Fort Stewart, Georgia

Updated: June 8, 2023
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    Fort Stewart is described as a “world-class training, and military armored power projection combination” located in Hinesville, Georgia about 40 minutes from Savannah. The fort is said to be the largest Army installation east of the Mississippi River.

    Find information about Fort Stewart including the main commercial and DSN numbers for the base, information on basic services, base transportation, lodging for TDY and PCSing personnel, and inprocessing.

    Mission & Units

    Fort Stewart is a training base and is also responsible for operations at Hunter Army Airfield. This base conducts artillery training, as well as training for tank troops, helicopter gunners, and small arms. Important missions and units at Fort Stewart include:

    • 1-3 Brigade Troops Battalion
    • 135th Quartermaster Company
    • 15TH ASOS
    • 1st Battalion, 30th Infantry
    • 1st Battalion, 41st Field Artillery
    • 1st Battalion, 64th Armor
    • 1st Battalion, 76 Field Artillery
    • 1st Battalion, 9th Field Artillery
    • 2nd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment
    • 2-3 Brigade Troops Battalion
    • 226th Quartermaster Company
    • 24th Ordinance
    • 26th Brigade Support Battalion
    • 3rd Battalion, 69th Armor Regiment
    • 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry
    • 3rd Brigade Support Battalion
    • 3rd Finance Company
    • 3rd Squadron, 7th U.S. Cavalry
    • 4-3 Brigade Troops Battalion
    • 5th Squadron, 7th US Cavalry
    • 632nd Maintenance Company
    • 6th Squadron, 8th Cavalry
    • 703rd Brigade Support Battalion
    • 87th Corps Support Battalion
    • 92nd Chemical
    • 92nd Engineer Battalion
    • Special Troops Battalion


    What Kind of Military Base is Fort Stewart?

    Originally named “Camp Stewart,” Fort Stewart, Georgia was established in 1940 and was constructed as a United States training base during World War II. Fort Stewart is an Army base and fulfills an important role in enhancing the combat readiness of the soldiers stationed there.

    Encompassing around 280,000 acres, Fort Stewart is recognized for its vast training grounds and infantry, artillery, armor, and aviation training areas. The base’s natural habitat, including swamps and marshes, is also known for accommodating a large number of American alligators. 


    Fort Stewart Housing: Where Should I Live if Stationed at Fort Stewart?

    Don’t worry! The alligators don’t often wander into the residential areas of the Fort Stewart base. Those who choose to live on-base can be assigned to live in single-family homes, apartments, or even townhomes depending on the size of your family.

    On-base housing options also come in varying floor plans, and the base residential areas include well-maintained sidewalks, playgrounds, and other community spaces.

    The Fort Stewart surrounding area’s rental market is known for conveniently catering to the military population living off-base. That is, property management companies and individual landlords offer rental policies that match the unique needs of renting military members.

    Although living on-base can be considered more accessible, many military members prefer the privacy and autonomy that comes with living off-base. 

    Fort Stewart Family Housing

    Military personnel with families often choose on-base housing out of pure convenience. After all, by living on-base at Fort Stewart, work is never more than just a few minutes away. This means less drive time in the morning and evening, allowing military members to spend more time with their families before and after work. 

    On the other hand, those living off-base while working at Fort Stewart enjoy a wider range of school options for their kids. The local areas surrounding Fort Stewart have both public and private schools, including extracurricular activities and educational programs that on-base schools may not have.

    Houses, apartments, and townhomes big enough for families are available both on-base and off-base at Fort Stewart. Therefore, whether you live on- or off-base at Fort Stewart should be based on what you value when it comes to the community surrounding your home. 


    What is the BAH for Fort Stewart?

    Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is a monetary benefit military members receive for housing when choosing to live off-base. View the most recent table of Georgia’s BAH rates here.

    For Fort Stewart specifically, BAH rates range from $1716.00 per month for military members with dependents and pay grades of E04 or lower. Those without dependents and of the same pay grades receive around $1,500.00 each month.

    The Fort Stewart Housing Office: How to Apply for Housing at Fort Stewart

    Those PCSing to Fort Stewart should apply for on-base housing no less than 30 days before arrival. Military members choosing or required to live off-base are asked to check in with the Housing Service Office before renting or purchasing a home.

    The Fort Stewart Housing Office team is available to assist you with any questions you may have about on- or off-base living. You may reach out to them at 912-408-2460 with any inquiries you may have about requirements or the application process.


    Fort Stewart is much younger than some other Army bases–the Fort Stewart story begins in 1940, when the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Training Center was officially designated as Camp Stewart. When the 3d Infantry Division was activated at Fort Stewart in 1966 it was the beginning of what the Fort does in the 21st century. 

    An important part of the fort’s mission is support and operations at Hunter Army Airfield; in 1967, the United States Air Force decided to close what was then known as Hunter Field. In many cases the Army gave up installations to the Air Force. Here’s one example of that going in the opposite direction; it would not be long before the Army took over and established the U.S. Army Flight Training Center in association with the other flight training at the Fort. Come 1974, the facility was redesignated as “a sub-post of Fort Stewart and a base for the 24th Infantry Division’s helicopter and support elements”.

    In the 21st century, Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield employ more than 21,000 soldiers and more than 3,500 civilians.


    Main Base Address And Phone Number

    General Stewart Way & Memorial Dr
    Hinesville, GA 31313

    Important Contact numbers

    • Barracks (912) 767-0111
    • Base Operator (912) 767-1411
    • Deployment and Mobilization (912) 767-1257
    • Emergency 911
    • Family Housing Office (912) 408-2460
    • Hospital Main (912) 435-6965
    • ID Cards (912) 767-4909
    • Information and Referral Services (912) 767-5058
    • Legal Services and JAG (912) 767-8809
    • Medical Clinic (912) 435-5364
    • Post Staff Duty (912) 767-8666
    • Single Soldier Housing (912) 767-6954
    • Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255
    • Temporary Lodging (912) 368-4184
    • VA Facilities (912) 368-6950
    • Welcome/Visitors Center (912) 767-8673
    • Child Development Center (912) 767-3203
    • EFMP Family Support (912) 767-5058
    • Army Community Service Family Advocacy (912) 767-5058
    • Child Development – Pre-k Program (912) 767-8941
    • Child Development Services – Family Child Care (912) 767-2311
    • Deployment/Mobilization (912) 767-1257
    • Education Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS) (912) 435-6349
    • Family Center (912) 767-5058
    • New Parent Support Program (912) 767-5058
    • School Age Youth Service (912) 767-5662
    • Victim Advocate Services (912) 767-3032
    • Finance Office (912) 767-5722
    • Dental Clinic #1 (912) 767-8513
    • Dental Clinic #4 (912) 767-9775
    • Dental Clinic #5 (912) 767-5225
    • Family Housing Office – Balfour Beatty Community (912) 408-2460
    • Off Post Housing Services Office (912) 767-4278
    • Temporary Lodging/Billeting – Fort Stewart Lodging (912) 767-8384
    • Temporary Lodging/Billeting – Green Roof Inn (912) 767-3896
    • Identification Cards (ID) (912) 767-4909
    • Superintendent DoD Schools (912) 767-3636
    • School Liaison Officer/Community Schools (912) 767-4491
    • Household Goods/Transportation Office (inbound) – Last Name A-E (912) 767-2889
    • Household Goods/Transportation Office (inbound) – Last Name F-L (912) 767-4208
    • Household Goods/Transportation Office (inbound) – Last Name M-Z (912) 767-8130
    • Household Goods/Transportation Office (outbound) (912) 767-8154
    • Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) (912) 767-1024

    Surrounding Area

    Closest to the base, outdoor adventure is popular and there are fishing and other opportunities at Holbrook Pond Recreation Area. Taylors Creek Golf Course gets good reviews for its play and aesthetics. Savannah, Georgia is roughly an hour away from the fort, and roughly three and a half hours by car from Atlanta.

    Savannah attractions include historic tours, ghost tours, and informal explorations of the Savannah Historic District. You can also get a trolley car tour of important local sites. Another Savannah attraction, The Pirate’s House, is (as local legend has it) a pub that was popular with certain 18th-century pirates; the Battlefield Park Heritage Center hosts both a Revolutionary War battlefield and a railroad museum.

    Inprocessing and Check-In

    All PCSing troops inbound for both Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield are directed to sign in at the Reception Center on Fort Stewart unless you have orders or instructions stating otherwise. Hand-carry all documentation to your first appointment. New arrivals should expect to take multiple days inprocessing at Fort Stewart. Most other details about in-processing are provided by the PCSing troop’s sponsor. 

    Health Care

    Winn Army Community Hospital offers both emergency services and primary care to active duty military personnel and their dependents. Call 912-435-6965 for appointments. Care options include:

    • COVID-19
    • Primary Care
    • Preventive Care
    • Hospital Care & Surgery
    • Urgent & Emergency Care
    • Mental Health & Substance Abuse
    • Lab Tests & Radiology
    • Specialty Care
    • Dental
    • Pharmacy
    • Vision
    • Women’s Health & Pregnancy
    • Children’s Health

    Child Care

    Child care at Fort Stewart is provided by Child Development Centers; there programs for children six weeks to five years old for full day care, hourly care, and a pre-K program.

    There are also respite care services, “Wrap Around Pre-K”, and special needs care. The fort has three Child Development Centers, One Pre-K Center, several Family Childcare providers. Waiting lists may apply; call (912) 767-3203.

    Household Goods

    If you are PCSing to Fort Stewart, track and manage your household goods shipments via the Defense Personal Property System at 

    You can also call the TMO desk that can also provide assistance based on the service member’s last name. The phone numbers are:

    • Household Goods/Transportation Office (inbound) – Last Name A-E (912) 767-2889
    • Household Goods/Transportation Office (inbound) – Last Name F-L (912) 767-4208
    • Household Goods/Transportation Office (inbound) – Last Name M-Z (912) 767-8130

    Dependent And Retiree ID Card Renewal, Replacement, New Issue

    ID card services for all who require them should be scheduled as appointments via the Fort Stewart/ Hunter Army Airfield RAPIDS scheduling system. Two forms of unexpired picture ID from acceptable sources (government-issued ID cards, for example) are required for all ID card services and the sponsoring military member must be present for ID card services for dependents unless there is a power of attorney or other arrangement made.

    You must be in uniform to get ID card services and walk-in appointments are discouraged due to demand–this office processes ID card requests and other services for both Hunter Army Airfield and Fort Stewart.


    There are three elementary schools on Ft. Stewart and are accredited by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges. There are no middle or high schools on the installation–school age children grades 7-12 should expect to take classes in the local community. Bus transportation is provided depending on distance lived from school. 

    Off-post, Liberty County School System has two high schools, three middle schools, and eight elementary schools. These schools provide transportation for students to school based on distance lived from school. Get assistance from the Fort Stewart School Liaison Officer by calling (912) 767-4491.


    Housing at Fort Stewart is privatized and operated by Balfour Beatty Community, 912-408-2460. Soldiers must apply for housing within 30 days of arrival and waiting lists may apply. When PCSing to the Fort, all new arrivals are required to process through the Housing Service Office before renting or buying a home off-post.

    Call 912-408-2460 for more information. Unaccompanied and so-called geographic bachelors are assigned a room in the post barracks during in-processing. New arrivals will need to check in with their gaining command to learn if there are requirements for living on or off-post depending on rank and other factors.

    PCS and TDY Lodging

    Fort Stewart Lodging handles temporary lodging needs with a priority given for those traveling on PCS and TDY orders. Reservations can be accepted as far as a year in advance. Limited rooms are available for soldiers with pets at Army Lodging, and it’s not safe to assume such facilities are available on short notice.

    Up-to-date veterinarian records are required when checking in. Single and unaccompanied soldiers (E1 through E4) who need TLF when PCSing or coming TDY to the area should expect to be assigned to a room in the post barracks. Call 912-369-6962 or DSN 312-870-8384 for reservations and more information.


    The usual ride-sharing and commercial taxi and shuttle services are available depending on time of arrival, tourist season, and other variables. Your airport choices closest to Fort Stewart include:

    • Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport (29 miles) 
    • Brunswick Golden Isles Airport (43 miles)
    • Jacksonville International Airport (95 miles)
    • Augusta Regional Airport (105 miles)

    Vehicle Registration And Driver’s License

    Non-resident military members stationed in the State of Georgia generally are not required to register their vehicles in the state if there is a valid license and registration from another state. Fort Stewart requires proper ID, insurance, and registration with the State of Georgia or valid registration from another state.

    All vehicles are subject to 100% ID checks, searches, and DUI/DWI checkpoints, etc. All incoming soldiers without a defensive driving course card must complete a four-hour course of instruction in order to operate motor vehicles on post.

    Written by Joe Wallace

    Joe Wallace is a 13-year veteran of the United States Air Force and a former reporter for Air Force Television News.