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Updated: February 15, 2021
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    Each branch of military service conducts its human resources operations in its own way. The United States Army has a system that requires troops to make sure certain aspects of their military records are in order and reflect the most current forms and information. The Army requires each individual soldier to periodically conduct a personal records review to make sure their forms are current.

    The Army Military Human Resource Record or AMHRR is defined by the Army as “…a record of your military career and is the authoritative source for authentication of veteran or service related benefits, entitlements and services.”

    It is clear from the description that this updating process is critical–Army leadership uses these records to help manage a soldier’s career and promotion prospects. The Army places the responsibility for keeping these records current upon the soldier.

    Using The Army Military Human Resource Record

    Soldiers will be notified a month in advance of their record review requirement. This notification comes via the Interactive Personnel Electronic Records Management System or iPERMS. Soldiers cannot initiate the review on their own–they must wait for notification before they can act.

    The instruction manuals for AMHRR state clearly, “Soldiers cannot conduct the review without their Record Manager initiating the review for them.”

    Record Managers are defined as “unit personnel such as Military Personnel Divisions (MPDs), S1, Human Resources Administrators, Unit Administrators (UA), or any other individual authorized to service the AMHRR regardless of component”.

    It’s part of the job of the Record Manager to initiate those reviews via iPERMS–soldiers are notified via iPERMS email that they must begin the record review and the deadline which must be met for that review.

    The soldier responds to the Record Manager, making an appointment for the record review. Under normal circumstances this record review can be done in person; the Army seems to prefer this “whenever possible”.

    Purpose Of The Record Review

    This type of record review is a sort of career maintenance move. It is not punitive and not in response to the actions of an individual soldier. The review includes a comparison of what’s on a soldier’s Leave and Earnings Statement to what is in the record.

    Is the soldier getting all her entitlements, pay, and benefits? Is the soldier still being paid for things that should have ended already such as troops who got married in between record reviews? That soldier should be drawing the “with-dependents” rate level of Basic Allowance For Housing and other issues.

    Any required document or supporting document (see below) that contradicts what should be in the record will be addressed. The entire reason for this record review is to review items in the Army’s Required Documents List and Key Supporting Documents list to “substantiate” data on the LES compared to the record.

    What do these key documents include?

    Required Documents

    • DA 3286-79 Statements For Reenlistment
    • RP2 Advice Of Pay Memorandum For Recruiter Performance Pay Advice Of Payment
    • RP2 Agreement Memo

    Key Supporting Documents For Enlisted Soldiers

    DA 5960Pay Entitlements Folder
    ORD PROMRED Service Data Folder
    ORD ASSIGN Assign/Deploy Folder

    Enlisted Soldiers with dependents also have requirements for one or more of the following:

    Marriage certificate
    Any applicable birth certificates
    DFAS BAH approval for the with-dependents rate
    Divorce decrees where applicable

    Key Supporting Documents For Officers

    DA 71 (NGB 337 for NG)
    ORD PROMRED (02-10)

    For officers commissioned via USMA:
    USMA 5-50

    For officers commissioned via ROTC/OCS:
    DD 41-2

    Performing The Record Review

    Once notified that a record review is needed, soldiers are directed to log into iPERMS at Once there, you’ll want to view the Reviews tab. The Soldier view your Record guide has Record Review information to help you proceed.

    Soldiers who are deployed or otherwise not able to conduct the record review in person will get an email from their Records Manager then log directly into iPERMS and begin the review using the Reviews tab.

    Deployed or not, all soldiers who get Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) should verify they have the appropriate form (DA 5960) listed in iPERMS.

    Also, all soldiers who have marriage certificates and dependent birth certificates in the DEERS systems should NOT assume those documents are in iPERMS–there is no connectivity between DEERS and iPERMS and those documents must be provided for the records review if they are not in the record already.

    This record review does not replace any other Army record review program such as looking at the soldier’s “My Board File”. These records are subject to audit for up to just over six years after separating from the Army.

    Your military records should be as accurate as possible to facilitate your final record review when out-processing. Reviewing your record, you may notice that some records cannot be viewed using Record Review; in cases where the record has already been reviewed, the documents previously verified are not visible; only new documents can be seen unless you select “View Previously Reviewed Documents”.

    Who To Contact If You Experience Problems

    If you have technical issues doing your record review, contact the U.S. Army Human Resources Command Army Soldier Records Branch at 502-613-9990 or DSN 983-9990.

    About The AuthorJoe Wallace is a 13-year veteran of the United States Air Force and a former reporter for Air Force Television News

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