Ideas to Thank a Veteran on Veterans Day

Updated: November 9, 2022
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    Below are a few of many ways to say a grateful thank you for your service on Veterans Day (and every day) plus a few alternatives to saying “thank you for your service.”

    How to Thank a Veteran this Veterans Day!

    Thank a Veteran on Veterans Day!

    How to thank a Veteran plus alternatives to saying “thank you”

    • Personally thank a veteran for their service
    • If you can’t personally thank a veteran send a card, call, text, write or even send a social media message.
    • Fly an American flag outside your home
    • Participate in a Veterans Day parade
    • Attend an official Veterans Day ceremony
    • Call or write local media and community groups to show your support and encourage others in your area to do the same.
    • Volunteer at an event focused on helping Veterans
    • If you know a Veteran, write a simple postcard or e-card that recognizes them
    • Donate to non-profit Veterans organizations like the DAV, Operation Homefront, or the Wounded Warrior Project.
    • Volunteer with the American Legion or the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).
    • Visit a Veteran at your local hospital on a holiday or weekend
    • Get to know that Veteran by inviting them to a game of basketball or a run
    • Offering the Veteran a discount if you are a business owner/manager
    • Send a care package to a military servicemember at home or overseas


    Suggested Conversations

    • What did you do in the military?
    • Did anyone else in your family serve?
    • How long did you serve?
    • What was your favorite moment in all your time in the service?
    • Why did you choose the service branch that you did?

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