Fort Belvoir

Updated: November 3, 2023
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    Fort Belvoir is in Virginia and is a pivotal base offering logistical and administrative support to over 120 varied satellite organizations. This vital base houses numerous Army command headquarters, units, and agencies. It comprises elements from nine distinct Army major commands and entities, with a workforce nearly double that of The Pentagon.

    Base Operator:

    9500 Pohick Road
    Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

    What Kind of Base is Fort Belvoir?

    Fort Belvoir’s history is deeply entwined with the former Belvoir plantation. Initially developed as Camp A. A. Humphreys from 1917 to 1935, it now serves as a critical support hub for America’s Armed Forces. The base is home to various prominent entities, including the Defense Logistics Agency, the Defense Acquisition University, the Defense Contract Audit Agency, and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. As Fairfax County’s top employer, its importance can’t be overstated.

    Fort Belvoir History

    • Fort Belvoir started as Camp A. A. Humphreys during World War I and was renamed in the 1930s after the original Belvoir plantation.
    • Major transformations include the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission, which brought a surge in personnel and consolidated major D.C.-area National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) facilities here.
    • The base has evolved into a strategic support hub for the U.S. Armed Forces over the years.
    • The National Museum of the United States Army, a noteworthy addition, opened its doors to the public in November 2020.
    • Today, the U.S. Army oversees and operates Fort Belvoir.


    Fort Belvoir Housing

    On-post housing options at Fort Belvoir include housing options in 15 distinct villages. They include options of community pools, recreational options as well as playgrounds for children. All E5 ranked soldiers must stay at on-post barracks.

    Off-base housing is also available in the surrounding areas, including the nearby city of Alexandria.

    To learn more about housing, contact the post’s Housing Office at 703-454-9700.

    PCS and TDY Lodging

    Fort Belvoir offers temporary housing options at Fort Belvoir Lodging. PCS service members can make reservations for temporary stays 60 days in-advance. Stays can be extended up to 30 days. To make reservations, call Fort Belvoir Lodging at 703-704-8600.


    What is the BAH for Fort Belvoir?

    The Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) at Fort Belvoir varies depending on rank, years of service and dependency status. Visit the Virginia state BAH page or see the chart below for more information



    Military Housing Area: DC053

    Grade With Dependents Without Dependents
    E01 $2,811 $2,169
    E02 $2,811 $2,169
    E03 $2,811 $2,169
    E04 $2,811 $2,169
    E05 $2,880 $2,538
    E06 $3,360 $2,739
    E07 $3,525 $2,808
    E08 $3,705 $2,982
    E09 $3,882 $3,120
    W01 $3,381 $2,799
    W02 $3,600 $2,979
    W03 $3,819 $3,138
    W04 $3,909 $3,399
    W05 $4,020 $3,564
    O01E $3,558 $2,877
    O02E $3,786 $3,090
    O03E $3,924 $3,354
    O01 $2,943 $2,736
    O02 $3,354 $2,859
    O03 $3,813 $3,186
    O04 $4,056 $3,534
    O05 $4,224 $3,636
    O06 $4,260 $3,798
    O07 $4,293 $3,864

    For more information, look at BAH rates by state or calculate your exact BAH rate.

    Fort Belvoir Surrounding Area

    Fort Belvoir, is about 20 miles south of Washington, D.C. The base is surrounded by several towns including Alexandria, Mount Vernon, Woodlawn, and Groveton. The area is rich in history, with the base developed on the site of the former Belvoir plantation, a significant site linked to the prominent Fairfax family. Outdoor and recreational attractions in the area include the Potomac River and numerous parks, providing opportunities for hiking, fishing, and boating. The base is also in proximity to several historical and cultural sites, including the ruins of the Belvoir Mansion and the Fairfax family grave site, both listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


    The Alexander T. Augusta Military Medical Center, formerly the Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, is named in honor of U.S. Army Lt. Col. (Dr.) Alexander Thomas Augusta offers on-post care. Spanning over 1.2 million square feet, the center boasts 120 modern inpatient rooms, four clinical centers, an intensive care unit, advanced operating rooms, and specialized cancer and musculoskeletal treatment centers. It offers comprehensive care, from primary to specialized medical and surgical services, to eligible military beneficiaries in Northern Virginia.


    On-post childcare options are available through four Child Development Centers (CDCs), catering to children as young as infants, to as old as school aged students. Several programs available include full day care, part day care, to school year care.


    On-post schooling options are available through Fairfax County Schools. Children living on Fort Belvoir will attend either Fort Belvoir Elementary School or Woodlawn Elementary (located just outside the installation), Walt Whitman Middle School or Mount Vernon High School.

    For more on education options, you need to call the on-post School Liaison Office at 703-805-1350.

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