Fort Devens

Updated: August 25, 2023
Fort Devens
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    Fort Devens is situated in Middlesex and Worcester counties as a historic U.S. Army Reserve installation. It primarily trains reserve forces and supports soldiers and their families. The base encompasses several military units, training ranges, maneuver areas, and system integration labs. Though identified as a superfund site due to environmental issues, Fort Devens remains pivotal in military operations and community service.

    Base Operator:

    99 Quebec Street
    Devens, MA 01434

    What Kind of Base is Fort Devens?

    Fort Devens provides a range of services and facilities. These include 25 ranges, 21 training areas, and 15 maneuver areas spread across nearly 5,000 acres of land.

    Fort Devens History

    Established in 1917, Fort Devens served as a primary training and demobilization hub during the World Wars. Reactivated in 2007, it now functions as a training zone for the Army Reserve and includes the Devens Reserve Forces Training Area and the Devens Range Complex for live-fire training. Part of this historic base houses the Federal Medical Center, Devens, a facility for male inmates requiring specialized medical or mental care.

    Fort Devens Housing

    For rental and home purchase information, call the Army Community Service Office in Devens at (978) 615-6091 or DSN 323-615. The Devens Commerce Center offers furnished efficiency apartments for single service members. You’ll need to sign a lease and provide the first and last month’s rent, plus a security deposit.

    PCS and TDY Lodging

    Temporary Lodging is not available at Fort Devens. Temporary housing options are available at nearby Hanscom Air Force Base.

    What is the BAH for Fort Devens?

    The Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) at Fort Devens varies depending on rank, years of service and dependency status. Visit the Massachusetts state BAH page or see the chart below for more information.


    Military Housing Area: MA123

    Grade With Dependents Without Dependents
    E01 $2,556 $2,037
    E02 $2,556 $2,037
    E03 $2,556 $2,037
    E04 $2,556 $2,037
    E05 $2,559 $2,373
    E06 $2,928 $2,559
    E07 $3,144 $2,580
    E08 $3,375 $2,631
    E09 $3,585 $2,739
    W01 $2,952 $2,577
    W02 $3,243 $2,628
    W03 $3,525 $2,751
    W04 $3,612 $2,979
    W05 $3,711 $3,195
    O01E $3,186 $2,586
    O02E $3,483 $2,718
    O03E $3,621 $2,922
    O01 $2,604 $2,556
    O02 $2,925 $2,583
    O03 $3,516 $2,790
    O04 $3,741 $3,156
    O05 $3,897 $3,294
    O06 $3,933 $3,510
    O07 $3,963 $3,567

    For more information, look at BAH rates by state or calculate your exact BAH rate.

    Fort Devens Surrounding Area

    Fort Devens neighbors Ayer, Shirley, and Harvard in Massachusetts. Steeped in New England culture, nearby towns flaunt recreational spots and outdoor attractions. Landmarks like the Nashua River and vast farmlands beautify the region.


    There are no on-post medical or dental services offered at Fort Devens. The closest hospital to Fort Devens is Deaconess-Mashoba Community Hospital.


    To learn about childcare care options at Fort Devens, contact Army Community Services at DSN 978-615-6278.


    Soldiers should address education related questions to the Army Education Center, Building 680, 43 Quebec Street, or call an education services specialist at 978-615-6247.

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