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Updated: August 31, 2023
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    Situated on the Southern California coast in San Diego County, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton stands as the primary West Coast installment for the U.S. Marine Corps. It’s also one of the largest in the country.

    Base Operator:

    20250 Vandegrift Blvd
    Oceanside, CA 92058

    Camp Pendleton Housing

    Camp Pendleton offers on-camp housing. There are roughly 6,800 housing units total. Waiting periods to get on-camp housing span from one month to 16 months. If you’re interested in the Pacific View/Stuart Mesa housing area, call 760-763-1300, for more on San Onofre, call 760-725-7027. For more information on housing, call 800-843-2182.

    Off-camp housing is available as well, with roughly two-thirds of the military families life in nearby communities.

    How to Apply For Housing

    If you’re applying, you’re encouraged to put in an “advanced application”. In the application, you’ll list your preferred housing area. For more information on your PCS, reach out to the Family Housing Office at 760-725-5995.

    PCS and TDY Lodging

    Temporary lodging at Camp Pendleton is an option. Below are two locations:

    South Mesa Lodge:

    Situated in Building 202870, the South Mesa Lodge boasts panoramic ocean views next to the South Mesa Club. All its 69 rooms, consisting of 48 deluxe rooms and 21 suites, offer ocean vistas and come equipped with flat-screen TVs. To book a room, contact 760-763-7805. For directions, enter through Camp Pendleton’s main gate, take a right on Wire Mountain Road, followed by a left on San Jacinto Road. The lodge is positioned at the end, just beyond the South Mesa Club.

    Ward Lodging:

    You can make reservations up to six months ahead of your stay. Ensure your reservation by confirming at least two days before your intended date. Book via phone, fax, or email, ensuring you provide the sponsor’s name, rank, and contact number. For any questions, call 760-725-5194. It’s located in Building 1310 opposite Mainside Center.


    What is the BAH for Camp Pendleton?

    The Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) at Camp Pendleton varies depending on rank, years of service and dependency status. Visit the California state BAH page or see the chart below for more information.



    Military Housing Area: CA024

    Grade With Dependents Without Dependents
    E01 $3,444 $2,610
    E02 $3,444 $2,610
    E03 $3,444 $2,610
    E04 $3,444 $2,610
    E05 $3,828 $2,901
    E06 $4,110 $3,105
    E07 $4,218 $3,462
    E08 $4,332 $3,888
    E09 $4,509 $3,966
    W01 $4,128 $3,315
    W02 $4,266 $3,885
    W03 $4,407 $3,978
    W04 $4,551 $4,134
    W05 $4,728 $4,242
    O01E $4,236 $3,825
    O02E $4,383 $3,948
    O03E $4,575 $4,101
    O01 $3,870 $3,057
    O02 $4,107 $3,699
    O03 $4,404 $4,005
    O04 $4,785 $4,218
    O05 $5,061 $4,281
    O06 $5,103 $4,386
    O07 $5,148 $4,464

    For more information, look at BAH rates by state or calculate your exact BAH rate.


    Camp Pendleton Surrounding Area

    Camp Pendleton is between Los Angeles and San Diego. Surrounding Camp Pendleton are Oceanside, San Clemente, and Riverside County, offering diverse landscapes, 17 miles of coastline, and a rich ecosystem. Historic sites like the ranch house and Las Flores Adobe are noteworthy attractions.

    The base’s diverse geography, including tidal estuaries, riparian corridors, coastal plains, rolling hills, canyons, and mountains, provides essential habitat for over 1,100 species of flora and fauna. The base also hosts a free-roaming herd of bison, adding a unique regional feature to the area.


    On-camp healthcare is available through Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton. It’s near the main gate.

    The order of priority is:

    1. Active-duty service members.
    2. Family members of active duty in TRICARE Prime.
    3. Retirees and their families in TRICARE Prime.
    4. Active-duty families not in TRICARE Prime.
    5. Retirees and families not in TRICARE Prime.

    All eligible beneficiaries, including active duty, retirees, and their families, receive outpatient and inpatient care. Bring records to the Outpatient Records desk inside the hospital for faster first appointments. There is a pharmacy at the hospital.

    Emergency Services: On-base ambulance service available. Off-base residents call 911. Hospital emergency care is available 24/7.


    Camp Pendleton offers at least five Child Development Centers (CDCs). Aside from those centers there are a range of other programs offering child care on camp. These centers provide full-day and extended care options for infants, toddlers and preschool aged children. Several also offer school year and summer camp options for students.


    Children living on base attend schools in the Oceanside, Fallbrook, or Capistrano Unified School Districts. No DODEA or high schools are located on Camp Pendleton. For busing details, contact the School Liaison Office at 760-763-7385 or 760-763-7386.

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