Special Military Benefits for Army Service Members and Veterans

Updated: March 17, 2021
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    While members of all branches of the military receive extensive military discounts, US Army Service Members and veterans have an exclusive set of benefits available to them. From career training and educational benefits to resources for families, Army Service Members should take advantage of these special benefits.

    Army and Air Force Exchange

    Through the Army and Air Force Exchange, members of the Army can purchase discounted goods and services. Not only do service members save up to 20 percent compared to traditional stores, but a significant portion of the profits from the Exchange support MWR activities. With its collection of stores and fast food restaurants, the Exchange provides employment opportunities for Army and Air Force family members as well.
    Education benefits provided for Army members are designed to supplement the benefits given the military members through the Post 9/11 GI Bill®.

    • Army College Fund
      In addition to the benefits from the Post 9/11 GI Bill, the Army College Fund provides money to cover tuition and training to help recruit service members for critical Military Occupational Specialties. Individuals may enlist in for a three to six year enlistment.
    • Army Continuing Education System
      Members of the Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserves have access to the Army Continuing Education System (ACES). Through ACES soldiers may request educational counseling, get their GED or complete a high school diploma or post-secondary degree program. ACES also provides testing and training related to civilian licensing and certification exams and manages the Army aptitude test.
    • Army Green To Gold Program
      The Army’s Green to Gold Active Duty Option (ADO) is a two-year program offered to eligible enlisted active duty Soldiers allowing them to earn a degree and a commission by completing their first bachelor’s degree or their first two-year graduate degree.
    • Fry Scholarship
      Children of soldiers who die in the line of duty are eligible for the Marine Gunnery Sergeant John David Fry Scholarship. Recipients of the scholarship receive up to 36 months of full tuition and have until the age of 33 to finish using the scholarship.
    • Army Career and Alumni Program
      The Army Career and Alumni Program provides job placement services and counseling to help soldiers transitioning from active duty to civilian life. Program offices are located on military installations.

    State Benefits

    Individual states offer their own benefits for Army Service Members and veterans. Some of the benefits offered by individual states:

    • Taxes
      States such as Virginia and Missouri offer state income tax deductions for service members and veterans. Many states also exempt veterans from paying all or a portion of their property taxes.
    • Hunting and Fishing
      Army service members and veterans receive reduced price or free hunting and fishing licenses in most states. For example, in Virginia, for only $10, service members and veterans receive hunting and fishing privileges for life.
    • Education and Transition
      State education programs typically offer special programs to help make up the difference between the benefits provided by the Post 9/11 GI Bill and tuition at state universities. In Missouri, the cost of credit hours at state universities is capped at $50 for service members and veterans. Other states cover the entire difference for veterans who choose to attend a public university. Individual states also seek to help soldiers transition to civilian life. Missouri’s Operation Outreach provides financial services, advocacy and other transition services for veterans. Virginia’s Employment Commission helps veterans with job placement and job training.
    Written by Veteran.com Team