Halloween Activities on a Budget for Military Families

Updated: March 25, 2021
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    Are you on a budget but want to create a great Halloween experience for your kids?  There are many inexpensive and often times free kid friendly activities for military families in your local area and if not, there are many ways to create a Halloween experience that your kids will always remember.

    You’ve Been Booed – Boo Somebody

    Halloween Activities on a Budget for Military Families Start the next neighborhood trend.  Also known as “You’ve Been Ghosted,” this activity is really simple and kids have a great time participating. Create a boo bag with your child(ren), go to your neighbor’s house and place the bag at the door, ring the doorbell and run!  It’s fun for the neighborhood kids as they get a boo bag with a note that says “you’ve been Booed”. Items in the boo bag can be anything such as candy, home-made goodies and arts and crafts, Halloween toys or healthy treats. The Dollar Store is a great place to find knick-knacks for the neighborhood kids. The kids are guaranteed to enjoy this and the parents too!

    Find a Free Halloween Event

    Military bases of course hold many free Halloween activities for kids and if you’re not on base you’ll want to check with your local base on any upcoming activities. There are also many local places outside of the base that host free Halloween events and not just on Halloween. Check with your local parks, businesses, USO centers and  church’s to see if there is an event being hosted in your area. Activities often include costume contests, games, rides, haunted houses, costume parades, arts and crafts, pumpkin carving and many other great Halloween activities.  Another quick way to find these places is to search online. Try searching “Free Halloween Event” or “Free Halloween Event {insert City/neighborhood name}”. Local parks often list this information online as well.

    Enter Your Kid In A Halloween Contest Online

    If your kid is all dressed up in a great costume with nowhere to go, get the camera out. There are many contests offering cash and gift prizes for the best, scariest or cutest costume through a photo contest online. Check with your favorite brands on their website or Facebook page to see if their participating.

    Enter Your Pet in Halloween Photo Contest or Parade

    Got a great costume for your pet that your kids want to show off? Submit a photo online or take your kid(s) down to a local pet store participating in the contests and parades.

    Wear A Halloween Costume Out

    Many local business and government establishments such as libraries, parks, and museums have Halloween costume contests or provide prizes for kids in costume.

    Donate Your Candy to the Deployed Troops Overseas

    Have your kids had enough candy now that Halloween is over? Send it to the military men and women who are currently deployed overseas.  As many in our audience know, troops love care packages especially ones with candy in them. There are many organizations where you can donate leftover candy including Soldiers’ Angels.

    Organize A Candy Collection for Military Personnel Overseas

    This activity can be fun for the kids while a great learning experience for what it means to give back to your community, especially the community that is currently deployed overseas.  For military families with a parent currently deployed this can be a great way for the family to bond by participating in a collection for deployed troops.  This collection is organized by Operation Gratitude in conjunction with Halloween Candy Buy Back.


    Written by Veteran.com Team