Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri

Updated: August 25, 2023
Whiteman AFB
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    Whiteman Air Force Base (Whiteman AFB) is located just outside Warrensburg, Missouri. The base is pivotal in the U.S. Air Force’s strategic and conventional combat capabilities. It houses the renowned B-2 Spirit bomber, a versatile aircraft capable of deploying traditional and nuclear weapons. 

    Base Operator:

    750 Arnold Avenue
    Whiteman AFB, MO 65305

    Whiteman Air Force Base History?

    In 1942, Whiteman AFB trained WACO glider pilots during World War II. It has since evolved, transitioning to a missile base in the 1960s and later, in the 1990s, hosting the B-2 Spirit bomber. Today, it remains integral to the U.S. defense strategy.


    Whiteman Air Force Base Housing

    Whiteman AFB offers on-base housing. Balfour Beatty Communities manages it. There are also several options for off-base housing, in the nearby cities of Warrensburg, Sedalia and Knob Noster.

    For more options, contact the Housing Management Office at 660-687-1335.

    PCS and TDY Lodging

    Whiteman AFB offers temporary lodging at the The Whiteman Inn. If you’re single, let your unit know, a dormitory room can be made available for you. 

    If married, secure your spot at the Whiteman Inn, but if there are no availble rooms, you will get help in finding options in nearby hotels. Call 660-687-1844 for reservations. 


    What is the BAH for Whiteman Air Force Base?

    The Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) at Whiteman AFB varies depending on rank, years of service and dependency status. Visit the Missouri state BAH page or see the chart below for more information.



    Military Housing Area: MO162

    Grade With Dependents Without Dependents
    E01 $1,212 $909
    E02 $1,212 $909
    E03 $1,212 $909
    E04 $1,212 $909
    E05 $1,413 $1,059
    E06 $1,617 $1,209
    E07 $1,710 $1,284
    E08 $1,815 $1,461
    E09 $1,941 $1,509
    W01 $1,632 $1,227
    W02 $1,758 $1,458
    W03 $1,884 $1,521
    W04 $1,965 $1,635
    W05 $2,061 $1,734
    O01E $1,728 $1,410
    O02E $1,863 $1,497
    O03E $1,977 $1,605
    O01 $1,446 $1,086
    O02 $1,614 $1,347
    O03 $1,881 $1,539
    O04 $2,091 $1,710
    O05 $2,241 $1,770
    O06 $2,256 $1,863
    O07 $2,271 $1,893

    For more information, look at BAH rates by state or calculate your exact BAH rate.

    Whiteman Air Force Base Surrounding Area

    Whiteman Air Force Base is just outside Warrensburg, Missouri. It’s nearby the town of Knob Noster. It’s roughly an hour drive away from Kansas City. Warrensburg is home to the University of Central Missouri, while the neighboring city of Sedalia hosts and the State Fair annually. The area offers a variety of outdoor and recreational attractions, including hiking, fishing, and camping opportunities in the nearby state parks.


    The 509th Medical Group at Whiteman Air Force Base offers outpatient health and wellness services for eligible beneficiaries. With three patient-centered medical homes, it’s staffed by family doctors, pediatricians, flight surgeons, mental health professionals, and more. They provide optometry, mental health, and physical therapy services for active-duty members, as well as immunizations, public health, lab, radiology, and pharmacy services.

    Note: There are no emergency services on base.


    There is one Child Development Center. It offers full day, extended care, and school year care. The services range for infants to school aged children.


    The on-base elementary school is managed by the Knob Noster School District, which also oversees another elementary, middle, and high school in Knob Noster. Nearby school districts include Warrensburg and Sedalia


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