Wyoming Veterans Benefits

Updated: December 24, 2022
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    Find state and local veterans benefits including education, employment, healthcare, tax breaks/exemptions, recreation and much more below. More than 45,000 veterans reside in the Equality State according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Learn more about veterans benefits in the state of Wyoming.

    Veteran Education Benefits

    Tuition Waivers for Veterans, Surviving Spouses, and Dependents

    Veterans, surviving spouses, and dependents may be eligible for ten semesters of free tuition and fees while attending the University of Wyoming or Wyoming community colleges.

    In order to be eligible for this benefit, applicants must meet the following criteria:

    • Service in Vietnam between Aug. 5, 1964 and May 7, 1975; or
    • Overseas combat veteran
      • Expeditionary Medal or equivalent
    • Discharge other than dishonorable
    • Resident of Wyoming minimum of one year prior to application

    In order for surviving spouses or dependents to be eligible for this benefit, the eligible veteran must have died during active service. Also, dependents must be 22 years of age or less at time of application.

    Wyoming National Guard 100% State Educational Assistance Plan

    Wyoming National Guard members may be eligible for a 100% tuition and mandatory fees waiver while attending Wyoming community colleges or the University of Wyoming. The plan also covers some tuition and fees for Guard members who attend VA-approved private schools in Wyoming.

    Guard members may use this waiver to complete one degree or certificate program, to include Certificates, Associates degree, Bachelor’s degree, Masters degree, or PhD program, (combined attendance of Certificate, Associate, and Bachelor’s are considered pursuit of one degree). This benefit may be used along with the GI Bill.

    Spouses or dependents of Guard members may qualify for waivers of matriculation fees and tuition while attending the University of Wyoming, Wyoming community colleges, or vocational training program.

    In order to qualify for the benefit, the Guard member must have died or sustained total and permanent disability as a result of state active duty or authorized training duty.

    High School Diploma Program For Veterans

    Veterans of WWII, Korea, or Vietnam who were able to complete high school education prior to entering military service may be eligible to receive diplomas through Operation Recognition. Diplomas may be awarded posthumously.

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    Veteran Employment Benefits

    State Employment

    Veterans may be eligible to receive preference when applying for state positions. Veterans may receive five-point preference, and veterans rated at 10% or more disability as a result of military service may receive a ten-point preference.

    In order to be eligible for this benefit, applicants must be residents of Wyoming both at the time of entry into military service and at the time of application.

    Wyoming Department of Workforce Services Veterans Services

    Veterans may be eligible to receive employment and training services through Veterans Services. These services provide support to veterans, including disabled veterans and veterans who have employment issues.

    Employment Assistance for Wyoming National Guard Members

    Guard members may be eligible for employment assistance through the Wyoming Military Department. This program may help Guard members and their families find community employment opportunities.

    The Wyoming National Guard Jobs Coordinator may also assist Guard members with job seeker skills, such as interview preparation and resume writing.

    Veteran Housing Benefits

    Veterans Assisted Care Homes And Nursing Homes

     The Veterans Home of Wyoming is located at the grounds of former Fort McKinney, three miles west of Buffalo on U.S. Highway 16. The home has 117 beds, including private rooms for single residents and two-room suites for married couples.

    The home utilizes domiciliary care, which is similar to assisted living care, and offers a wide variety of services and supports, including;

    • Primary care provider
      • Available to residents during the week
      • Will refer to outside specialists or VA providers, as needed
    • Nursing care
      • Around the clock care
      • Supervision for medication administration and treatments
      • Coordinates medical appointments with Sheridan VA Medical Center and other outside providers
    • Licensed clinical social worker
      • Provides scheduled individual counseling sessions
    • Social and recreational services
      • Opportunities for entertainment, socialization, recreation, and creativity
        • Library
        • Computer lab
        • Fishing pond
        • Walking paths
        • Woodshop
        • Paint room
        • Greenhouse
    • Dietary services
      • Dietary department is supervised by a registered dietitian
        • Monitors resident diets and menus
      • Dietary manager
        • Supervision of meal preparation
        • Individual dietary counseling with residents
    • Laundry Services
      • Washers and dryers provided for residents
      • Staff launders bed linens and towels
    • Physical fitness and wellness
      • Johnson County YMCA three times per week
      • Walking program monitored by nursing staff
      • Exercise equipment
        • Stationary bikes
        • Treadmill
        • Elliptical machine
        • Weights
    • Financial Counseling
      • Resident trust accounts
        • Earns monthly interest
        • Social Security and VA monthly benefits are deposited into individual resident accounts
        • Staff assists residents with money management
    • Veterans Benefits Coordinator
      • The Veterans’ Home of Wyoming also employs a veterans benefits coordinator who helps Johnson and Sheridan county veterans and families of veterans learn about benefits
    • Support Services
      • Housekeeping Department
        • Cleaning
        • Personal laundry services
      • Maintenance Department
        • Buildings and grounds
    • Chaplain Services
      • Spiritual support
      • Two Sunday services per month
      • Bible study

    In order to be eligible for this benefit, applicants must meet one of the following criteria:

    • Unable to earn a living
      • Injuries
      • Disease
      • Old age
      • Other infirmities
    • No adequate means of support
    • Already resident of Wyoming
      • Resident at time of application; or
      • Intent to permanently reside in Wyoming state residency is less than one year
        • Transit: temporary or seasonal residency not permitted
      • Dependent of qualified veteran
        • Preference given to veterans first and accompanying dependents second

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    Veteran Financial Benefits

    Veterans Property Tax Exemption

    Veterans may be eligible for property tax exemptions. This exemption reduces assessed value of a primary residence by $3,000 in order to lower property tax burden.

    In order to qualify for this benefit, applicants must be residents of Wyoming for a minimum of three years prior to claiming exemption, and must produce proof of service and discharge. One of the following criteria must also be met:

    • Service during one of the following periods:
      • World War II: Dec. 7, 1941 through Dec. 31, 1946
      • Korean War: June 27, 1950 through Jan. 31, 1955
      • Vietnam War: Feb. 28, 1961 through May 7, 1975
    • Service overseas during armed conflict
      • Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal or equivalent
    • Veteran disabled due to military service
      • Certified by VA or DOD
    • Unremarried surviving spouse of qualifying veteran who resides in Wyoming

    If it is not used on property, this benefit may be applied to licensing fees for a vehicle.

    Family Support Grant Program

    Wyoming Guard members, Reserve members, and active personnel in need of financial assistance may qualify for last resort funds grants. This trust fund program is administered by the Wyoming Adjutant General.

    Additional Veteran Benefits

    Veteran License Plates

    Veterans may be eligible for license plates with either “POW” or “Disabled Veteran” designations. The first sets of POW plates are free, and additional plates may be purchased. Disabled veterans may only receive one free set of plates.

    In order to qualify for this benefit, applicants must be Wyoming residents, and either own or lease the vehicle that will display plates. The vehicle must be titled to applicant or jointly owned with an immediate family member. Applicants must also provide proof of POW status or VA disability rating of at least 50% due to military service.

    The County treasurer must receive applications at least 30 days before registration expires. These plates will be reissued once within an eight-year period, and must be renewed annually.

    Recreational Benefits For Veterans

    Wyoming offers several recreational benefits to veterans.

    In order to qualify for these benefits, applicants must be residents of Wyoming for a minimum of one year. Each benefit also has additional specific criteria:

    • Free Fishing License for Disabled Veterans
      • Must submit VA letter to certify minimum 50% disability due to military service
    • Free State Parks Pass Annual Day Use and Camping Lifetime Permit
      • Must submit VA letter to certify minimum 50% disability due to military service
    • Free Bird, Small Game, and Fishing Licenses for Disabled Veterans
      • Must submit VA letter to certify 100% disability due to military service
    • Free Hunting and Fishing License for Purple Heart Recipients
      • Free lifetime game bird, small game and fish licenses
      • Specifically for Purple Heart medal recipients

    Wyoming also offers service-specific recreational benefits:

    • Active Duty Hunting and Fishing Licenses
      • Free resident general elk, resident general deer, resident game bird/small game and resident daily fishing license
        • Wyoming resident
        • Deployed to a combat zone on active duty
        • Home on leave
      • Free Pioneer Veteran Bird, Small Game, and Fishing License
        • 65 or older
        • Wyoming resident for 30 or more continuous years
      • Special Limited Fishing Permit for Hospitalized Veterans
        • Institution must supervise veteran during fishing

    Free and Confidential Recording of Honorable Discharges

    Veterans who receive an honorable discharge may qualify to have discharge papers recorded  in the office of the county clerk free of charge. This only applies to documents not previously recorded in another county of Wyoming. Records are kept confidential by the County Clerk.

    Burial Benefits For Veterans

    Established in 1983, the Oregon Trail State Veterans Cemetery is located in Evansville. All veterans who receive other than dishonorable discharge are eligible for burial. Spouses, minor children, and children with disabilities of eligible veterans may also qualify for burial. Family members will be buried together in the same burial plot.

    Burial plots are assigned on a first come, first served basis at no charge. Grave vaults for casket burials are also provided at no charge. All other expenses must be paid for by survivors.

    Burial services are only scheduled for weekdays, and are only held in the chapel and patio area. Services are not held at grave sites. Also, flat granite grave markers provided by the U. S. government are the only markers authorized for individual graves.

    Payment for Burial Details

    All pre-registered burial details are eligible for payment of $50 for burial detail services.

    Funeral Expenses

    Deceased veterans may be eligible to have funeral expenses covered by the Board of County Commissioners.

    In order to be eligible for this benefit, the deceased veteran must have been other than dishonorably discharged, and must not have left sufficient funds for funeral expenses.

    The Board of County Commissioners will cover costs for preparation of, transmittal to, and burial in the cemetery. The amount for services is capped at $500.

    Military Funeral Honors

    Deceased veterans who were honorably discharged may receive military honors at one funeral service. A minimum of two uniformed military members will perform honors free of charge to surviving family members.

    Burial of Indigent Veterans

    Deceased indigent veterans may be eligible for burial by state counties.

    In order to be eligible for this benefit, the deceased veteran must meet the following criteria:

    • Discharged under other than dishonorable conditions
    • Service during wartime
      • WW I
      • WW II
      • Korean war
      • Vietnam war
    • Died in the county paying funeral
    • Proof of insufficient funds for burial

    Counties will provide up to $500 for burial services.

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