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Updated: August 22, 2023
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    Located on the Kitsap Peninsula, Naval Base Kitsap ranks as the third-largest Navy base in the U.S., with more than 15,000 active duty personnel. The base consists of installations in Bremerton, Bangor, Indian Island, Manchester, and Keyport. Recognized for its excellence, it won the Commander in Chief’s Award for Installation Excellence in 2005 and 2017.

    Base Operator:

    120 Dewey Street
    Bremerton, WA 98314

    What Kind of Base is Naval Base Kitsap?

    Naval Base Kitsap is West Puget Sound’s home for the Navy’s fleet. It supports surface ships and fleet ballistic missile submarines. As one of four U.S. Navy nuclear shipyards and two strategic nuclear weapons facilities, it boasts the West Coast’s only dry dock to accommodate a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. The base aids various combat commands, tenant activities, ships’ crews, and civilian employees, making it the most prominent naval organization in Navy Region Northwest

    Naval Base Kitsap Housing

    Naval Base Kitsap offers privatized housing managed by Hunt Military Communities. Active duty military and DoD civilians should first approach the Housing Services Center. Over 1,700 homes are available on-site, with single service member housing and pet-friendly options in some units. Additional housing options can be found off-base in nearby communities.

    There are also off-base housing options available in the nearby communities.

    How to Apply For Housing

    To apply for on-base housing, contact 360-627-4024. Family members above ten must possess a dependent I.D. card. For I.D. information, call Bremerton at 360-476-2211 or Bangor at 360-396-5731. Those assigned to Puget Sound Activities should register their vehicles at the Pass and I.D. Office, ensuring they have valid insurance and state driver’s licenses.

    PCS and TDY Lodging

    For Temporary Duty (TDY) and Permanent Change of Station (PCS) personnel, lodging is available at the Navy Gateway Inn & Suites in both Bremerton (360-824-3337) and Silverdale (360-930-68300). If traveling with pets, check for pet-friendly room availability.


    What is the BAH for Naval Base Kitsap?

    Check to see what the Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is in Washington.



    Military Housing Area: WA306

    Grade With Dependents Without Dependents
    E01 $2,094 $1,710
    E02 $2,094 $1,710
    E03 $2,094 $1,710
    E04 $2,094 $1,710
    E05 $2,211 $1,875
    E06 $2,502 $1,980
    E07 $2,634 $2,094
    E08 $2,775 $2,277
    E09 $2,919 $2,355
    W01 $2,523 $2,064
    W02 $2,694 $2,274
    W03 $2,868 $2,367
    W04 $2,940 $2,532
    W05 $3,030 $2,664
    O01E $2,658 $2,208
    O02E $2,841 $2,337
    O03E $2,952 $2,493
    O01 $2,253 $1,971
    O02 $2,499 $2,172
    O03 $2,862 $2,394
    O04 $3,054 $2,637
    O05 $3,189 $2,718
    O06 $3,213 $2,847
    O07 $3,237 $2,895

    For more information, look at BAH rates by state or calculate your exact BAH rate.


    Naval Base Kitsap Surrounding Area

    The base’s vicinity boasts outdoor attractions, with the Puget Sound providing boating, fishing, and wildlife experiences. Local landmarks include the Puget Sound Navy Museum and the USS Turner Joy Museum Ship. Kitsap Peninsula is celebrated for its forests and parks.


    Naval Hospital Bremerton provides medical services on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. There are also three clinics, with two specializing in dental care. St. Michael Medical Center in Silverdale is another nearby healthcare option.


    The Naval Base Kitsap offers a variety of childcare options through its Child Development Centers. There are five centers that cater to different age ranges, providing full-day, part-day, and hourly care services. The specific centers include:

    • The Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton Infant & Toddler Child Development Center, which offers full-day daycare for infant, pre-toddler and toddler aged children.
    • Kitsap Jackson Park-Bremerton Child Development Center, which offers full-day daycare for infant, pre-toddler, preschool, and toddler aged children.
    • Kitsap Bangor Child Development Center, which offers full-day daycare for infant, pre-toddler, preschool and toddler aged children.
    • Kitsap Jackson Park-Bremerton School Age Care Program, which offers School Year Care and Summer Camp options for school-aged children.
    • Kitsap Bangor Litehouse School Age Care Program, which offers School Year Care and Summer Camp options for school-aged children


    Those living on-base have a few school options that are specific to where on-base a family lives.

    You’re also encouraged to speak to the School Liaison when figuring out what’s the best housing option is for your family’s education choice.

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