Military Job Assistance Programs for Transitioning Servicemembers

Updated: July 27, 2021
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    Military transition assistance programs are a vital part of a service member’s transition to civilian life. Fortunately, Congress signed into law a military transition assistance program for all U.S. military service branch departments to help find jobs for transitioning military. The transition assistance program is comprised of resources or services for military service members transitioning out of U.S. armed forces.

    Military Job Assistance Programs
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     Eligibility Requirements

    • Be an active duty service member (Army, Air force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy)
    • Be a military guard or reserve member  (U.S. Military reserve program, National Guard)
    • Obtained an honorable or general military discharge
    • Be a retiring or retired U.S. military service member
    • Spouse of a transitioning military service member

    Military Transition Assistance Program Services

    • Job skills assessments – military job experience is evaluated and applied to match those skills identified within the civilian workforce.
    • Resume writing – eligible military personnel authorized to utilize the transition program may enroll in a resume writing class. The resume writing class provides tools and techniques on how to market job training skills to increase exposure.
    • Online resume writing resources – services provided to assist transitioning service members with online resume writing tips and techniques.
    • Employment network workshops – government service representatives, human resources specialists, veterans affairs program advisors and military employment representatives link with transitioning service members to network and promote job leads.
    • Job preference resources for future military veterans – the Presidential administration signed into agreement, a 2012 campaign bill to encourage employers to implement a job preference plan for unemployed military veterans.
    • Interview strategies and techniques – military employment representatives provide educational and training resources on proper interview styles and tips.
    • Personal career profile – a career profile outlines a service member’s education, job interest and experience.

    Veteran Affairs workshops for transitioning military service members

    Department of Veterans Affairs counselors are involved with the needs of our transitioning military service members. Most TAP programs offer VA workshops or invite VA counselors to conduct question and answer forums.

    The purpose of incorporating a VA representative into the transition program is to assist military members with concerns relating to disability claims, VA claim process, disability rating information, and GI bill education benefits.

    Additional online employment resources

    Military service members are connected to numerous of federal government employment agencies through TAP. Recruiting resources, federal internship programs and on-the-job training support are a few of the additional federal resources provided. Below is a list of other nonprofit and federal internet resources:

    • – Match’s U.S. job seekers that hold an active Federal security clearance to top hiring companies searching for new employees. Typically a security clearance remains current up to 2 years after separating from the military.
    • – Online resource used to research Department of Defense employment opportunities. Spouses of military service members are eligible to create a job profile, research employment, and connect with hiring officials.
    • – Browse a directory of veteran friendly employers, research job fairs, job education benefits, and review information on additional relocation resources.
    • – Heroes 2 Hire – Advocates jobs for veterans with or without disabilities.
    • – online web base tool for service members looking to work as a federal government employee within the military, executive department, state or federal agency department.
    • VCTP – – The Veterans Career Transition Program utilizes an online learning platform to help active duty, selected reserve, veterans, and military spouses learn business, technology, and career skills to accomplish their personal and professional goals.

    See this video for more about military transition job assistance training and, or read about it in our article on Transitioning Assistance Program (TAP) Overview.

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