Vandenberg Space Force Base

Updated: August 25, 2023
Vandenberg Space Force Base
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    Vandenberg Space Force Base, situated in Santa Barbara County, California, is a renowned space launch and missile testing site. It launches spacecraft from the Western Range and hosts missile tests. Notably, it aids launches for NASA, SpaceX, and other civil and commercial entities.

    Base Operator:

    6 California Blvd
    Vandenberg SFB, CA 93437-6223

    Vandenberg Space Force Base History

    Established in 1941, it operated as Camp Cooke during World War II before transitioning to an Air Force base in the 1950s. The base has played a pivotal role in testing various ballistic missiles and houses the Space and Missile Heritage Center, preserving key artifacts.

    Vandenberg Space Force Base Housing

    Housing with Vandenberg SFB is a private-public venture. Balfour Beatty Communities operate and manage the housing options on-base.

    Off-base housing is also available in the surrounding areas of Lompoc and Santa Maria, which are home to a large retiree population from all branches of service.

    For more housing options on-base or off-base, contact the Housing Office at 805-734-1445.

    PCS and TDY Lodging

    Vandenberg SFB offers temporary lodging. It’s at the Vandenberg Lodge. Once arriving at the base, you must check into the Vandenberg Lodge. It’s located in Building 13001. You. must arrive before 11 p.m. If you’re going to be later, you. must call. Contact the Lodge at 888-235-6343 or 805-606-1844.

    What is the BAH for Vandenberg Space Force Base?

    The Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) at Vandenberg Space Force Base varies depending on rank, years of service and dependency status. Visit the California state BAH page or see the chart below for more information.


    Military Housing Area: CA026

    Grade With Dependents Without Dependents
    E01 $2,760 $2,073
    E02 $2,760 $2,073
    E03 $2,760 $2,073
    E04 $2,760 $2,073
    E05 $3,042 $2,490
    E06 $3,057 $2,721
    E07 $3,063 $2,745
    E08 $3,084 $2,811
    E09 $3,183 $2,892
    W01 $3,060 $2,742
    W02 $3,072 $2,808
    W03 $3,105 $2,898
    W04 $3,216 $3,036
    W05 $3,351 $3,063
    O01E $3,066 $2,754
    O02E $3,099 $2,871
    O03E $3,234 $3,027
    O01 $3,051 $2,718
    O02 $3,054 $2,748
    O03 $3,102 $2,928
    O04 $3,396 $3,051
    O05 $3,603 $3,066
    O06 $3,633 $3,090
    O07 $3,660 $3,132

    For more information, look at BAH rates by state or calculate your exact BAH rate.

    Vandenberg Space Force Base Surrounding Area

    Vandenberg Space Force Base is nearby the towns of Lompoc and Santa Maria. The area boasts beaches, trails, and golf courses. There are also historical and cultural sites to explore, such as the Space and Missile Heritage Center, which showcases the history of missile and space lift activity at Vandenberg.


    The 30th Medical Group offers extensive healthcare for over 18,000 patients and ensures staff professional development. For appointments, call 805-606-2273. Emergency Services: Within Vandenberg Air Force Base, dial 911 for ambulance services. Those off-base should dial 911 and request civilian ambulance assistance.


    Vandenberg SFB offers a variety of childcare, as well as a Child Development Center. It offers full day, 24/7 or extended care options for infants, toddler or preschool-aged children. School year care and Summer Camp programs are available for school-aged children.


    Vandenberg SFB families will send their children to the Lompoc Unified School District. The base houses one elementary school, while the area East Housing area across from the Main Gate contains  middle school and a charter school. The nearest high school for base students is located in Vandenberg Village, 5 miles from VAFB. There is bus service for the middle and high school students. These schools are on the traditional schedule.

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