2022 BAH Basic Allowance for Housing Rates

Updated: December 28, 2022
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    Military service members saw a 5.1% Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) rate increase in 2022, the Department of Defense announced on Wednesday, Dec. 15, the same day Congress passed the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

    BAH increases are an average for all areas and actual rates will vary by military members’ duty station zip codes. Veterans using the Post-9/11 GI Bill receive BAH based on their school’s zip code.

    According to DOD, 2022 BAH payments to approximately one million military members will total $25.6 billion.

    See the latest update on the 2023 Basic Allowance for Housing rates.

    2022 BAH Rate Increase

    Some troops received up to 61% more BAH in October.

    To counter rising market housing costs in 17 states, DOD issued automatic BAH rate increases to service members living in 28 of the most inflated military housing areas, according to a Sept. 22, 2022 memorandum from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

    DOD enacted a similar increase in October 2021, which expired that December and did not affect 2022 BAH rates. It’s unclear whether the 2022 increased rates will carry over to bolster 2023 BAH rates.

    Right now, troops are on track to receive a 12.1% BAH rate increase in 2023 according to a December 2022 DOD release. Actual 2023 BAH rates are a big jump from the original 4.2% BAH rate increase estimate from an early draft of the 2023 defense budget. Austin directed the DOD in September to review 2023 increase to ensure it reflects housing market fluctuations.

    2022 BAH Rate Increase Chart

    Here are the 2022 increases for 28 military housing areas.

    LocationIncreased 2023 BAH RatePrevious 2022 BAH RatePercent Change
    Vandenburg Air Force Base, CA $3,042 $2,097 45%
    Twenty-Nine Palms, CA$2,352 $1,461 61%
    San Diego, CA$3,792 $2,871 32%
    Dover Air Force Base, DE$2,142 $1,680 28%
    Patrick Air Force Base, FL$2,694 $1,911 41%
    Miami/Fort Lauderdale, FL$3,510 $2,535 38%
    Orlando, FL$2,550 $1,983 29%
    West Palm Beach, FL$3,054 $2,355 30%
    Volusia Country, FL$2,013 $1,713 18%
    Fort Myers Beach, FL$2,376 $1,844 29%
    King’s Bay/Brunswick, GA$1,791 $1,539 16%
    Maui County, HI$3,618 $2,838 27%
    Chicago, IL$2,709 $2,175 25%
    Boston, MA$4,188 $3,081 36%
    Cape-Code-Plymouth, MA$3,222 $2,562 26%
    Martha’s Vinyard, MA$3,366 $2,628 28%
    Brunswick, ME$1,995 $1,455 37%
    Coastal Maine, ME$2,142 1,76721%
    Fort Leonard Wood, MO$1,164 $90628%
    Helena, MT$1,524 $1,233 24%
    Wilmington, NC$1,845 $1,614 14%
    Northern New Jersey$3,882 $3,135 24%
    Newport, RI$2,748 $2,013 37%
    Providence, RI$2,595 $2,259 15%
    Beaufort/Parris Island, SC$2,247 $1,821 23%
    Knoxville, TN$1,845 $1,470 26%
    Houston, TX$2,124 $1,650 29%
    Quantico/Woodbridge, VA$2,529 $1,932 31%

    BAH covers 95% of housing expenses while service members pay the remaining 5% out of pocket. The out-of-pocket expense amounts incorporated in the 2022 BAH rates vary by grade and dependency status.

    To see the BAH rate for your duty station, use this BAH calculator here.

    About Basic Allowance for Housing

    The Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) provides service members who are living in or permanently stationed in the United States with housing cost assistance. Military members serving overseas receive a different type of housing allowance called the Overseas Housing Allowance or OHA.

    Previously, only service members living off-base or off-post received BAH. But, the allowance has since evolved to cover some situations on-base housing situations.

    How Are BAH Rates Set?

    The Department of Defense determines BAH by collecting rental housing cost data each year for approximately 300 military housing areas across the United States. Local commands help data collection offices target the neighborhoods where the most military members live.

    Rental housing costs also include average utility costs like electricity, heat, water and wastewater.

    Historical BAH Rate Increases

    YearProposed Increase/DecreaseActual Increase
    20212.90% – 3.70%2.90%
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