Plan My Deployment – Custom Planning Tool for The Military

Updated: March 26, 2021
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    Plan My Deployment (PMD) is an online tool to help military troops and their families prepare for all stages of the deployment process. It provides information that is specific to each service member and their family’s needs by breaking down the deployment into clear, manageable steps and providing access to other planning tools and tips.

    Created and developed by the Department of Defense (DoD) and modeled after another tool, Plan My Move (PMM), Plan My Deployment (PMD) helps take some of the stress out of deployment or mobilization. PMD is not just for servicemembers on their first deployment or mobilization, but for every time they deploy. By customizing the information and checklists that they need, they’ll always be able to navigate the process in an organized manner.

    Highlights of PMD Include:

    • A tool not just for servicemembers but their families
    • A tailored plan to each servicemember’s needs
    • Links to hundreds of resources, forms, and planning information
    • A login tool so users can re-access the information throughout the deployment
    • Contact information for resources and programs to address any deployment-related issues

    The DoD breaks the the deployment life cycle into 4 phases:

    1. Pre-Deployment Mobilization – Preparing legal and financial affairs.

    2. Deployment/Mobilization –  Staying Connected and dealing with a range of issues during deployment such as how to keep your family informed and safe, what your family should know about operations security and the reactions your family member may have to your deployment.

    3. Reunion/Reintegration – How to make a successful homecoming, including planning the reunion and suggestions during this phase of the deployment cycle.

    4. Reintegration  – Settling in, revisiting legal and financial affairs, dealing with reintegration and emotional and mental health management.

    To access Plan My Deployment visit the PMD website.

    Another great tool for military families to help manage children’s issues related to deployment, homecoming and much more is the free Sesame Street for Military Families App.

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