Scholarships for Military Spouses

Updated: October 11, 2022
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    Community organizations, associations of military spouses, and non-profits offer regional and national education scholarships for military spouses. Scholarships specifically for military dependents can help your family save money on college expenses. If selected to receive a scholarship, eligible military spouses and military dependents can receive money for both college courses and continued education, ranging from $500 to $2500, or even more.

    Scholarships can be targeted to military dependents whose sponsor (spouse) is assigned to a certain military base or offered to military spouses in general. However, each scholarship will have its own application criteria, so be sure to check the specific requirements before applying.

    In some cases, connections to officer associations or membership in clubs is required. However, sponsorship by a club member or simply fulfilling the eligibility criteria is sufficient. Some scholarships are open to spouses of retired military personnel, injured or medically retired service members, and spouses of the Department of Defense civilians. There are also scholarships for children of veterans and dependents who are survivors.

    Scholarships may be multi-year, solely a dollar amount, or allow Military spouses and dependents to reapply. Previous awardees may receive emails in the future, encouraging them to reapply. The money awarded through military dependent scholarships sponsored by these local clubs is intended to help eligible military dependents pay for college, and help military spouses strengthen their career skills.

    In conjunction with the Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) program, military spouses can save a lot of money on tuition and other education-related expenses. There are also plenty of military-friendly colleges to choose from when looking for a degree program to use any applicable scholarship money for.

    Military Spouse Scholarships By State

    Below you will find military spouse groups and clubs that offer scholarships for military dependents. This list is in alphabetical order, organized by state, and will be updated often:


    Fort Rucker Community Spouses Club

    Maxwell-Gunter Officers’ Spouses’ Club

    Redstone Arsenal Military and Civilians’ Club

    Alabama G.I. Dependent Scholarship Program

    Southeastern Council on Military Education Scholarships


    Joint Base Elmendorf–Richardson Spouses’ Club

    Eielson Air Force Base Enlisted Spouses Club

    University Of Alaska Anchorage External Military & Dependent Scholarships


    Davis-Monthan Officers’ Spouses’ Club

    Fort Huachuca Community Spouses’ Club

    Luke Spouses’ Club

    Northern Arizona University Military Spouse Scholarship

    Yuma Officer’s Spouses Club Scholarships & Grants


    Arkansas Department of Higher Education Military Dependent Scholarships

    Little Rock Spouses’ Club


    East Bay Coast Guard Spouses’ Club

    Edwards Officers’ Spouses’ Club

    Military and Civilian Spouses’ Club of Ft. Irwin

    Military Spouse Association of Camp Pendleton Scholarships & Grants

    Monterey Bay Officers’ Spouses Club

    Officers’ Spouse’s Club of 29 Palms

    Surface Officer’s Spouses’ Club San Diego

    The Naval Officers’ Spouses’ Club of San Diego

    Travis Spouses’ Club


    Air Force Academy Spouses’ Club

    Buckley Spouses’ Group

    CTU Patriot Scholarship

    Mountain Post Spouses Club, Fort Carson

    Peterson, Schriever and Cheyenne Mountain Spouses’ Club

    University of Colorado Boulder Military Spouse Scholarship


    Coast Guard Spouses’ Association of Southeastern Connecticut

    University of Connecticut Spouses & Dependents Benefits


    Dover Spouses’ Club

    District of Columbia

    Air Force Officers’ Spouses’ Club

    Army Officers’ Spouses’ Club of the Greater Washington Area

    Capital Area Military Spouses Club

    Coast Guard Spouses’ Club

    Marine Officers’ Spouses’ Club

    Naval Officers’ Spouses’ Club


    Eglin Spouses’ Club

    Florida Advisory Council on Military Education

    Florida State University Military Dependent Scholarships

    Hurlburt Spouses’ Club

    MacDill Officers’ Spouses’ Club

    Navy Wives Club of America Pensacola Florida

    Tyndall Spouses Club


    Fort Benning Community Spouses Club

    Fort Gordon Spouses’ and Civilians’ Club

    Marne Community & Spouses’ Club at Fort Stewart/Hunter A.A.F.

    Robins Spouses’ Club

    Southeastern Council on Military Education Scholarships

    University of Georgia Scholarships for Veterans, Dependents, Spouses


    Hickam Officers’ Spouses’ Club

    Kaneohe Officers’ Spouses’ Club

    The Coast Guard Spouses Association of Oahu

    Pearl Harbor Officers’ Spouses’ Club

    Pearl Harbor Submarine Officers’ Spouses’ Association

    Fort Shafter Hui Area Officer, Enlisted, Civilian Spouses’ Club

    Schofield Spouses’ Club


    Mountain Home Officers’ Spouses’ Club

    Mission 43 Organization’s Service Member, Spouses, and Veteran Resources

    Idaho State Board of Education Scholarship


    Eastern Illinois University Scholarships for Military, Spouses, & Dependents

    Rock Island Arsenal Welcome Club

    Scott Spouse Club


    Fort Leavenworth Spouses’ Club

    The Combined Scholarship Fund of Greater Fort Riley


    Fort Campbell Spouses Club

    Fort Knox Spouses and Community Club


    Barksdale Spouses’ Club

    Fort Polk Spouses’ Club

    Military Officers’ Wives’ Club of Greater New Orleans


    Aberdeen Proving Ground Community Spouses Club

    Andrew’s Spouses’ Club

    Fort Meade Enlisted Spouses’ Club

    Fort Meade Officer Spouses’ Club

    Naval Academy Spouses’ & Civilians’ Club

    Maryland Higher Education Commission Scholarship Opportunities

    University of Maryland Scholarships for Military, Veterans, & Dependents


    Hanscom Spouses Club

    Massachusetts Department of Higher Education Veteran, Military, & Dependent Information


    Keesler Spouses’ Club

    Mississippi State Veteran and Family Scholarships

    University of Southern Mississippi Scholarships for Veterans, Military, and Families


    Fort Wood Community Spouses’ Club

    University of Missouri Scholarships for Veterans & Dependents


    Nebraska Dept. of Veteran Affairs Tuition Waiver Program

    Offutt Enlisted Spouses’ Club Scholarships

    Offutt Officers’ Spouses’ Club


    Nellis Air Force Base Area Spouses’ Club

    Nevada Dept. of Veteran Services Scholarships for Veterans and Dependents

    New Jersey

    Jersey Cape Military Spouses’ Club

    Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Spouses’ Club

    Thomas Edison University Military Scholarships

    New Mexico

    Cannon Spouses’ Club

    Holloman Spouses Organization

    Kirtland Spouses’ Club

    New Mexico State Scholarships for Military & Families

    University of New Mexico Scholarships for Military & Families

    Whiteman Spouses Club

    New York

    New York State Education Office Military Corner

    North Country Spouses’ Club

    West Point Spouses Club

    North Carolina

    Camp Lejeune Officers’ Spouses’ Club

    Cherry Point Officers’ Spouses’ Club

    New River Officer Spouses’ Club

    Southeastern Council on Military Education Scholarships

    The Association of Bragg Spouses

    North Dakota

    Grand Forks Air Force Base Spouse Club

    Minot Spouses’ Club


    Ohio Department of Education Military Family Support

    Wright-Patterson Officers’ Spouses’ Club


    Fort Sill Patriot’s Spouses’ Club

    Tinker Spouses’ Club


    Carlisle Barracks Spouses Club

    Pennsylvania Military Family Relief Assistance Program

    Rhode Island

    Military Spouses of Newport

    South Carolina

    Southeastern Council on Military Education Scholarships

    Team Charleston Spouses Club

    Victory Spouses Club of Fort Jackson

    South Dakota

    Ellsworth Officers and Civilians Spouses Club

    South Dakota National Guard Education Scholarships


    East Tennessee State Scholarships for Military & Families

    Fort Campbell Spouses’ Club


    Dyess Spouses’ Club

    Fort Bliss Spouses’ Association Scholarships

    Fort Hood Spouses Club

    Fort Hood Area Military Family Member Scholarship Fund

    Goodfellow Combined Spouses’ Club

    Lackland Spouses’ Club

    Laughlin XL Spouses’ Club

    Spouses’ Club of the Fort Sam Houston Area

    Texas A&M Veteran Dependent & Spouse Scholarships

    The Sheppard Officers’ Spouses’ Club


    Hill Officers’ Spouses’ Club

    University of Utah Scholarships for Veterans, Dependents, Spouses


    Belvoir Officers’ Spouses’ Club

    Fort Lee Area Spouses’ Club

    Langley Officers’ Spouses’ Club

    Spouses Club of Fort Eustis

    Virginia ACME Scholarship


    Fairchild Officers’ Spouses’ Club

    Officer Spouses’ Club of Whidbey Island

    Spouses’ Club of Lewis-McChord

    Submarine Officers’ Spouses’ Association Washington

    West Sound Officer Spouses’ Club

    Washington State University Military Scholarship


    Warren Spouses’ Club

    Wyoming Community Colleges Veteran and Dependent Education Benefits

    OCONUS clubs that offer scholarships to military spouses:

    Aviano Spouses’ Club

    Bavaria Community & Spouses Club

    Kaiserslautern Military Community

    Mildenhall Spouses’ Association

    Misawa Officers’ Spouses’ Club

    Team Osan Spouses’ Club

    Wiesbaden Community Spouses’ Club

    Other clubs that offer scholarships to military spouses:

    Air Force Association

    Air Force Aid Society Education Support

    American Legion Auxiliary Scholarships

    Army Aviation Association of America Scholarship

    Army Emergency Relief Education Resources for Military Kids

    Bob Feller Act of Valor Scholarship Program

    Coast Guard Foundation Multiple Scholarships for Dependents

    Coast Guard Mutual Assistance Education Programs

    Corvias Foundation

    Fisher House Scholarships for Military Kids

    Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund

    Gratitude Initiative Scholarships for Military & Veteran Dependents & Survivors

    Green Beret Foundation Scholarships

    Hope for the Warriors Military Spouse & Caregiver Scholarships

    Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation

    Modern Military Association of America Spouse Scholarship

    MOAA Scholarships

    National Military Family Association

    Navy Wives Clubs of America

    Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

    Navy League Scholarships for Sea Service Dependents

    ThanksUSA Military Dependent Scholarships

    The Tillman Scholars Program

    National Military Family Association (NMFA) – An additional resource for finding scholarships.

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