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I am looking for my dad, whom I have never met. My mom is Hong Thi Nguyen born in 1937, met my dad when she was working for the army in Long Binh. Her main job is cleaning and cooking for the army. My dad, a white man who also cooked in the same place as my mom. I know his unit is 303. Later, he was transfered to Cu Chi and into the battle field. In 1970 he was transfered back to Long Binh, then to the United States in that same year. I was born seven months after he left. My mom did not know she was pregnant when my dad left. When the communist took over Vietnam, she was so afraid that she had to burn everything relating to my dad. From all the years to searching for my dad, last I heard after he came back to the US, he then transfered to Germany and station there until now. I know for sure his last name is Young but my mom doesn't remember for sure now his first name, so it could be James or Jim.


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