Muster Duty Allowance (MDA) Rates

Updated: December 23, 2021
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    Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) members who are not in the National Guard or Selected Reserve (SELRES) are required to serve muster duty once per year.

    IRR members are required to perform at least two hours of muster duty the day of muster, as determined by their service branch. Participants are entitled to receive muster duty allowance (MDA) for muster duty completion.

    Muster duty is an annual screening to collect medical and personnel information from IRR members, who are provided with mobilization opportunities while also receiving access to resources and benefits.

    “The MDA is 125% of the average per diem rate in effect Sept. 30 of the calendar year preceding the calendar year when the muster duty is done,” according to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.

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    Muster Duty Allowance Rates (MDA)

    Jan. 1, 2022$231.25
    Jan. 1, 2021$242.50
    Jan. 1, 2020$237.50
    Jan. 1, 2019$241.25
    Jan. 1, 2018$241.25
    Jan. 1, 2017$230
    Jan. 1, 2016$211.25
    Jan. 1, 2015$216.25
    Jan. 1, 2014$210.90
    Jan. 1, 2013$209.71
    Jan. 1, 2012$207.28
    Jan. 1, 2011$215.63
    Jan. 1, 2010$205
    Jan. 1, 2009$197.86

    Source: Defense Finance and Accounting Service

    Muster Duty FAQ

    What is IRR muster duty?

    Muster duty is a mandatory screening tool to certify medical readiness of IRR members, as well as an opportunity to update their personal information.

    Is IRR muster duty mandatory?

    Yes. Members of the IRR are required to perform muster duty up to one day per year, either in-person or virtually.

    What is a virtual muster?

    A virtual muster is one that is completed online. You’ll need to log on to the virtual muster website with your common access card (CAC) or directory server (DS) logon and update personal information and certify your medical readiness.

    When do you get paid for muster duty?

    MDA will be paid no later than 30 days after a Ready Reserve member performs muster duty but may be paid sooner.

    What is the definition of muster?

    According to Collins’ English dictionary:

    • Verb: Assemble or summon (troops) for inspection, roll call, service or in preparation for battle
    • Noun: A gathering together or assembling, as of troops for inspection, display or exercise

    What is IRR?

    The Individual Ready Reserve is made up of trained service members (former active-duty and Selective Reserve members) who may be mobilized in an emergency or in the event of war.

    What is Active Reserve?

    Active Guard Reserve (AGR) soldiers and airmen serve full-time in the Army National Guard, U.S. Army Reserve, Air National Guard and U.S. Air Force Reserve. They are usually stationed within the U.S. and receive many of the benefits that active-duty service members enjoy, including full pay, medical benefits and retirement after 20 years of active service.

    Who calculates the MDA rate?

    The MDA rate is based on 125% of the average domestic per diem rate, which is calculated by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Office of Government-Wide Policy Office of Travel, and Relocation Policy.

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