Target Military Discount

Updated: October 19, 2022
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    Target, among many other retailers like Amazon and Apple, has a military discount to honor veterans and service members for their service to the country. Target offers a seasonal military discount every year, but does not have a year-round discount.

    Does Target Have a Military Discount?

    Target does not have a year-round military discount, but offers a 10% military discount each year in celebration of Veterans Day. The retailer recently expanded the discount to Independence Day as well.

    To qualify for the 10% discount at Target, you will need to create a Target Circle account, where you can verify your service with a military ID or other proof of service.

    The discount is valid in-store and online on select days. In years past, Target has offered the discount in the weeks leading up to Veterans Day to give veterans and service members plenty of time to take advantage of their well-deserved discount.

    When are Target Deal Days in 2022?

    The Target Days event is July 11-13, 2022. The sales event features discounts on electronics, beauty, clothing and more.

    In 2022, the event will coincide with Amazon’s infamous Prime Day sales, which offers similar discounts to Prime members.

    Does Target Price Match Amazon Prime Day Deals?

    Target does not match Amazon Prime Day deals. However, many of the markdowns for the sales will be similar, including markdowns of items like countertop appliances and electronics.

    Additionally, any Target customer can access the Target Days sales, while you must be a Prime member to access most of Amazon’s Prime Day sales.

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