H&R Block Military Discount

Updated: January 25, 2024
H&R Block Military Discount
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    H&R Block is a nationwide tax preparation service with 12,000+ storefront locations and online software to assist filers.

    The Army & Air Force Exchange Service is teaming with H&R Block to provide tax preparation services to military members and their families at a 10% discount at select locations worldwide.

    In addition to the discount, H&R Block at the Exchange is offering:

    • A free second-look tax review program to determine if filers are entitled to additional money that was not claimed.
    • 100% accuracy guarantee in the event of an audit.
    • In the event of an error, H&R Block will pay the penalty and interest at no additional cost to the filer.
    • The discount at Exchange H&R Block locations is available to all authorized Exchange shoppers, including honorably discharged Veterans and DoD and Coast Guard civilians.

    Some locations in the US also offer discounts on their filing fees for members of the military. Check with your local office before making an appointment. For example, in 2022, military members were offered a $25 discount on some services and under qualifying circumstances.

    Other Ways H&R Block Assists Military Members

    There is a sizable amount of tax prep information on the H&R Block website related to military members and tax issues. Also contact local stores to see if consultations are available for qualified members of the military. Be sure to ask about any additional discounts in effect when you reach out as well.

    Written by Veteran.com Team