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Updated: April 16, 2021
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    VA for Vets is a Department of Veterans Affairs program falling under the VA Veteran Employment Services Office (VESO). It’s one of several VESO programs designed to help those transitioning out of military service and into a civilian career.

    VESO programs are offered to veterans, and eligible military spouses. VA for Vets in particular features resources for both hiring managers and job seekers including job announcements and leads.

    One thing that makes VA for Vets unique is that it provides external and internal job resources for both veterans and spouses of veterans. This means you can include the Department of Veterans Affairs itself as a potential source of new employment.

    VA for Vets Program Overview

    VA Career Options For Veterans

    VA for Vets includes resources for getting federal jobs via, but also for hiring at the Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA encourages veterans to consider employment opportunities with the VA–those interested in knowing more should contact VESO (found via the VA official site at directly for more information.

    But there are also instructions for veterans on how to claim veteran preference points when applying for VA and federal employment including links to the required forms you may need to claim such preference including DD Form 214 (Report of Discharge) and SF-15 which is required to claim 10-point veteran hiring preference.

    What kinds of positions are listed on the VA for Vets official site? You can find openings at a range of government agencies including but not limited to:

    • Internal Revenue Service
    • Transportation Security Administration
    • Office of Acquisition, Logistics and Construction
    • U.S. Census Bureau
    • Department of Veterans Affairs
    • Department of Health and Human Services

    VA for Vets does not limit its job board announcements to federal work; there are a number of civilian / private sector opportunities listed, too:

    • ABT Electronics
    • Burke & Herbert Bank
    • Fairmount Santrol Company
    • Maryland Department of Transportation
    • Pride Industries
    • TechExpo
    • Veteran Staffing Network
    • Metropolitan Transportation Authority

    VA Career Options For Spouses

    VA for Vets works with the Department of Defense Military Spouse Employment Partnership program to find military spouses who want careers at VA facilities and there are cash incentives for licensing in “targeted fields” for military spouses via something known as My Career Advancement Account scholarships.

    The VA for Vets official site provides job links for military spouses. You’ll find a diverse range of federal job listings that include military spouses in the list of targeted-for-hiring groups (the Department of Veterans Affairs places hiring emphasis for certain segments of the job seeker community including spouses, disabled veterans, etc.).

    Those job listings in the past have included (but are not limited to) jobs including:

    • Attorney
    • Dentist
    • Heavy Equipment Repairer
    • Lock and Dam Operator
    • Purchasing Agent
    • Scientist
    • Store Associate
    • Special Agent – Law Enforcement or Military Veteran Background
    • Special Agent – Education/Teaching Background
    • Special Agent – Accounting/Finance Background
    • Special Agent – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Background
    • Supervisory Nurse
    • Teller

    Spouses can also take advantage of the same private sector job listings veterans do–they are listed on the Featured Jobs page at VA for Vets. The VA is serious about military spouse hiring; the VA official site reminds the federal government “has established an appointing authority for military spouses. While spouses will not receive Veteran’s Preference, they are eligible to be considered for Federal employment”.

    VA for Vets Job Resources For Veterans And Spouses

    The VA for Vets official site includes a clearinghouse of resources for vets and spouses. For both groups, the site includes a dedicated page for upcoming job fairs and hiring events–this can be one of the most important resources for those interested in getting in front of hiring managers and recruiters quickly. You can use VA resume resources or get help from a Veteran Service Organization when trying to translate your military resume to a civilian one to prepare for these events.

    Military spouses interested in job resources including a list of Tips for Spouses on applying for federal jobs as a military spouse. Did you know there are time limits on certain aspects of military spouse hiring?

    Learn about these limits and more including what it means to have your hiring governed in part by an executive order, Military Spouse Non-Competitive Appointing Authority for Certain Military Spouses. This allows for “a non-competitive appointment to permanent, term, or temporary positions for certain military spouses into the competitive service”.

    Military spouses will also learn about a program called the Military Spouse Employment Partnership, which helps job seekers and hiring managers find one another.

    VA for Vets Job Resources For Veterans

    Veterans will find the VA for Vets resources section full of links for VA Transition Assistance programs, the Veteran Employment Toolkit, as well as the following programs and options:

    Remember that not all federal jobs offer the same opportunities or options for veterans and spouses depending on hiring requirements, current legislation or executive orders, etc.

    The VA official site reminds that not all who served are considered veterans or protected veterans. “Not all Veterans are considered Veterans for the purpose of federal civilian employment under Title 5 United States Code section 2108 and not all active-duty service qualifies for Veterans’ preference”.

    Any veteran preference or spouse hiring preference may be determined by the individual job opening/requirements, etc. Preference may be based on dates of active-duty service, receipt of campaign badges, being awarded the Purple Heart, or having a service-connected disability according to Study the job listings carefully before applying or claiming preference.

    About The AuthorJoe Wallace is a 13-year veteran of the United States Air Force and a former reporter for Air Force Television News

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