Work From Home Jobs for Military Spouses & Veterans

Updated: April 8, 2022
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    Working from home has always been a great way for military spouses and veterans to start a career or earn some extra cash. But lately, the number of home-based businesses and job opportunities has skyrocketed, became more mainstream, and is now an essential part of our lives.

    Check out this list of some of the best work-from-home jobs, portable careers, and additional income opportunities for military spouses and veterans:

    • Work for a Major Corporation – Companies like Xerox offer work from home (WFH) opportunities, including customer care, administrative support, data entry, software programming, and much.  They even have a program called Heroes@Home that seeks qualified veterans and military spouses.  AT&T and many other corporations have opportunities as well.
    • Remote and WFH Home Jobs – Check out Dynamite Jobs (dedicated to remote jobs), , or for companies hiring to work from home.
    • Amazon – Amazon has part-time, full-time, and virtual options available. Whether you have a degree or not, Amazon has many positions available. In fact, Amazon has recently pledged to hire 100,000 U.S. Veterans and Military Spouses by 2024.
    • Social Media Superstar – Do what you love and showcase it online. It’s a lot of work to start until you build an audience, it’s difficult, but if you’re willing to put in the work and be patient, the rewards can be significant. Opportunities include Podcasting, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, Twitch, Snap Chat, and much more.
    • Online Tutor/Teacher – Online education is a booming industry, and tutoring and teaching positions are available if you have the credentials and experience. Check out or Kaplan University.
    • Prepared Meals/Dinners – Cook meals for neighborhood families and optionally deliver for families that don’t have time to cook on their own every night. The best part is that you can set the frequency. The profits can add up quickly. For instance, if you cook for 15 families at $30 a meal, that’s $450 (minus the cost of food). Plus, your family’s dinner is cooked and ready as well. Take it to another level with parent and kids meals, healthy, organic, or gluten-free.  For more information, read “How to Start a Meals to Go Business.”
    • Travel Agent – If you love to travel, you can partner with an accredited host agency to plan travel for others.  American Express has plenty of work at home positions available, and so do many other travel agencies.
    • Call Center Representative – An emerging trend is “home shore” representatives, and companies like Sykes are specifically offering employment to military spouses.
    • Start an E-Commerce Business – Starting a business online is easier than ever with e-commerce platforms like Shopify who will even teach you how to start an e-commerce business.
    • Etsy Shop – If you love to make crafts, homemade products, or source treasures from flea marketers, Etsy is a great place for you to start an Etsy Shop and sell online.
    • Set up an Online Course – Apply your unique skills to create an online training course and sell it on platforms such as Coursera,  Udemy, or Skillshare.
    • Medical Transcriptionist – Transcribe recorded messages from medical professionals to written medical documents.
    • Recruiter – Get affiliated with a Human Resource recruiting agency and work independently from home.  There are thousands of them.
    • Teach or Tutor Online – Many companies like Kaplan, offer positions as tutors and online instructors.  Typically the same qualifications and educational requirements need to be met as traditional tutors and teachers.
    • Article Writing – Write articles about your experience as a military spouse. On-base magazines and military websites are often looking for writers. For example, Google “write for U.S. military,” and you’ll get many results from sites like NextGenMilitarySpouse.
    • Freelance Work – Try websites such as Freelancer and UpWork that connect people with companies that pay for personal assistants, data entry, article writing, graphic design, translators, and many more jobs.
    • Start a Blog – Blog writing can be fun and profitable while writing about things you love.  Once successful, you can join blog networks such as BlogHer to increase your income and have a successful website such as ArmyWife101.  Some of these military wives make thousands of dollars every month.

    Here Are Some Other Ways to Make Money From Home:

    • Sign Up For SwagBucks – You can earn gift cards for watching videos, completing surveys, and buying items you would already buy.  There are also many other sites out there that pay you for similar work.  Search for “Get Paid To” for GPT sites.
    • Shop Online – Sign up for sites like Rakuten and get cash back by shopping through their app.
    • Shop Online for Crypto Cash Back – For even higher payouts, shop with StormX. Just shop as you would normally at 750+ available shops and receive up to 87.5% crypto cashback. For example, shop Gap Brands and receive 4% or more in cryptocurrency back. In addition, you can increase the crypto reward by owning STMX cryptocurrency.
    • Sell Online – There is a market for everything, whether you want to make, refurbish or resell online.  Items can be bought at garage sales, found around the house, or bought on sale at deeply discounted prices and resold online. is a great place to get started, and if you are artistic and like to make things—try Etsy.
    • Thrift Store Flipping – Every thrift store and flea market offer a real treasure hunt for anyone willing to do the work. Find your niche and turn that out of production item found at Goodwill into big bucks online.
    • Sell Photos – Have photography skills? People and companies will pay to use stock photography. Photography sites to check out include Shutterstock and Getty Images.
    • Get Paid for Completing Tasks – Join Amazon’s or and get paid to complete small and large tasks.
    • Cryptocurrency – If you’re into crypto, there are many creative ways to earn free Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.
    • Research, Opinions & Surveys – Get paid to do research or for your opinion through American Consumer Opinion.
    • Be a Juror – Be on a mock jury and help attorneys get prepared for trial.  Sites include,, and
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