Veterans Day: Submit a Discount

Updated: January 4, 2023
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    Submit your Veterans Day discounts, free meals and offers for free. From national brands to single locations are all welcome to submit.

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    Veterans Day Offers

    Submitting your business does not guarantee inclusion, factors include complete and accurate information, ease to utilize the benefit and whether the discount provides substantive value (at our discretion) to our military audience.

    When submitting an offer please keep in mind the distinctions in military status, wording and the effect on who may or may not be included in the offer. One of the most common mistakes by businesses is to only include retired military when the intent is to include all veterans. Retired military and veterans are not interchangeable terms. Retired military, with some exceptions, is a veteran with 20 years (or more) of military service. A veteran is someone who has served or is serving in the military.

    Although military retirees are also veterans, that doesn’t mean that they became veterans only when they retired. In most cases, persons become veterans at the time they enter the military as opposed to when they retire or their service ends. However, apart from military retirees, many other guards, reserve and active duty members are also veterans. Even those who served the military forces under their contracted time and were discharged either by general conditions or honorable conditions still fall into the veterans’ category.

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