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Updated: December 24, 2022
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    The University of North Georgia’s (UNG) roots and military traditions date back to 1873 as North Georgia Agricultural College. Today, the school has about 20,000 students pursuing more than 100 programs of study. The University of North Georgia at Dahlonega serves as The Military College of Georgia and one of the nation’s six Senior Military Colleges, offering students the chance to pursue a career as an Army officer by joining the Boer’s Head Brigade and the ROTC program.

    UNG’s military program is an eight-semester residential learning experience that duplicates the living and learning conditions of a federal service academy. The 700-cadet strong Corps is organized similar to an Army light brigade. Once you’re admitted to the Corps, you must successfully complete a week of Cadet basic training known as FROG Week. You must also live by the Corps Participation Policy, which includes residing on campus for at least three years in the Military Village.

    Boer’s Head Brigade is run by Cadets under the leadership of professional active and retired Army officers and non-commissioned officers. They coach the senior Cadets in the facets of military leadership. Cadets then use the student-led chain of command to distribute information and to accomplish all assigned missions. As a cadet, you’ll compete for rank, privileges, duty positions, and honors throughout your time at UNG. Upon graduation, you’ll be a highly educated leader of character, ready to serve your country as an Army officer or as a civilian leader.

    UNG Corps of Cadets by the Numbers

    • Year Established: 1873
    • Number of Cadets: 752
    • Approximate Number of Cadets Commissioned Annually: 103
    • ROTC Programs: Army                                             

    What Kind Of Degree Programs Are Offered At UNG?

    UNG offers a wide range of degrees from Chemistry and Physics to Computer Science and Math. Choosing the right major can help you get one of the coveted Army ROTC or University of North Georgia Military Scholarships.

    Am I Eligible To Join The Corps Of Cadets?

    To be eligible for admission into the Corps of Cadets, you must:

    • be accepted to UNG
    • be 17 or older before the beginning of Cadet basic training (FROG Week)
    • be a graduate from an accredited high school and apply as a non-accredited home school applicant
    • have a clear disciplinary, conduct, and background record

    Note: SAT/ACT Scores No Longer Required for 2021 Admission.

    If you are a first-year student applying to the University of North Georgia you can be admitted without ACT or SAT scores if you have a sufficiently high GPA.

    You must meet one of the following admissions standards:

    • 8+ unweighted GPA in the required high school curriculum
    • 4+ unweighted GPA and SAT scores of at least 480 Reading and Writing and a 440 Math or ACT scores that meet a 17 English or Reading and a 17 Math. You must also meet a 2400+ freshman index (FI)

    How Do I Apply To Join The Corps Of Cadets?

    High School Graduates

    Step 1 – Application and Application Fee

    Apply for admission online by using the GAFutures Application or submitting a paper application (PDF). You’ll pay a non-refundable $40 application fee.

    Step 2 – Official Transcripts

    Submit an official high school transcript through GAFutures and submit official transcripts from all colleges you attended.

    Step 3 – Official Entrance Test Scores

    If you choose to use SAT/ACT scores, submit official scores through The College Board or ACT

    Step 4 – Lawful Presence Verification

    Army Regulations require that you verify proof of lawful presence (legally living in the United States according to federal immigration laws) to participate in ROTC and the Corps of Cadets.

    Step 5 – Application Review

    Check your application status to ensure UNG has received all required documents to evaluate your application.

    What Are The Application Deadlines?

    UNG must have your completed application and all supporting documents prior to the deadline. You should apply early because they may meet capacity before the deadline and will immediately stop accepting students.

    • Bachelor’s degree Fall semester:
      • Early action: Nov. 15
      • Regular admission: April 1
      • Final application deadline: July 1
    • Spring semester: Nov. 1
    • Summer semester: April 1

    What Scholarships Are Available?

    University of North Georgia Military Scholarship (UNGMS)

    If you are a Georgia high school senior, you could earn one of 42 military scholarships offered by UNG. You will join the Corps and earn a commission as an officer in the Georgia Army National Guard. The scholarship is worth more than $85,000 over four years and pays for your room, meals, tuition, books, uniforms, and fees. You’ll also get National Guard weekend drill pay, GI Bill benefits, pay for attending Army basic and advanced training, and Army ROTC contract pay. You may also receive an enlistment bonus and monthly GI Bill kicker.

    Army ROTC Scholarship

    You can compete for an Army ROTC scholarship that pays full tuition, book allowance, and a monthly stipend for two, three, or four years. In return, you will earn a commission as an Army officer in either the Active Duty Force, the Army Reserves, or the National Guard.

    What Is My Service Commitment After Graduating From The UNG ROTC Program?

    If you receive an Army ROTC scholarship or enter the Army ROTC Advanced Course, you agree to complete eight-years of service with the Army. If you enroll in the Army ROTC Basic Course, you are not committed to service in the Army unless you are on an Army ROTC scholarship. All scholarship students will be required to serve in the military for eight years. You may fulfill your obligation may by serving three years on active duty and five years in the Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR). If you are on a four-year scholarship, then you’ll serve four years active and four years in the IRR.

    Even though UNG is a Senior Military College and you are immersed in a full-time Army ROTC Program, you don’t have to serve in the military upon graduation. As a member of the Corps of Cadets, you have two options:

    • Commissioning: Once you earn your bachelor’s degree and complete all required cadet training, you will receive a commission as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army.
    • Non-commissioning: You will complete four years at UNG as a non-contract cadet. Government Agencies and civilian employers look for skills you’ll develop in the Corps. You can also earn a minor in Leadership in addition to any bachelor’s program.

    What Is Life Like As A University Of North Georgia Cadet?

    FROG Week

    Once you have been accepted into the Corps of Cadets, your journey begins at Frog Week. This intense program prepares you for the life of a GMC cadet. You will undergo the transition from civilian student to military cadet. You’ll begin your physical and military training during this weeklong experience and get to know the staff and senior cadets who lead the brigade.

    Freshman Year

    As a cadet private, you will become part of the Corps and focus on your studies. Academic success, physical fitness, and an ability for leadership and responsibility will be the framework for future positions of leadership.

    Sophomore Year

    As a team or squad leader, you will begin your military training by leading small groups of freshmen cadets as a team leader or a squad leader. You’ll be responsible for their development, academic success, physical fitness. Your team will rely on you to guide them through their freshman year.

    Junior Year

    As a junior, leadership will be your focus. You’ll have the chance to lead freshmen and sophomores on basic military skills and leadership, serving as a Cadet platoon sergeant, company first sergeant, or sergeant major.

    Senior Year

    As a senior, you’ll be a leader in the Corps of Cadets. You will have the chance to command platoons (30 cadets), companies (75 cadets), battalions (250 cadets), or the brigade (700+ cadets). Seniors plan all the activities for the Corps of Cadets.

    What Are My Career Choices After Graduation?

    The UNG Army ROTC program provides you with what it takes to become a commissioned Army Officer when you graduate. You’ll be commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army and will receive specialized training in your first Army branch. After you finish officer branch training and a first assignment, you may choose additional specialized training and postgraduate education opportunities.

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