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Updated: March 22, 2021

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    Veterans Health - Q Find common veterans health and medical topics starting with the letter Q that are related to military service. The guide covers health topics from A to Z. Read on for more information about quality of care and more VA health topics in the Q category.

    Veterans Health Topics – A to Z

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    Note: What follows should not be taken as medical advice and is not intended as a diagnosis. This page is general information related to common veterans conditions and should not replace advice from your health care provider.

    The VA Quality, Safety & Value Program

    This is an internal effort by the Department of Veterans Affairs designed to support “the totality of the Veteran’s experience with the VHA health care system,” according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. This can include patient safety, compliance, and modernization of the patient experience.

    QSV has five “work streams” described as follows:

    Compliance and Business Integrity

    This stream is the internal oversight function of “VA revenue operations” and among the most critical areas focused on, business compliance, compliance improvement, and compliance are at the top of the priority list.

    Quality Standards and Programs

    This work stream is meant to support VA employees, health care managers, and care providers in the effort to improve the quality of veteran care agency-wide. This work stream includes concentration on establishing and maintaining appropriate guidelines for clinical practice and compliance-related issues.

    High Reliability Systems and Consultation

    This stream focuses on “improvement science” with the goal of maintaining a culture of continuous improvement.

    Health Care Value

    Dedicated to creating and maintaining systems for measuring value, effectiveness, and results.

    Safety and Risk Awareness

    This stream was created to reduce and prevent errors in veteran care, “including the creation of an enterprise-wide approach that anticipates risk and proactively prevents and mitigates organizational risks of all types” according to the VA official site.

    Quality of Care

    The Department of Veterans Affairs has a Quality of Care page on its official site, with information and resources in a variety of topic areas including:

    • Patient-centered health care
    • How the VA is working to improve quality, research, and veteran support
    • Promoting health care and how to understand your doctor’s advice
    • Measuring heart attack care
    • Preventing care-related infections

    You can use the VA Quality of Care page and its associated resources to compare performance among different VA medical centers. Do you know how your closest VA medical facility ranks in the VA system for treating common medical issues like high blood pressure? You can use the Quality of Care resources to do this and measure your VA health care experience overall using a VA-wide search tool that lets you select VA facilities based on zip codes, health care topics, and more.


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