Wireless Military Discounts

Updated: October 30, 2023
Wireless Military Discounts
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    Take a bit off your phone bill with these wireless military discounts. From cell phone purchases to wireless contracts, these military discounts can help reduce your monthly expenses.

    AT&T Military Discount
    AT&T, a leading telecommunications company, offers military personnel, veterans, and their families a 25% discount on unlimited plans. Starting at less than $27 per line for those who buy four lines, the deal saves users on wireless and internet services. A valid military ID is required to cash in on the savings.

    Motorola Military Discount
    Motorola offers military members a 10% discount. Active, retired, and reservist military members, as well as veterans, qualify for this deal. Obtain a promotional code via ID.me for use.

    Office Evolution Veterans Day Deal
    Venture X and Office Evolution are giving veterans complimentary access to their coworking spaces for the month of November. This offer includes access to the use of shared office amenities and workspaces, high-speed internet at no cost, complimentary coffee and refreshments.

    T-Mobile Military Discount
    T-Mobile extends a 40% discount to active-duty military, veterans, and their family lines. This offer applies upon providing a valid Military ID or proof of service.

    US Cellular Military Discount
    US Cellular gives all military members and veterans a 15% discount on individual and family wireless plans. Eligibility can be verified by submitting necessary information and, if required, documentation confirming military affiliation. Once eligibility is confirmed, the discount should appear on the billing statement within one to two billing cycles.

    Verizon Fios Military Discount
    Verizon, a leading American telecommunications company, extends discounts to veterans, active duty military, retirees, and reservists. There's $10 off the Fios Triple Play, $5 off Double Play, and a $5 reduction on standalone internet services. Confirm your status through ID.me to enjoy these savings.

    Verizon Wireless Military Discount
    Verizon offers eligible military members and veterans a discount of up to $25 per month on their top-tier Unlimited plans. Eligibility can be verified using a valid military ID or by registering through ID.me. This offer is ongoing with no specified end date.

    Written by Veteran.com Team