VetSuccess On Campus (VSOC)

Updated: December 24, 2022
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    VetSuccess On Campus (VSOC) is a program initiated by the Department of Veterans Affairs to help veterans transition from life in uniform to life on campus. Like many VA education benefits, VSOC isn’t limited to those who have retired or separated from military service.

    The VA official site describes this program as designed to help “Veterans, Servicemembers, and their qualified dependents” through a “coordinated delivery of on-campus benefits assistance and counseling, leading to completion of their education and preparing them to enter the labor market in viable careers” according to the official site.

    The signing of the MOU in 2009 with the pilot program at University of South Florida is recognized as the birth of the VetSuccess on Campus (VSOC) program, which includes having an experienced vocational rehab counselor for veterans available on campus to help student veterans get the support they need for a successful college experience.

    Since 2009, the program has expanded and now supports more than one hundred institutions of higher learning.

    How VetSuccess On Campus Works

    VSOC provides on-campus help for veteran students. VSOC is administered through the Department of Veterans Affairs Veteran Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) program, offering qualifying students on-campus assistance at participating colleges and other institutions with:

    • Assistance with successfully completing higher education
    • Helping veteran students find careers
    • Student assistance via VA’s education and career counseling program, or Chapter 36 authority

    VSOC participants may be eligible for a range of educational and vocational counseling services depending on the college and other variables, but in any case, VSOC students are meant to have “personalized support” according to the VA official site. That support may include:

    • Career path guidance
    • Counseling on the most effective use of VA benefits
    • Information on how to set realistic education goals
    • Guidance on achieving those educational goals
    • Adjustment counseling designed to help with completion of education
    • Adjustment counseling to help with finding employment
    • Career counseling
    • Vocational testing
    • Expedited VR&E services
    • Support and assistance to all Veterans with VA benefits “regardless of entitlement, benefit usage or enrollment status”

    VetSuccess On Campus-Not Just For Academic Issues

    VSOC Counselors are, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs, meant to be “easily accessible on campus” to help students work out ANY issue that could “potentially interfere with a Veteran’s educational program.”

    That includes reasonable accommodation and/or disability issues, referrals to healthcare providers, clinics, counselors, and referrals to VA-run Vet Centers where needed.

    While it’s true that such issues could be viewed as directly education-related, it’s easy to overlook the need for alternate access to campuses with many stairways, prolonged distances between classrooms and the reasonable amount of time it takes to get there between classes, etc. The needs of students in this area can vary dramatically. VSOC can help with reasonable accommodation issues and other factors.

    Who Is Eligible For VetSuccess On Campus

    VSOC counselors “ensure student Veterans receive necessary support and assistance,” but who qualifies for such help? In general, if you attend a participating school and have access to VA education benefits such as the GI Bill, Yellow Ribbon Program, etc. you may have access to VetSuccess On Campus assistance. The list includes but may not be limited to:

    • Servicemembers eligible for any VA educational program including the GI Bill
    • Veterans eligible for any VA educational program including the GI Bill
    • Those signed up for training with the Department of Veterans Affairs VR&E program
    • Eligible dependents drawing VA education benefits
    • Military spouses (enrolled in the military or attending as a civilian) enrolled in higher education via the Post-9/11 GI Bill

    Does VSOC Cost Me Anything Including The Use Of My GI Bill Entitlement?

    VetSuccess On Campus is a service offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the campus offering these services; as such they should not be deemed as the use of an education entitlement such as the Post 9/11 GI Bill-your available credit hours/course credits are unaffected by using VetSuccess On Campus.

    VSOC is a service and does not “use up” any GI Bill entitlement or other educational assistance. It is there to serve those who have served in uniform (or qualifying family members) to make the most out of their military education benefits.

    How Do I Sign Up For VSOC?

    Using the official VA website, look up your school, or a school you are considering and verify that it’s a participant in the VSOC program. You will need to email the person listed as the college’s VSOC representative (the VSOC counselor email address field has this information).

    You can also contact your nearest VA regional center to see if other colleges near you or near your chosen institution are offering VetSuccess On Campus.

    How The VA Selects Colleges For VSOC

    The VA official site states that the Department of Veterans Affairs selects colleges and institutions of higher education based on a variety of factors including the number of veterans currently enrolled at the school, how close the campus might be to a VA regional office and/or medical facility, and the ability of the school to accept a full-time VSOC counselor.

    Another factor that may determine the VA’s involvement is how much current veteran support exists on a given campus.

    How To Request VSOC At Your Campus

    The VA official site directs all those who wish to request a VSOC counselor to be added to their campus to send a email to the VA VR&E Outreach Team address at: [email protected].

    Your email should include the reasons for being interested in the program, “willingness to meet the selection criteria” plus a contact name and other contact information so the VA can follow up.

    Institutions Of Higher Learning That Participate In VetSuccess On Campus

    The number and types of colleges or other institutions that participate in the VA VSOC program may vary from year to year depending on funding, legislation, and other variables. At the time of this writing, the following institutions participate or have participated in VSOC:

      • Troy University
      • University of Alabama
      • University of Alaska – Anchorage
      • Arizona State University
      • University of Arkansas
      • Northwest Arkansas Community College
      • California State University – Long Beach
      • Long Beach City College
      • San Antonio College
      • Citrus College
      • Saddleback College
      • Irvine Valley College
      • Pasadena City College
      • California State University
      • Los Angeles City College
      • University of California – Los Angeles
      • Santa Monica Community College
      • American River College
      • San Diego State University
      • Mira Costa College
      • University of Colorado – Colorado Springs
      • George Washington University
      • Northwest Florida State College
      • University of West Florida
      • University of South Florida
      • Florida State University
      • Tallahassee Community College
      • Florida International University
      • University of Florida
      • Santa Fe College
      • Florida State College at Jacksonville
      • Kennesaw State University
      • Hawaii Pacific University
      • Leeward Community College
      • University of Hawaii – Manoa
      • Idaho Boise State University
      • Southwestern Illinois College
      • University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign
      • Kansas Johnson County Community College
      • University of Kansas
      • Eastern Kentucky University
      • Elizabethtown Community & Technical College
      • University of Kentucky
      • Bluegrass Community & Technical College
      • University of Maryland – University College
      • Kalamazoo Valley Community College
      • Kellogg Community College
      • Western Michigan University
      • Eastern Michigan University
      • University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
      • Washtenaw Community College
      • University of Southern Mississippi
      • Missouri Webster University – St. Louis
      • Nebraska Bellevue University
      • University of Nebraska – Omaha
      • Nevada University of Nevada – Las Vegas
      • New Jersey Rutgers University
      • Middlesex County College
      • University of New Mexico
      • Syracuse University
      • Nassau Community College
      • Suffolk County Community College
      • East Carolina University
      • Fayetteville Technical Community College
      • Cleveland State University
      • Ohio State University
      • University of Cincinnati
      • Cameron University
      • Portland State University
      • Harrisburg Area Community College
      • Community College of Rhode Island
      • Rhode Island College
      • Midlands Technical College
      • Middle Tennessee State University
      • Austin Peay State University – Clarksville
      • University of Texas – San Antonio
      • Sam Houston State University
      • San Antonio College
      • Lone Star College System – University Park
      • Houston Community College
      • University of Houston
      • Texas A&M University – Central Texas
      • Tarrant County College – South
      • Tarrant County College – Northeast
      • Central Texas College
      • Texas A&M University – College Station
      • Austin Community College
      • University of Texas – Arlington
      • Salt Lake Community College
      • University of Utah
      • Weber State University
      • George Mason University
      • Northern Virginia Community College
      • Northern Virginia Community College – Annandale
      • Norfolk State University
      • Tidewater Community College – Norfolk
      • Tidewater Community College – Chesapeake
      • Tidewater Community College – Portsmouth
      • Tidewater Community College – Virginia Beach
      • Old Dominion University
      • ECPI University
      • Liberty University
      • Leo University – South Hampton
      • University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
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