2023 Wyoming BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) Rates

Updated: December 23, 2022
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    Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) rates in Wyoming increased substantially in 2023. The national average increased by 12.11%, while Wyoming duty stations received a lower 9.62% increase on average.

    Below are the local BAH rates charts for Military Housing Areas in Wyoming. The Department of Defense determines BAH rates by location, pay grade (rank) and if a soldier has dependents.

    See the latest update on the 2023 Basic Allowance for Housing rates.


    Military Housing Area: WY324

    Grade With Dependents Without Dependents
    E01 $1,164 $873
    E02 $1,164 $873
    E03 $1,164 $873
    E04 $1,164 $873
    E05 $1,314 $987
    E06 $1,887 $1,416
    E07 $1,923 $1,443
    E08 $1,959 $1,470
    E09 $2,049 $1,602
    W01 $1,908 $1,434
    W02 $1,941 $1,455
    W03 $1,986 $1,620
    W04 $2,082 $1,893
    W05 $2,196 $1,929
    O01E $1,926 $1,449
    O02E $1,974 $1,566
    O03E $2,094 $1,881
    O01 $1,389 $1,041
    O02 $1,881 $1,446
    O03 $1,983 $1,680
    O04 $2,235 $1,914
    O05 $2,415 $1,935
    O06 $2,436 $1,965
    O07 $2,451 $1,992

    BAH for CHEYENNE, WY includes the following zip codes: 82001, 82002, 82003, 82005, 82006, 82007, 82009, 82010, 82050, 82053, 82054, 82059, 82060, 82061, 82081, 82082

    About half the U.S. Counties (about 1,500) have little to no military population. While half the zip codes is significant, less than two percent of service members that are eligible for Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) are within these counties. In order to account for these service members there are approximately 30 separate County Cost Groups (CCGs) assigned, each with similar housing costs. Use the BAH Calculator to enter your zip code to determine your Military Housing Area (MHA) aka County Cost Group. They range from ZZ510 to ZZ870 in increments of 10.

    Military Bases in Wyoming:

    Basic Allowance for Housing rates listed are for all branches of the military; Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, Space Force and Reserves forces, where applicable. BAH rates in high-cost areas will be much greater than those in low-cost areas.

    Veterans, dependents, National Guard and reserves can use the MHA Calculator to see estimated monthly payments. Active Duty service members should use the BAH Calculator or tables to see estimated payments. Both BAH and MHA benefits are based off the same payment tables but benefit amounts do vary based on different calculations.

    Written by Veteran.com Team