McDonald’s Veterans Day Military Discount

Updated: January 17, 2024
McDonald’s Veterans Day Military Discount
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    Although McDonald’s doesn’t have an official company-wide military discount, many McDonald’s restaurants offer free meals on Veterans Day, and others offer year-round military discounts.

    McDonald's Veterans Day Deal

    McDonald's does not offer a national-level discount, though franchisees often offer a military discount. Known franchisee discounts typically include a free breakfast, value menu items, or a selection from a special Veterans Day menu. McDonald's corporate suggests guests contact their local restaurant for available discounts as they vary by location.

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    McDonald’s encourages guests to check with their local store to see what military discounts and Veterans Day meals are available.

    Some locations may offer a free breakfast, or free value menu items and combos or items from a special Veterans Day menu.

    You may need to present military identification to take advantage of any discounts that are offered. Prepared to show a Military ID Card, Veterans ID Card or VA issued Health Card Card, a DD 214, a Driver’s License with Veterans Service Designator or similar documentation.

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