Fort Irwin

Updated: October 5, 2023
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    Fort Irwin National Training Center (NTC) in California’s Mojave Desert is a pivotal U.S. military training base known for its detailed joint and combined arms training, preparing soldiers and units for battlefield triumph. The U.S. Army Forces Command oversees it and hosts the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, utilizing elaborate mock villages to simulate complex combat scenarios.

    Base Operator:

    Reception Campus Bldg 109
    Langford Lake Road
    Fort Irwin, CA 92310-1420

    Fort Irwin Housing

    Fort Irwin offers on-post housing. Michaels Management Services operate and manage on-post housing options for service members. There are several housing options on-post.

    Off-post housing options are available in the surrounding areas of Barstow.

    How to Apply For Housing

    To apply for housing at the base, you’ll first need to get in-touch with the Housing Service Office (HSO) at 760-380-3576.

    PCS and TDY Lodging

    There are two temporary lodging options available for incoming personnel. The first is the Landmark Inn Hotel, which is on-post. The number to call for reservations is 760-386-4040. The off-post facility is the Best Western Desert Villa Inn in Barstow, California. To make a reservation, call 760-256-1781.

    What is the BAH for Fort Irwin?

    The Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) at Fort Irwin varies depending on rank, years of service and dependency status. Visit the California state BAH page or see the chart below for more information.


    Military Housing Area: CA028

    Grade With Dependents Without Dependents
    E01 $1,731 $1,401
    E02 $1,731 $1,401
    E03 $1,731 $1,401
    E04 $1,731 $1,401
    E05 $1,806 $1,557
    E06 $2,160 $1,653
    E07 $2,322 $1,743
    E08 $2,496 $1,881
    E09 $2,643 $1,983
    W01 $2,181 $1,719
    W02 $2,394 $1,878
    W03 $2,607 $1,989
    W04 $2,661 $2,196
    W05 $2,718 $2,358
    O01E $2,352 $1,800
    O02E $2,577 $1,959
    O03E $2,664 $2,151
    O01 $1,857 $1,650
    O02 $2,157 $1,782
    O03 $2,601 $2,031
    O04 $2,733 $2,328
    O05 $2,823 $2,430
    O06 $2,847 $2,592
    O07 $2,868 $2,634

    For more information, look at BAH rates by state or calculate your exact BAH rate.

    Fort Irwin Surrounding Area

    Fort Irwin is about a 40 minute drive  northeast of Barstow, California. It’s between the Las Vegas area and the Greater Los Angeles area. The surrounding area is characterized by the High Mojave Desert’s hills and mountains, with sparse vegetation primarily consisting of mesquite, creosote, yuccas and other low-growing plants. The region is known for its beautiful sunsets, blue skies, sunny days and wide-open vistas. For those seeking greenery, Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead are just two hours away, offering tall trees and lakes.


    The Weed Army Community Hospital on-post offers efficient healthcare with state-of-the-art technology. The hospital provides emergency services but has no ICU and is limited in specialty care.

    The hospital handles outpatient healthcare and minor emergency surgeries and has on-site pharmacy, lab, and X-ray services. Patients needing intensive care or specialized treatments are referred to nearby facilities. WACH features two in-patient wards and nine outpatient clinics, including primary and behavioral health, optometry, and orthopedics.


    Fort Irwin offers two Child Development Centers (CDCs) for childcare.  It offers full-day, part-day and hourly care services. Programs are available for Infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged children.


    There are schools located on-post. The schools are part of the Silver Valley Unified School District.

    Off-post schools are also an option, the Barstow Unified School District is available for those who live off-post in the Barstow community.

    To learn more, contact the School Liaison at 760-380-6880.

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