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Updated: March 23, 2021
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    Military members are without a doubt our heroes, but it’s also important to note those serving from home. The enduring and relentless support from military sons, daughters, wives, husbands and other family members is the fuel that our top notch military members need to move forward. This is why it is essential to recognize those supporting and longing for their loved one to return home in addition to those members fighting for our country.

    There are many ways we can thank our military families, such as a kind gesture or a thoughtful note, which is always appreciated. There are also two organizations in particular that pay tribute military families that are worth mentioning.

    Support Military Spouses (SMS) is a wonderful non for profit organization that helps military spouses with managing finances, finding employment, balancing family life, caring for wounded warriors and honoring the memory of our fallen heroes.

    The founders, Dr. Steven and Mrs. Diane Rumley created the program which assembles and distributes gift packs filled with a copy of the New Testament, pampering items, and encouraging items to the spouses of active duty members. Gifts are provided for military wives and husbands along with packages for children as well. Included in each packet is a handwritten note provided by thousands of school aged children who want to thank the spouse for their sacrifice during their loved one’s deployment.

    The website is also a valuable resource for spouses, as it contains useful information including upcoming job fairs, lists of job websites tailored towards military spouses, and additional helpful tips. The primary purpose of the organization is to provide God’s direction and encouragement, and to touch the world for Christ.

    Another noteworthy organization that serves military families is Hugs4Smiles USA. It provides support to any troop or family of a military member through a variety of means including care packages, sewing projects, baked goods, book drives, CD drives and DVD drives. These are a few things meant to give the service member a taste of home. It provides them with an avenue to unwind, relax, and to appreciate the kind efforts of their supporters.

    Hugs4Smiles USA also facilitates an “adoption program” where individual soldiers, troops and/or family members are paired with volunteers wishing to offer their support. The volunteers correspond with the individual through letters, care packages and additional support. Volunteers can correspond with the service member or the family member one time or for an ongoing basis. Regardless of duration, service

    members repeatedly note that the single most important thing to them is hearing from individuals back home that support their military efforts.

    Both organizations list donation information on their websites if you would like to donate toward their cause. Regardless of the time you choose to devote volunteering or the financial amount you donate, all contributions are important when it comes to serving our nation’s heroes and those who support them.

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