The Palace Front Program

Updated: December 24, 2022
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    The Palace Front Program

    Unlike the Palace Chase, the Palace Front is an option for separating airmen who are within 180 days of their separation date. Palace Front is when the active duty member serves all the way to the end of their active duty service commitment, and then wants to transition to the guard or reserve. Palace Front ensures there is no break in service and the member can continue serving in the guard or reserve with a minimal transition.

    Palace Front Offers Bonuses

    One additional benefit to Palace Front is that the member is eligible for any bonuses being offered at the time to join the guard or reserve. Members approved for Palace Chase are not typically eligible for these bonuses.

    If you are interested in Palace Fronting, you definitely should still start with your in-service recruiter. They can get you started on the process and have you complete the paper work to get on “The Scroll.”

    The Scroll

    The scroll is important because it is what allows you to join the guard or reserve. Any member that enters the guard or reserve must be on the scroll before they can enter that unit.

    Getting on the scroll should be your first priority with your in-service recruiter even if you are just thinking about transitioning to the guard or reserve. You can NOT get into the guard or reserve unless you are on the scroll.

    Finding a Unit in The Guard or Reserves

    Definitely start this process by speaking with your in-service recruiter. The reserves and the guard both have their own in-service recruiter, who can help you find jobs, make contacts at units, and help set up interviews.

    If you already have a unit in mind, the best thing is to visit that unit during a UTA weekend and start meeting everyone in the unit.

    At the end of your active duty service commitment, don’t forget that you have already served your country honorably for many years. At this point in your military career it is okay to make decisions now based on what is best for you and your family. Whether it’s a Palace Chase or a Palace Front that works for you, the choice should align with your priorities.

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