Outdoor & Tactical Gear Military Discounts

Updated: October 27, 2023
Outdoor & Tactical Gear Military Discounts
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    Check this list of retailers offering outdoor and tactical gear military discounts. Find everything you need from parts and accessories for your firearms to coolers, shelters, and gear for camping and other outdoor activities. The high- quality products offered by these retailers will stand up to extreme conditions and are built to last.

    Ballistic Armor Co. MIlitary Discount ✔️ 2023 Verified
    Ballistic Armor Co., a supplier of protective helmets and body armor, offers a 10% discount on all products to US Military personnel. Eligibility is verified upon presentation of a valid Military ID or proof of service, after which a unique discount code is provided. This offer is always valid.

    Bass Pro Shops Military Discount ✔️ 2023 Verified
    Bass Pro Shops gives back to the military community with a special discount. Veterans and their families can enjoy a 5% discount on firearms and ammunition, and 10% off on all other items year-round. A valid military ID or proof of service is required to get these discounts.

    Bear Butt Hammocks Military Discount ✔️ 2023 Verified
    Bear Butt Hammocks provides a 15% discount code after confirming military status.

    Blue Force Gear Military Discount ✔️ 2023 Verified
    Active members can enjoy a 10% discount from Blue Force Gear, subject to specific requirements.

    Buds Gun Shop Military Discount
    Buds Gun Shop offers discounted pricing on firearms from a variety of manufacturers and brands for Active, Veteran, and Retired members.

    Cabela's Military Discount ✔️ 2023 Verified
    Cabela's provides a 5% discount on firearms and ammo and a 10% discount on all other merchandise to active-duty military members. Additional savings can be made by combining this Legendary Salute offer with other promotions and sale items. A valid military ID is required to receive these discounts.

    Coleman Military Discount
    Coleman Outdoors offers a special discount for U.S. military members, veterans and their families who participate in the Veterans Advantage program. The exact savings amount is not mentioned, but members are assured free shipping on orders of $49 or more. The offer is valid on Veterans Day, after providing proof of service.

    Daniel Defense Military Discount ✔️ 2023 Verified
    Active, veteran, and retired members can access discounted pricing from Daniel Defense by registering an account on their website.

    E-Z UP Military Discount ✔️ 2023 Verified
    E-Z UP, a leading name in high-quality, portable shade solutions and accessories, offers an exclusive Veteran discount. Backing the military community, E-Z UP proposes savings up to 30% on their Instant Shelter products and accessories. A valid proof of service is required.

    Geissele Automatics Military Discount ✔️ 2023 Verified
    Geissele Automatics proudly provides a 10% discount on specific products to active duty U.S. military personnel and U.S. veterans, which can be accessed by creating an account on their website and verifying your status.

    LALO Military Discount ✔️ 2023 Verified
    LALO offers an exclusive discount for active duty members, veterans, and dependents, with eligibility requirements in place. Sign in to VerifyPass to get an exclusive discount code.

    Moosejaw Military Discount ✔️ 2023 Verified
    Moosejaw, a well-known outdoor brand, offers a 20% discount on full-price items for military personnel, first responders, and their immediate family members. Eligibility is easily confirmed online through ID.me. This discount is available with no specified time-frame.

    Mountain Khakis Military Discount ✔️ 2023 Verified
    Mountain Khakis gives a 40% discount to veterans, military personnel, and first responders. The discount, which is applied to full-price apparel, is obtained through a unique code after registration. Spouses and dependents of those who serve are also eligible. Proof of service or a valid military ID is required.

    Provengo Military Discount ✔️ 2023 Verified
    Provengo provides Government Pricing Accounts to active, reserve, and veteran personnel, granting them exclusive access to over 10,000 discounted products.

    RE Factor Tactical Military Discount ✔️ 2023 Verified
    RE Factor Tactical, a veteran-owned manufacturer of specialized tactical gear, offers a 15% discount for current service members. This includes law enforcement and military personnel, as recognized with a valid Military ID or Proof of Service. However, this discount isn't available for retired or veteran individuals.

    SB Tactical Military Discount ✔️ 2023 Verified
    Active, Reserve, National Guard, Retired, and Disabled Veteran members can get a 30% discount from SB Tactical upon verification.

    Tactical Distributors MIlitary Discounts ✔️ 2023 Verified
    Tactical Distributors offers an exclusive discount to military members after verifying their military status.

    Taiga Coolers Military Discount ✔️ 2023 Verified
    Taiga Coolers provides a 15% discount for veterans upon verification.

    The North Face Military Discount ✔️ 2023 Verified
    The North Face, a specialist in performance gear for outdoor activities, offers a 10% discount to U.S. active, reserve, retired military personnel and veterans. Their spouses and dependents are also eligible for the discount. To take advantage of this offer, customers need to provide a valid military ID, proof of service, or verify with ID.me.

    U.S. Elite Gear Military Discount ✔️ 2023 Verified
    U.S. Elite Gear, a veteran-owned business specialising in outdoor and tactical gear, provides a 10% 'Duty Call' discount on all purchases to members of the armed forces and first responders. To benefit from this offer, valid military ID or proof of service is required. The company has a strong reputation for quality service, and this offer underlines their commitment to support the military and first responders communities.

    VICIS Military Discount
    VICIS delivers discounts to military members and first responders. The business, specializing in high-level protective football helmets, requires GovX ID verification upon checkout to apply the savings. Exact discounts may vary, so be sure to check at the time of purchase.

    Wing Tactical Military Discount ✔️ 2023 Verified
    Wing Tactical provides an exclusive discount program with exclusive benefits for active and veteran members, subject to specific eligibility criteria.

    YETI Military Discount ✔️ 2023 Verified
    YETI, famed for its superior outdoor gear, is offering military personnel, first responders, nurses, and government employees a 20% discount. This markdown can be received by validating identity using ID.me. It's a cost-effective way to stock up on durable coolers, drinkware, bags, and more.

    Zenith Firearms MIlitary Discount ✔️ 2023 Verified
    Zenith Firearms provides a 10% discount to military members on their purchase of participating products.

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