Military Acronyms and Abbreviations

Updated: February 14, 2023
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    Here is a long list of military acronyms, abbreviations and associated terms including slang, informal and Department of Defense (DOD) approved terminology. Browse through the acronym list letter by letter or use the search box to quickly look up an acronym and its meaning.

    Military Acronyms & Abbreviations

    AWOLAbsent Without Leave
    AAAAnti-Aircraft Artillery
    AAAVAdvanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle
    AADCArea Air Defense Commander
    AAFESArmy Air Force Exchange System
    AAFESArmy and Air Force Exchange Service
    AAMAir-to-Air Missile
    AAMGAnti-Aircraft Machine Gun
    AAPAmerican Academy of Pediatrics
    AAVAmphibious Assault Vehicle
    AAVAmphibious Assault Vehicle
    AAVAssault Amphibian Vehicle
    AAVCAssault Amphibian Vehicle, Command
    ABAApplied Behavior Analysis
    ABMAnti-Ballistic Missile
    ACActive Component
    ACCAir Combat Command
    ACFTArmy Combat Fitness Test
    ACMAir Combat Maneuvering
    ACMIAir Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation
    ACMRAir Combat Maneuvering Range
    ACOAirspace Control Order
    ACPArmored Command Post
    ACSIAmerican Customer Satisfaction Index
    ACUArmy Combat Uniform
    ACUAssault Craft Unit
    ADATSAir Defense Anti-Tank System
    ADFAustralian Defense Force
    ADFMActive-Duty Family Member
    ADIZAir Defense Identification Zone
    ADWCAir Defense Warning Condition
    AETFAir Expeditionary task force
    AEVArmored Engineer Vehicle
    AEWAirborne Early Warning
    AEW&CAirborne Early Warning and Control
    AFAir Force
    AFBAir Force Base
    AFDAutomatic Feeding Device
    AFMCAir Force Material Command
    AFVArmored Fighting Vehicle
    AIFVArmored Infantry Fighting Vehicle
    AIPAssignment Incentive Pay
    AIRSUPREQAir Support Request
    AITAdvanced Individual Training
    AIT or “A School”Advanced Individual Training
    ALBMAir Launched Ballistic Missile
    ALCMAir Launched Cruise Missile
    ALCTAirlift Control Team
    ALERTORDAlert Order
    AMCAir Mobility Command
    AMCAir Mobility Command
    AMCTAir Mobility Control Team
    AMDAir Mobility Division
    AMLOAir Mobility Liaison Officer
    AMRAnti-Material Rifle
    AMRAAMAdvanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile
    ANGAir National Guard
    AOCAir Operations Center
    APArmor Piercing
    APAMAnti-Personnel, Anti-Material
    APCArmored Personnel Carrier
    APDSArmor-Piercing, Discarding Sabot
    APDS-TArmor-Piercing, Discarding Sabot (Tracer)
    APFAppropriated Funds
    APFSDSArmor Piercing, Fin-Stabilized, Discarding Sabot
    APHEArmor Piercing, High-Explosive
    AP-TArmor Piercing - Tracer
    APUAuxiliary Power Unit
    ARCTAir Refueling Control Team
    ARMAnti-Radiation Missile
    ARRVArmored Repair and Recovery Vehicle
    ARSOFArmy special operations forces
    ARVArmored Recovery Vehicle
    ASGAllied System for Geospatial Intelligence
    ASMAir-to-Surface Missile
    ASMAnti-Ship Missle
    ASPJAirborne Self-Protection Jammer
    ASRAAMAdvanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile
    ASTAir Staff Target
    ASTOVLAdvanced Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing
    ASuWAnti-Surface Warfare
    ASVAnti-Surface Vessel
    ASVABArmed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
    ASWAnti-Submarine Warfare
    ATBMAnti-Tactical Ballistic Missile
    ATCSAir Traffic Control Section
    ATGWAnti-Tank Guided Weapon
    ATRAnti-Tank Rifle
    AUWAll-Up Weight
    AVLAnti-Vehicle Land Mine
    AVLBArmored Vehicle-Launched Bridge
    AWACSAirborne WArning and Control System
    BBomber designation (as in B-52 Stratofortress)
    BAGBudget Activity Group
    BAHBasic Allowance for Housing
    BAHBasic Housing Allowance
    BAHCBasic Allowance for Health Care
    BASBasic Allowance for Subsistence
    BCTBasic Combat Training
    BDOCBase Defense Operations Center
    BDUBattle Dress Uniform
    BDZBase Defense Zone
    BECBenefits Executive Committee
    BMBallistic Missile
    BMCTBegin Morning Civil Twilight
    BMNTBegin Morning Nautical Twilight
    BODBoard of Directors
    BPLANBase Plan
    BRSBlended Retirement System
    BVRBeyond Visual Range
    BZBuffer Zone
    C2Command and Control
    C3Command, Control and Communications
    C3ICommand, Control, Communications and Intelligence
    CABGCoronary Artery Bypass Grafting
    CAHPSConsumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems
    CAPCombat Air Patrol
    CASClose-Air Support
    CASEVACCasualty Evacuation
    CAWSClose Assault Weapon System
    CBOCongressional Budget Office
    CCCommand & Control
    CCDRCombatant Commander
    CCHHSCook County Health and Hospital System
    CCMDCombatant Command
    CCVCommand & Control Vehicle
    CDCChild Development Center
    CDPChild Development Program
    CDUControl Display Unit
    CEACircular Error Average
    CEBCooperative Efforts Board
    CEPCircular Error Probable
    CEVCombat Engineer/Engineering Vehicle
    CFEConventional Forces Europe
    CFLCoordinated FireLine
    CFRCode of Federal Regulations
    CFVCavalry Fighting Vehicle
    CIWSClose-In Weapon System (US)
    CLEPCollege Level Examinations Program
    CLSCombat Life Saver
    CMCruise Missile
    CMACCHAMPUS Maximum Allowable Charge
    CMOCivil-Military Operations
    COCommanding Officer
    COCommanding Officer
    COACourse of Action
    COGCenter of Gravity
    COLACost of Living Allowance
    CONUSContinental U.S.
    COOPContinuity of Operations
    CPContact Point
    CPContinuation Pay
    CPGContingency Planning Guidance
    CRAFCivil Reserve Air Fleet
    CRAFCivil Reserve Air Fleet
    CRARRVChallenger Armored Repair and Recovery Vehicle
    CRBMClose-Range Ballistic Missile
    CRDPConcurrent Retirement Disability Pay
    CRSCCombat Related Special Compensation
    CRTCathode Ray Tube
    CSBClose-Support Bridge
    CSPCritical Skills Pay
    C-STARSCenters for Sustainment of Trauma and Readiness Skills (USAF)
    CVCombat Vehicle
    CVConventionally Powered aircraft carrier (USN)
    CVNAttack aircraft carrier, nuclear powered (US)
    CVRTCombat Vehicle Reconnaissance Tracked
    CVWCarrier Air Wing
    CWCComposite Warfare Commander
    CWMDCountering Weapons of Mass Destruction
    CZTECombate Zone Tax Exclusion
    DADepartment of the Air Force
    DADirect Action
    DADouble Agent
    DACMCDefense Advisory Committee on Military Compensation
    DAFDefense Information Systems Network
    DANTESDefense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support
    DASC(A)Direct Air Support Center (Airborne)
    DBDefined Benefit
    DCDefined Contribution
    DeCADefense Commissary Agency
    DEERSDefense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System
    DEERSDefense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System
    DEFCONDefense Readiness Condition
    DEPORDDeployment Order
    DeRADefense Resale Activity
    DEWDistant Early Warning (US)
    DFASDefense Finance and Accounting Service
    DFCDistinguished Flying Cross: Air Force decoration
    DFGLDistinct Faith Group Leader
    DGPSDifferential GPS
    DHADefense Health Agency
    DICDependency and Indemnity Compensation
    DLADislocation Allowance
    DLTPDefence Logistics Transformation Program
    DMDCDefense Manpower Data Center
    DMHSDefense Message Handling System
    DMRDesignated Marksman Rifle
    DoDDepartment of Defense
    DODDepartment of Defense
    DoDDepartment of Defense (United States)
    DoDIDoD Instruction
    DoDTRDepartment of Defense Trauma Registry
    DOLU.S. Department of Labor
    DONDepartment of the Navy
    DRBDischarge Review Board
    DRMDynamic Retention Model (RAND)
    DRODecision Review Officer
    DVIDirect Voice Input
    DVOPDisabled Veterans’ Outreach Program
    DZDrop Zone
    DZDrop Zone
    EADEarliest Arrival Date
    EAOSEnd of Active Obligated Service
    EASEnd of Active Service
    EBTElectronic Benefit Transfer
    ECCMElectronic Counter CounterMeasures
    ECHOExtended Care Health Option
    ECMElectronic CounterMeasures
    ECRElectronic Combat Reconnaissance
    EECTEnd Evening Civil Twilight
    EENTEnd of Evening Nautical Twilight
    EFISElectronic Flight Instrument System
    EFMExceptional Family Member
    EFMPExceptional Family Member Program
    EHExplosive Hazard
    EHHCECHO Home Health Care
    EHRElectronic Health Record
    ELINTELectronic INTelligence
    EMCEssential Medical Capability
    EMPElectromagnetic Pulse
    EOCEmergency Operations Center
    EODExplosive Ordnance Disposal
    EODExplosive Ordnance Disposal
    EPEmergency Preparedness
    ERAExplosive Reactive Armor
    ERCen Route Care
    ERISAEmployee Retirement Income Security Act
    ESEAElementary and Secondary Education Act
    eshpEquivalent Shaft Horsepower
    ESMElectronic Support Measures
    EWEarly Warning
    EWElectronic Warfare
    EWElectronic Warning
    EWAElectronic Warfare Aircraft
    FFighter designation (as in F-15 Eagle)
    FAFrontal Aviation
    FACForward Air Control / Forward Air Controller
    FAEFuel Air Explosives
    FAVFast Attack Vehicle
    FCCFamily Child Care
    FCSFire Control System
    FDAU.S. Food and Drug Administration
    FDOFlight Deck Officer
    FEBAForward Edge of the Battle Area
    FEBAFoward Edge of Battle Area
    FEDVIPFederal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program
    FEHBPFederal Employees Health Benefits Program
    FFAFree-Fire Area
    FFARFolding-Fin Aerial Rocket
    FHCCFederal Health Care Center
    FIEFly-In Echelon
    FIFVFuture Infantry Fighting Vehicle
    FLIRForward Looking Infrared
    FLPBForeign Language Proficiency Bonus
    FLTCIPFederal Longer Term Care Insurance Program
    FMCFood Machinery Corporation
    FMFFleet Marine Force
    FMRFinancial Management Regulation
    FMSForeign Military Sale (US)
    FMWGFinancial Management Working Group
    FOBForward Operating Base
    FOBForward Operating Base
    FOCFinal Operating Capabilities
    FODForeign Object Damage
    FOSForward Operating Site
    FSAFamily Separation Allowance
    FSSAFamily Subsistence Supplemental Allowance
    FUBARFouled' Up Beyond All Recognition
    FVFighting Vehicle
    GAMGPS-Aided Munition
    GAOU.S. Government Accountability Office
    GATESGlobal Air Transportation Execution System
    GCIGround-Controlled Intercept
    GCTGrande Cadence de Tir (France)
    GEGeneral Electric
    GIBGI Bill
    GMIGeneral Military Intelligence
    GPGeneral Purpose
    GPMGGeneral Purpose Machine Gun
    GPMRCGlobal Patient Movement Requirements Center
    GPSGlobal Positioning System
    GPSGlobal Positioning System
    HCBSHome and Community-Based Services
    HCSDBHealth Care Survey of DoD Beneficiaries
    HDHomeland Defense
    HDP-LHardship Duty Pay Locations
    HEHigh Explosive
    HEAPHigh Explosive, Anti-Personnel
    HEATHigh Explosive, Anti-Tank
    HEAT-FSHigh Explosive, Anti-Tank - Fin Stabilized
    HECHealth Executive Committee
    HEDISHealthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set
    HE-FRAGHigh Explosive-Fragmentation
    HEIHigh Explosive Incendiary
    HEMATHeavy Expanded Mobility Ammunition Trailer
    HEPHigh Explosive Plastic
    HESHHigh Explosive Squash Head
    HE-THigh Explosive - Tracer
    HMGHeavy Machine u Gun
    HMOHealth Maintenance Organization
    HOBHeight of Burst
    HOCHumanitarian Operations Center
    HOTCCHands on Throttle, Collective and Cyclic
    HPTHigh-Payoff Target
    HRHostage Rescue
    HRPHigh-Risk personnel
    HSHomeland Security
    HUDHead Up Display
    HUDWACHead Up Display Weapon Aiming Computer
    HUDWASSHead Up Display Weapon Aiming SubSystem
    HUMINTHuman Intelligence
    HVAPHigh Velocity Armor Piercing
    HVMHigh Velocity Missile
    HVTHigh-Value Target
    IADSIntegrated Air Defense System
    IAMDIntegrated Air and Missile Defense
    IASIndicated Airspeed Shown
    IC3Interagency Care Coordination Committee
    ICBMInterContinental Ballistic Missile
    ICBMIntercontinental Ballistic Missile
    IDAInstitute for Defense Analyses
    IEDImprovised Explosive Device
    iEHRIntegrated Electronic Health Record
    IFFIdentification Friend or Foe
    IFFIdentification, Friend or Foe
    IFVInfantry Fighting Vehicle
    IGEIn Ground Effect
    IIRIntelligence Information report
    ILSInstrument Landing System
    INSInertial Navigation System
    INTELSATInternational Telecommunications Satellite Organization
    IOCInitial Operating Capabilities
    IOCInitial Operational Capability
    IPOInteragency Program Office
    IRANInspect and Repair as Necessary
    IRBMIntermediate Range Ballistic Missile
    IRBMIntermediate-Range Ballistic Missile
    IRCMInfra-Red CounterMeasure
    IRRIndividual Ready Reserve
    IRSInertial Reference System
    IRSTInfra-Red Search-and-Track
    ISAInternational Standard Atmosphere
    ISOPREPIsolated Personnel Report
    ITInformation Technology
    JAJudge Advocate
    JAATJoint Air Attack Team
    JAGJudge Advocate General
    JAGICJoint Air-Ground Integration Center
    JAOCJoint Air Operations Center
    JAOPJoint Air Operations Plan
    JASTJoint Advanced Strike Technology
    JCNJoint Communications Network
    JDAMJoint Direct Attack Munition
    JECJoint Executive Committee
    JEZJoint Engagement Zone
    JFCHJoint Force Chaplain
    JFOJoint Field Office
    JIFJoint Incentive Fund
    JIOCJoint Intelligence Operations Center
    JIOOJoint Interrogation Operations
    JLOCJoint Logistics Operations Center
    JMROCJoint Medical Readiness Oversight Council
    JOAJoint Operations Area
    JOCJoint Operations Center
    Joint-STARSJoint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System
    JRCJoint Readiness Command
    JSJoint Staff
    JSCJoint Chiefs of Staff
    JSFJoint Strike Fighter
    JSOWJoint Stand-Off Weapon
    JSPJoint Strategic Plan
    JTBJoint Transportation Board
    JTFJoint Task Force
    JTIDSJoint Tactical Information Distribution System
    JVSGJobs for Veterans State Grant
    KCASCalibrated AirSpeed (in Knots)
    KIASKnots Indicated AirSpeed
    KTASTrue AirSpeed in Knots
    LALead Agent
    LABSLow Altitude Bombing System
    LADLatest Arrival Date
    LADLaunch Area Denied
    LAMPSLight Airborne MultiPurpose System
    LANTIRNLow Altitude Targeting InfraRed for Night
    LAPESLow Altitude Parachute Extraction System
    LARSLight Artillery Rocket System
    LAVLight Armored Vehicle
    LAVLight Assault Vehicle
    LCDLiquid Crystal Display
    LCSLittoral Combat Ship
    LEALaw Enforcement Agency
    LESLeave and Earnings Statement
    LFLow Frequency (30 to 300 kHz)
    LGBLaser-Guided Bomb
    LGWLaser-Guided Weapon
    LLLTVLow Light Level Television
    LMGLight Machine Gun
    LMILogistics Management Institute
    LOLow Observables
    LOALetter of Authorization
    LOALetter of Offer and Acceptance
    LOCLine of Communications
    LORLaunch on Remote
    LPTLow Profile Turret
    LRMPLong Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft
    LTLight Tank
    LVERLocal Veterans’ Employment Representative
    LVTPLanding Vehicle Tracked Personnel
    LZLanding Zone
    LZLanding Zone
    MAAPMaster Air Attack Plan
    MACMilitary Airlift Command
    MACHMeasure of Airspeed (Mach 1 = 1,223 kph/760 mph at sea level)
    MADMagnetic Anomaly Detector
    MAPMedical Advisory Panel
    MAPMilitary Assistance Program
    MARAD RRFMaritime Administration Ready Reserve Force
    MAWMarine Air Wing (USMC)
    MAXORDMaximum Ordinate
    MBTMain Battle Tank
    MCCSMarine Corps Community Services
    MCMMine Countermeasures
    MCMMine Countermeasures
    MCRMCMilitary Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission
    MCSCManaged Care Support Contract
    MCXMarine Corps Exchange
    MDMissile Defense
    MDAMuster Duty Allowance
    MEPSMilitary Entrance Processing Station
    MERHCFMedicare-Eligible Retiree Health Care Fund
    MEZMissile Engagement Zone
    MFDMulti-Function Display
    MGMachine Gun
    MGIBMontgomery GI Bill
    MGIB-ADMontgomery GI Bill Active Duty
    MGIB-SRMontgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve
    MHAMilitary Housing Allowance
    MHAMilitary Housing Area
    MHSMilitary Health System
    MHSMilitary Health System
    MIAMissing in Action
    MIBMilitary Intelligence Board
    MIDBModernized Integrated Database
    MILCONmilitary construction
    MILCONMilitary Construction
    MILDECmilitary deception
    MILDEPMilitary Department
    MILPERSMilitary Personnel
    MILSPECMilitary Specification
    MILSTAMPMilitary Standard Transportation and Movement Procedures
    MILSTRIPMilitary Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedure
    MILTECHMilitary technician
    MIWMine Warfare
    MLAMilitary Lending Act
    MLRSMultiple Launch Rocket System
    MLUMid-Life Update
    MMGMedium Machine Gun
    MNFMultinational Force
    MOBMain Operating Base
    MOCMedia Operations Center
    MOLLE or M.O.L.L.E.MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment
    MOSMilitary Occupational Specialty
    MPMachine Pistol
    MPAMaritime Patrol Aircraft
    MPCMulti-Purpose Carrier
    MPOMilitary Post Office
    MPSMilitary Postal Service
    MPSAMilitary Postal Service Agency
    MRMaritime Reconnaissance
    MRAVMulti-Role Armored Vehicle
    MRBMMedium Range Ballistic Missile
    MRBMMedium-Range Ballistic Missile
    MRFMilitary Retirement F
    MRRMinimum-Risk Route
    MSCMilitary Sealift Command
    MSFMobile Security Force
    MSIPMulti-Stage Improvement Program
    MSPMaritime Security Program
    MSRMain Supply Route
    MSRRAMilitary Spouse Residency Relief Act
    MTFMedical Treatment Facility
    MTOWMaximum Take-Off Weight
    MWRMorale, Welfare & Recreation
    MyCAAMilitary Spouse Career Advancement Accounts
    NAFNonappropriated Funds
    NAFNonappropriated Funds
    NAINamed Area of Interest
    NASNaval Air Station
    NASANational Aeronautics & Space Administration
    NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization
    NAVSOFNavy Special Operations Forces
    NBCNuclear, Biological and Chemical
    NBINonbattle Injury
    NCONon-Commissioned Officer
    NCPNormal Cost Payments
    NCRNational Capital Region
    NCSNational Communications System
    NDAANational Defense Authorization Act
    NDMSNational Disaster Medical System
    NDRCNational Detainee Reporting Center
    NDRFNational Defense Reserve Fleet
    NEXNavy Exchange
    NEXCOMNavy Exchange Command
    NEXMARTNavy Exchange Market
    NFANo-Fire Area
    NFLSNaval Forward Logistic Site
    NGFSNaval Gunfire Support
    NGONongovernmental Organization
    NIMSNational Incident Management System
    NLWNonlethal Weapon
    nmNautical Mile
    NMCSNational Military Command System
    NMCSNot Mission Capable, Supply
    NMSNational Military Strategy
    NOCNational Operations Center
    NOENap of the Earth
    NSCNational Security Council
    NSFSNaval Surface Fire Support
    NSLNo-Strike List
    NSWNaval Special Warfare
    NVDNight Vision Device
    O&MOperation and Maintenance
    O&MOperations and Maintenance
    OAObjective Area
    OACTOffice of the Actuary (DoD)
    OCOperations Center
    OCAOffensive Counterair
    OCOOffensive Cyberspace Operations
    OCONUSOutside the Continental U.S.
    OCSOfficer Candidate School
    OCUOperational Conversion Unit
    OFCOOffensive Counterintelligence Operation
    OGEOut of Ground Effect
    OHAOverseas Housing Allowance
    OODOfficer of the Deck
    OPCONOperational Control
    OPLANOperation Plan
    OPMU.S. Office of Personnel Management
    OPORDOperation Order
    OPSECOperational Security
    OPSECOperations Security
    OSAOperational Support Airlift
    OSCOn-Scene Commander
    OSINTOpen-Source Intelligence
    OTCOfficer in Tactical Command
    OTH-BOver-The-Horizon Backscatter radar
    OTHROver-The-Horizon Radar
    OTHTOver-The-Horizon Targeting
    PACAFPacific Air Force (USAF)
    PARPopulation at Risk
    PBPeace Building
    PCMPrimary Care Manager
    PCSPermanent Change of Station
    PDProbability of Damage
    PDRLPermanently Disabled Retired List
    PFCPrivate First Class
    PFMPersonal Financial Management
    PFTPhysical Fitness Test
    PGMPrecision-Guided Munition
    PGMPrecision-Guided Munition
    PIDPassive IDentification
    PIDPositive Identification
    PIIPersonally Identifiable Identification
    PLPhase Line
    PLANORDPlanning Order
    PLBPersonal Locator Beacon
    PNGDFPapua New Guinea Defense Force
    POPeace Operations
    POCPoint of Contact
    POCPrivately Owned Conveyance
    PODPort of Debarkation
    POEPort of Embarkation
    POWPrisoner of War
    PPBEPlanning, Programming, Budget, and Execution
    PPEpersonal Protective Equipment
    PPMPersonally Procured Move
    PPOPreferred Provider Organization
    PRPersonnel Recovery
    PRCPresidential Reserve Call-Up
    PSASProsthetic and Sensory Aids Service
    PTPhysical Training
    PTCPharmacy and Therapeutics Committee
    PTDOPrepare to Deploy Order
    PTGPoseur de Travures du Genie (France)
    PTSDPost-Traumatic Stress Disorder
    PTTIPrecise Time and Time Interval
    PUKPackup Kit
    PVPerceived Value
    PXPost Exchange
    R&DResearch & Development
    R&RRest and Recuperation
    RARisk Assessment
    RAAWSRadar Altimeter and Altitude Warning System
    RAMRadar Absorbing Material
    RASTRecovery Assist, Secure and Traverse system
    RATORocket-Assisted Take-Off
    RCReserve Component
    RCCRescue Coordination Center
    RCSRadar Cross-Section
    RDDRadiological Dispersal Device
    REAPReserve Education Assistance Program
    REDRadiological Exposure Device
    RESCAPRescue Combat Air Patrol
    RFARestrictive Fire Area
    RFIRequest for Information
    RFLRestrictive Fire Line
    RHPORegional Health Planning Organization
    RIRelative Importance
    RISEReliability Improved Selected Equipment
    RMRisk Management
    RMGRanging Machine Gun
    ROERules of Engagement
    ROERules of Engagement
    ROZRestricted Operations Zone
    RPRocket Propelled
    RPGRocket Propelled Grenade
    RPMRevolutions Per Minute
    RPMRounds Per Minute
    RPVRemotely-Piloted Vehicle
    RRReattack Recommendation
    RRCCRegional Response Coordination Center
    RSAResource Sharing Agreement
    RSORegional Security Officer
    RTRecovery Team
    RTBReturn to Base
    RVURelative Value Unit
    RWRRadar Warning Receiver
    SACSchool-Age Care
    SACStrategic Air Command
    SAFE kitSexual Assault Forensic Examination Kit
    SAMSurface-to-Air Missile
    SAPSpecial Access Program
    SARSearch And Rescue
    SARSearch and Rescue
    SASSpecial Air Service
    SBASmall Business Administration
    SBPSurvivor Benefit Plan
    SCARStrike Coordination and Reconnaissance
    SCRAServicemembers Civil Relief Act
    SDTSecond Destination Transportation
    SEADSuppression of Enemy Air Defenses
    SEALsSEA, Air and Land (USN)
    SENSOSENSor Operator
    SEPSystems Enhancement Package
    SFGSpecial Forces Group
    SGLIServicemembers’ Group Life Insurance
    SHORADEZShort-Range Air Defense Engagement Zone
    SigintSIGnals INTelligence
    SIPRNETSECRET Internet Protocol Router Network
    SITREPSituation Report
    SJAStaff Judge Advocate
    SLAPSaboted Light Armor Penetrator
    SLARSide-Looking Airborne Radar
    SLEPService Life Extension Program
    SMCSpecialized Military Condition
    SMGSubMachine Gun
    SMUSpecial Mission Unit
    SNAFUSituation Normal, All 'Fouled' Up
    SNAPSupplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
    SOCOMSpecial Operations Command
    SOFSpecial Operations Forces
    SOLRSSpecial Operations Logistics Readiness Squadron
    SOPStandard Operating Procedure
    SOTFSpecial Operations Task Force
    SOUTHAFSouthern Command Air Forces
    SPSpecialist (when referred in a soldiers rank)
    SPAAGSelf-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun
    SPAWARThe Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command
    SPGSelf-Propelled Gun
    SPOTREPSpot Report
    SRSpecial Reconnaissance
    SRAMShort Range Attack Missile
    SRBMShort-Range Ballistic Missile
    SRUFStanding Rules For the Use of Force
    SSMSurface-to-Surface Missile
    STCShock Trauma Center
    STOShort Take-Off
    STOLShort Take-Off and Landing
    STOLShort Takeoff and Landing
    STOVLShort Take-Off and Vertical Landing
    SUWSurface Warfare
    TATuition Assistance
    TATarget Audience
    TAThreat Assessment
    TACTactical Air Command
    TACAMOTAke Charge And Move Out
    TACANTACtical Aid to Navigation
    TACCOTACtical COordinator
    TACONTactical Control
    TAITarget Area of Interest
    TAMPTransition Assistance Management Program
    TANSTactical Air Navigation System
    TBOTime Between Overhauls
    TBTTank Bridge Transporter
    TCCCTactical Combat Casualty Care
    TCFTactical Combat Force
    TDYTemporary Duty Station
    TECHINTTechnical Intelligence
    TENCAPTactical Exploitation of National Capabilities
    TFTask Force
    TFITotal Family Income
    TFRTerrain Following Radar
    TGTask Group
    TIALDTarget Identification Airborne Laser Designation
    TICTarget Information Center
    TMA TRICAREManagement Activity
    TOTheater of Operations
    TOATable of Allowance
    TOFTime of Flight
    TOTTime on Target
    TOWTube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-Guided
    TQTactical Questioning
    TRANSCOMTransportation Command
    TRANSECTransmission Security
    TRAPTactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel
    TRICAREMilitary Health Care Program
    TRPTarget Reference Point
    TRVTank Recovery Vehicle
    TSOCTheater Special Operations Command
    TSPThrift Savings Plan
    TSSAMTri-Service Stand-off Attack Missile
    TTTTime to Target
    TUTask Unit
    UAUnmanned Aircraft
    UASUnmanned Aircraft System
    UAVUnmanned Aerial Vehicle
    UCAVUnmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle
    UCMJUniform Code of Military Justice
    UCPUnified Command Plan
    UCXUnemployment Compensation for Ex-Servicemembers
    UETFUnified Exchange Task Force
    UHFUltra-High Fequency (300MHz to 3 GHz)
    UICUnit Identification Code
    UJTLUniversal Joint Task List
    ULNUnit Line Number
    UNUnited Nations
    USAACUnited States Army Air Corps
    USAAFUnited States Army Air Forces
    USAFUnited States Air Force
    USAFEUnited States Air Force in Europe
    USCGUnited States Coast Guard
    USDAU.S. Department of Agriculture
    USERRAUniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
    USFHPU.S. Family Health Plan
    USMCUnited States Marine Corps
    USMTFUnited States Message Text Format
    USNUnited States Navy
    USNSUnited States Naval Ship
    USWUndersea Warfare
    UTCUnit Type Code
    UXOUnexploded Explosive Ordnance
    V/STOLVertical or Short Take-Off and Landing
    VAU.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
    VAVulnerability Assessment
    VANFVA National Formulary
    VBIEDVehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device
    VDUVisual Display Unit
    VHAVeterans Health Administration
    VHFVery High Frequency (3 to 300MHz)
    VIvisual information
    VISAVoluntary Intermodal Sealift Agreement
    VISNVeterans Integrated Service Network
    VistAVeterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture
    VSELVickers Shipbuilding and Engineering LTD
    VSOVeteran Service organization
    VTASVoice, Throttle and Stick
    VTOLVertical Take-Off and Landing
    WARMWartime Reserve Modes
    WARNORDWarning Order
    WEZWeapon Engagement Zone
    WGWorking Group
    WICWomen, Infants and Children
    WLGWashington Liaison Group
    WMDWeapons of Mass Destruction
    WOWarrant Officer
    WSOWeapon System Operator (or Weapon System Officer)
    XOExecutive Officer
    YOSYears of Service

    The DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms should be used for sourcing the approved Department of Defense (DOD) terminology for general use by all DOD components.

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