2013 BAS (Basic Allowance for Subsistence)

Updated: December 24, 2022
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    2013 BAS Rates have been announced.   Effective Jan. 1, 2013 service members will receive $352.27 a month, up from $348.44 per month this year. Officers will receive $242.60 a month, up from $239.96 in 2012.  The 2013 proposed BAS (Basic Allowance for Subsistence) was 3.4% and this increase reflects a 1.09% increase. 

    The proposed BAS (Basic Allowance for Subsistence) is based on the President’s budget and included in the National Defense Authorization is 3.4%.

    Starting on Jan. 1, 2002, all enlisted active duty service members were provided BAS (Basic Allowance for Subsistence).  Service members get full BAS but must pay their own meals, even if provided by the U.S. government.

    BAS (Basic Allowance for Subsistence) is a non-taxable allowance to defray a portion of cost of subsistence.  BAS offsets costs for a service member’s meal, however it is not intended to cover the costs of meals for family members.  This allowance originates from military history where room and board (rations) were provided as part of a member’s pay.

    Since it is intended to provide meals for service members, it is linked to the price of food.  Each year it is adjusted based upon the price of food.  The BAS is calculated by using the Agriculture Department’s USDA food-cost index based.  Based on this, the BAS is not tied to the military pay increase plus the military pay increase includes considerations to the increase of private sector wages.

    2012-2013  BAS (Basic Allowance for Subsistence) Comparison
    20122013Proposed IncreaseActual Increase
    Enlisted$  348.44$  352.273.40%1.09%
    Officers$  239.96$  242.603.40%1.09%
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