Mountain Home Air Force Base

Updated: September 11, 2023
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    In southwestern Idaho, Mountain Home Air Force Base is pivotal for the United States Air Force. It delivers combat airpower and support, ensuring swift response to global contingency operations.

    Base Operator:

    366 Gunfighter Avenue
    Mountain Home AFB, ID 83648

    History of Mountain Home Air Force Base?

    Historically, the base began as a training ground for B-17 Flying Fortress crews. However, the focus soon shifted to the B-24 Liberator. After inactivity post World War II, the U.S. Air Force reopened it in December 1948. Since 1972, the “Gunfighters” of the 366th Fighter Wing from Air Combat Command have called it home.

    Mountain Home Air Force Base serves as the home for the 366th Fighter Wing. Established in the early 1940s as a bomber training base during World War II, it now houses F-15E Strike Eagles and F-15SG combat aircraft. The Republic of Singapore Air Force also utilizes the base for training.

    Mountain Home Air Force Base Housing

    Mountain Home AFB offers on-base housing options. Balfour Beatty Communities manages the on-base housing options. There are more than 800 homes/units available.

    Off-base housing options are available in the nearby communities of Mountain Home and Boise, Idaho. To apply for housing, or learn more about options available to incoming service members, call 202-828-5200.

    PCS and TDY Lodging

    At the Mountain Home AFB, temporary lodging is available at the Sagebrush Inn. There are more than 100 units available, but if you are unable to get a reservation, the base will work with you to get lodging at a nearby hotel. For more information, call 208-282-5200.

    What is the BAH for Mountain Home Air Force Base?

    The Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) at Mountain Home Air Force Base varies depending on rank, years of service and dependency status. Visit the Idaho state BAH page or see the chart below for more information.


    Military Housing Area: ID086

    Grade With Dependents Without Dependents
    E01 $1,776 $1,539
    E02 $1,776 $1,539
    E03 $1,776 $1,539
    E04 $1,776 $1,539
    E05 $1,806 $1,665
    E06 $2,415 $1,812
    E07 $2,439 $1,833
    E08 $2,448 $1,929
    E09 $2,517 $2,112
    W01 $2,436 $1,830
    W02 $2,445 $1,926
    W03 $2,457 $2,130
    W04 $2,556 $2,415
    W05 $2,706 $2,424
    O01E $2,442 $1,839
    O02E $2,451 $2,073
    O03E $2,574 $2,409
    O01 $1,884 $1,743
    O02 $2,409 $1,836
    O03 $2,454 $2,196
    O04 $2,760 $2,418
    O05 $2,997 $2,427
    O06 $3,021 $2,430
    O07 $3,045 $2,448

    For more information, look at BAH rates by state or calculate your exact BAH rate.

    Mountain Home Air Force Base Surrounding Area

    Mountain Home Air Force Base is about an hour drive southeast of Boise and roughly an hour-and-a-half northwest of Twin Falls. Settled on a high desert plateau between two large mountain ranges, the base offers a unique experience. The base is surrounded by a wealth of outdoor and recreational attractions, including whitewater rafting on the Payette and Snake Rivers, snowmobiling in Yellowstone National Park.


    The 366th Medical Group supports the 366th Fighter Wing and the Mountain Home Air Force Base community with medical services. They offer dental, family health, flight medicine, pediatrics, immunization, and optometry clinics. Additionally, they provide specialty care in women’s health, radiology, pharmacy, clinical laboratory, mental health, and physical therapy. Any services beyond their expertise are referred to nearby network facilities.

    Note: There are no emergency care services available on Mountain Home AFB.


    The Mountain Home AFB offers a Child Development Center to provide childcare services. Full day, extended day, and 24/7 care options are available to children as young as infants, to children attending school. The CDC also offers school year options for students. 


    The Mountain Home School District comprises four elementary schools and one middle, junior high, high, and alternative school. There is one elementary school on-base. The district encompasses Mountain Home, Idado, the Air Force Base, and Pine, Idaho.

    All schools are accredited. Bus services are offered for students living a little over a mile away. For more information, call the School Liaison Office at 208-828-6206.

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