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Updated: October 18, 2023
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    Surface Combat Systems Center Wallops Island is located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. It’s a rocket launch site operated by the Goddard Space Flight Center, mainly focused on supporting science and exploration missions for NASA and other Federal agencies. That mission also includes the launch of various types of rockets, high-altitude balloon flights carrying scientific instruments for atmospheric and astronomical research, and flight tests of aeronautical research aircraft. The facility also supports science missions for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and occasionally for foreign governments and commercial organizations.

    WFF plays a crucial role in increasing the knowledge of the Earth’s upper atmosphere and the environment of outer space, with over 16,000 launches from its rocket testing range since its inception. The facility also supports development tests and exercises involving United States Navy aircraft and ship-based electronics and weapon systems. In addition to its fixed-location instrumentation assets, the WFF range includes mobile radar, telemetry receivers, and command transmitters that can be transported to locations around the world to support suborbital rocket launches from remote sites.

    Base Operator:

    N Seawall Road
    Atlantic, VA 23303

    SCSC Wallops Island Housing

    There are no on-base housing options available at SCSC Wallops Island. There are some off-base options along a string of small towns on the Virginia coastal peninsula.

    PCS and TDY Lodging

    For temporary housing, especially during the high tourist season in mid-summer, contact the Navy Gateway Inn and Suites for reservations. If they have no rooms available, you will need to make reservations at a local hotel on Chincoteague Island. Ensure to make these reservations well in advance by reaching out to the Public Affairs Officer at 757-824-1692 or the Command Duty Officer at 757-894-0769.


    What is the BAH for SCSC Wallops Island?

    The Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) at SCSC Wallops Island varies depending on rank, years of service and dependency status. Visit the Virginia state BAH page or see the chart below for more information.



    Military Housing Area: MD432

    Grade With Dependents Without Dependents
    E01 $1,749 $1,434
    E02 $1,749 $1,434
    E03 $1,749 $1,434
    E04 $1,749 $1,434
    E05 $1,857 $1,560
    E06 $2,124 $1,644
    E07 $2,145 $1,749
    E08 $2,154 $1,917
    E09 $2,166 $1,989
    W01 $2,142 $1,722
    W02 $2,151 $1,914
    W03 $2,163 $2,001
    W04 $2,169 $2,121
    W05 $2,217 $2,130
    O01E $2,148 $1,854
    O02E $2,157 $1,971
    O03E $2,175 $2,115
    O01 $1,899 $1,635
    O02 $2,121 $1,824
    O03 $2,160 $2,025
    O04 $2,226 $2,124
    O05 $2,292 $2,133
    O06 $2,310 $2,136
    O07 $2,325 $2,148

    For more information, look at BAH rates by state or calculate your exact BAH rate.


    SCSC Wallops Island Surrounding Area

    The nearby town of Chincoteague Island is a popular resort area, especially during the summer season. The region is known for its wildlife refuges and unspoiled shorelines, offering a variety of outdoor and recreational attractions. The base is also in proximity to the historic town of Accomack County, adding a cultural and historical dimension to the area.


    There are no on-base medical options at SCSC Wallops Island.


    At SCSC Wallops Island, there are no on-base childcare options.


    SCSC Wallops Island doesn’t provide any education options on-base.

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