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Air Force
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Crew Chief, KC-135A Tanker.
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Carswell AFB, TX. Permanent Station, TDY: Mildenhall, Torrejon, Kadena, Anderson, Clarke, U-Tapao., Sat. Alert: Eielson, Shepard., A/C I crewed had the ARC 58 Longwire Antenna which made it prime candidate for TDY's across the Ponds.
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USAF 1969-1973, 1974-1978 Short vac. between 73 and 74... TDY to U-Tapoa in 72. Not sure if I really qualify as a Vietnam Vet though I did fly 3 Combat missions over Vietnam refueling Fighters. When we got out of Vietnam, I got tired of Alert duty, MRI's, Bar None, MSEP, CEG, etc, so I got out and went to college. Ran low on money so went in the Aircraft manufacturing and production business. Retired after 32 years. Still miss flying on that old reliable aircraft I crewed.

Words of Wisdom

After spending 32 years building, Supervising, Managing the Production, Quality and Engineering side of Manufacturing a Military Aircraft, I have watched through time the deterioration of the focus and attention to detail that was ingrained in our learning so many years ago. Now a days, never let it be said that "Quality gets in the way of Schedule".


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