Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP) Overview

Updated: April 16, 2021
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    The VRAP (Veterans Retraining Assistance Program) includes a DOL (Department of Labor) and VA (Department of Veterans Affairs) joint effort to offer training to Vets who do not have the ability to locate work.

    VRAP provides one year of training help equal to the full-time, monthly payment rate underneath the Montgomery GI Bill program (presently paying $1,473 a month). Participants have to be enrolled within a program that’s approved for VA benefits which is provided by a technical school or community college. This program has to lead to a Certificate, Non-College Degree, or Associate Degree.

    This program was restricted to 45,000 participants in between July 1st, 2012, to Sept. 30th, 2012, and an extra 54,000 participants from Oct. 1st, 2012, to March 31st, 2014. The DOL will offer employment help to all Vets who participate on completion of the program. Applications have been accepted since May 15th, 2012.

    The VA now is accepting applications for the VRAP that offers unemployed vets around one year of paid benefits in order to retrain to an industry in which they may locate employment. The job retraining aid may mean good things for unemployed vets.

    As mentioned earlier, eligible vets will get aid up to the full-time rate underneath the Montgomery GI Bill Program. Applications may be submitted through eBenefits. Thus far, over 25,000 vets have applied for this program.

    Do you Qualify?

    • Have to be at the minimum age of 35, yet not over 60.
    • Have to be unemployed.
    • Was not discharged dishonorably.
    • Not qualified for any additional VA education benefits (that is, Employment Assistance, Veteran Rehabilitation, Montgomery GI Bill and Post-9/11 GI Bill).
    • Must not be receiving compensation of 100% individual unemployability from VA.
    • Not enrolled within a state or federal job training plan currently or within the past 6 months.
    • Have to enroll within a program that’s approved for VA benefits provided by a technical school or community college. The plan has to lead to a non-college degree, Associate Degree, or certificate and train you within a high-demand field.

    G.I. Bill® vs. VRAP

    To repeat, the VRAP doesn’t apply to plans at a 4-year school. It has to be a VA-approved plan at a technical school or community college. The funds go right to the vet every month and she or he is responsible for paying all educational charges.

    The VRAP Program is set to offer aid to almost 100,000 unemployed vets over the following 2 years. If you are eligible, visit eBenefits to submit an application. Prior to applying, be certain to have your bank routing number, as well as account number for the direct deposit, the location and name of the school, the plan you want to pursue, and the corresponding high-demand field.

    How to Get Started

    1) Gather documents and assess the list for high-demand occupations: Have your discharge papers (DD214) available prior to completing the application. Additionally, you will require a bank account and extra personal data with the process of the application. If you’ve misplaced or lost the DD214, you may apply to get a new copy by going to the National Archives site.

    To receive benefits, you have to be enrolled within an academic major which is specific to high demand jobs. Prior to enrolling, go to the High Demand Occupation VA list.

    2) You can apply for benefits via the VONAPP site:  Go to the VONAPP site in order to apply for the benefits.  Designate the choice of school as Metropolitan Community College. Be certain that you print a copy of the application as you complete this process. The process of approving the application can take up to 4 to 6 weeks, according to the VA. If you’re approved, you’ll get a Certificate of Eligibility in the mail.

    3) MCC enrollment:  MCC provides a designated adviser for vet students in the South Omaha Campus. In order to book an appointment to become enrolled, call the MVSS office or directly call the Military Student Adviser. You also may book an appointment with non-military advisers by contacting MCCs Call Center.

    4) Go to Veteran Financial Services: As you’ve registered for courses, bring one copy of the completed VRAP application and DD214 to the Veteran Financial Services. While you’re there, you may arrange to get a charge to MCCs bookstore for class materials and textbooks. It will ensure you possess materials on time for the beginning of the quarter. You are responsible for reimbursement of every MCC Bookstore charge as you get your benefits. It’s possible to make payments by going to the Student Services at a MCC location. You’ll get your Certificate of Eligibility in the mail within four to six weeks from the application date. When you receive your certificate, bring one copy to the Veteran Financial Services so they can verify it.

    See these videos for more information on the VRAP program.

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