GI Bill Eligible Coding Bootcamps

Updated: December 24, 2022
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    The Department of Veterans Affairs maintains a list of approved coding schools that accept GI Bill benefits and other VA benefits programs. This list includes campus, hybrid and online coding boot camps.

    The Forever GI Bill update established a five-year pilot program that allowed veterans to use their GI Bill benefits toward tuition and fees for high technology courses including coding boot camps. The VA is expanding the Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses (VET TEC) program as part of the Isakson and Roe Act of 2020, according to the VA.

    With VET TEC, you can receive money for tuition and housing costs. Training doesn’t count against your GI Bill entitlement, according to the VA, and you only need one day of unexpired GI Bill benefits to participate.

    GI Bill Coding Boot Camps and Coding Schools

    You can find a complete list of VET TEC-approved programs, including boot camps, and providers on the VA website. “Coding bootcamps provide short-term, intensive training focused on building job-ready skills,” according to

    Here is a list of GI Bill-eligible coding boot camps, according to the VA’s GI Bill comparison tool, which lists VA-approved schools, employers, and VET TEC providers who accept GI Bill benefits:

    Claim Academy
    Location: St. Louis, Missouri
    Claim Academy offers accelerated online programs in full-stack coding. The courses are either 12 weeks (full-time) or 20 weeks (part-time) in Java or .Net. They are an approved VET TEC program training provider.

    Code Fellows
    Location: Seattle, Washington
    Selected programs of study are VA approved. These include their advanced 400-level courses in full-stack JavaScript, Python, ASP.NET Core, mobile applications and Java with SpringMVC & Android, as well as their certificate software development program. Code Fellows is an approved VET TEC program training provider.

    Code Platoon
    Location: Chicago, Illinois
    Code Platoon offers an immersive, 14-week (560-hour) web development boot camp. This nonprofit program caters to veterans exclusively. They are an approved VET TEC program training provider.

    Location: San Antonio and Dallas, Texas
    The full stack developer program is 20 weeks long and is hands-on and project-based. Codeup is an approved VET TEC program training provider.

    Coding Dojo
    Location: Bellevue, Washington; Los Angeles and Silicon Valley, California (all sites may not be approved for GI benefits)
    Coding Dojo’s 14-week onsite boot camp in full-stack development. They also offer an online, part-time UI/UX Design boot camp that may be eligible for benefits.

    DeltaV Code School
    Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    You can take beginner-, intermediate and advanced-level courses in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You can take most of the classes full-time or part-time and in-person or online.

    Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
    The full stack development software engineering boot camp is a fully accredited, eight-month online program..

    Eleven Fifty Academy
    Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Eleven Fifty Academy provides immersive training for coders of all skill levels and free introductory courses. You can become a developer in three to six months. Eleven Fifty Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit technology academy.

    Location: Denver, Colorado (Golden Triangle), Boulder, Colorado (Walnut)
    Galvanize offers two GI Bill-approved immersive boot camps: a 12-week (576-hour) hack reactor software engineering immersive and Operation LevelUp, an 18-week (682-hour) military career skills program web development immersive. The software engineering course is now online only. Galvanize is an approved VET TEC program training provider.

    General Assembly
    Location: New York City, New York
    Veterans can use their Post-9/11 GI Bill benefit toward one of two flagship courses at their New York City campus. Choose between Data Science, User Experience Design Immersive or Software Engineering Immersive or customize career support courses. These courses are 10 to 12 weeks depending on the program.

    MAX Technical Training (formerly Cincy Code IT Bootcamps)
    Location: Mason, Ohio
    Max Technical training offers cyber security and business analyst programs in addition to their Maximum Coding and part-time coding boot camps, which you can attend online or in person. The full-time coding option is 13 weeks, while part-time is 30 weeks. You’ll learn two core languages (C#.NET and Java), as well as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL Database and more.

    PDX Code Guild
    Location: Portland, Oregon
    Students can choose a 14-week (420-hour) all-day program or an 18-week (324-hour) evening program. You’ll learn Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Django. PDX Code Guild is an approved VET TEC program training provider.

    Prime Digital Academy

    Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

    You can take Prime’s full stack engineering boot camp full-time in person or part-time online. This 20-week program prepares graduates as entry-level software engineers. Prime is an approved VET TEC program training provider.

    Location: Los Angeles, California
    Sabio offers a 13-week (530-hour) coding boot camp, during which you will train in full-stack web development. You’ll also learn by working through team projects. You can attend online or in person. Sabio is an approved VET TEC program training provider.

    San Diego Global Knowledge University
    Location: San Diego, California
    SGGKU offers a 30-week, online full-stack development immersive is designed to take individuals with little to no programming experience and make them successful software developers.

    Skill Distillery
    Location: Greenwood, Colorado
    Skill Distillery specializes in working with veterans to translate their military skills into civilian jobs. They offer an immersive, hands-on 16-week (640-hour) full-stack development with Java boot camp. Skill Distillery is an approved VET TEC program training provider.

    Location: Bellevue, Washington
    Skillspire offers several coding boot camps, including full stack web development: Mern or Python, which are 16-week programs for those new to coding. More advanced students can take their software engineering boot camps, including C# and Azure Cloud and Java and cloud computing, both of which are 20 weeks.

    Tech Elevator
    Location: Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio
    Tech Elevator offers 14-week, full-time coding boot camps in person or live remote or 30-week part-time programs. The programs include daily lectures, real-world group work and career counseling.

    Turing School of Software & Design
    Turing breaks down the typical full-stack programming course into two boot camps – front-end and back-end engineering – where you’ll develop a deeper knowledge in your field. These are full-time, seven-month programs. You must live within two hours of Mountain Standard Time to enroll.

    V School
    Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
    The full-time web development boot camp will help you master full-stack JavaScript web development. The program is 12 weeks long and fully online.

    We Can Code IT
    Location: Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio
    We Can Code IT offers full- and part-time coding boot camps, either remotely or in person. You can choose from C#.Net or C# full-stack coding options if you’d like to attend in person, or Java for a fully online program. They also offer an introduction to software development and advanced courses.

    Zip Code Wilmington
    Location: Wilmington, Delaware
    The 12-week (480-hour) software development program will help you adopt almost any coding language. Zip Code is an approved VET TEC program training provider.

    Use the VA’s GI Bill Comparison Tool to verify coding schools are approved for VA benefits.

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