Under Armour is a proud supporter of WWP and helps support Wounded Warriors and their families in a variety of ways. From monetary donations and public awareness to programmatic support, Under Armour honors those who Protect This House®.
    Written by Veteran.com Team