News Brief for 28 August 2014 News Brief

Marine mascot Chesty XIV becomes an NCO >> Battle Rattle
Looks like America's cuddliest Marine is getting a promotion.

Oldest Seabee turned 101 today >> Free Press
SK2 Jerry M. Smith is the oldest living member of the first battalion of the U.S. Navy Seabees.

Aug 28, 1972: U.S. Air Force gets its first ace since Korean War >>
The U.S. Air Force gets its first ace (a designation traditionally awarded for five enemy aircraft confirmed shot down) since the Korean War. Captain Richard S. Ritchie, flying with his "backseater" (radar intercept officer), Captain Charles B. DeBellevue, in an F-4 out of Udorn Air Base in Thailand, shoots down his fifth MiG near Hanoi.

One-third of domestic violence victims in active-duty military families are men >> Military Times
Army Special Forces Sgt. Casey Gray clearly recalls the day when his fiancee turned violent.

18 Signs That The Obama Administration Is Openly Hostile To The Military >> Right Side News
Has there ever been an administration that has had more disdain for the U.S. military than the Obama administration? The way that this administration treats our veterans and the way that this administration is gutting our armed forces is absolutely shameful. As you will read about below, Obama and his minions have been purging the military of officers that do not agree with their agenda, they have labeled veterans returning from overseas wars as “potential terrorists”, and they have turned our military into a playground for political correctness and social experiments. Not that Obama has been afraid to use the military.

VA 'Oscar the Grouch' training angers vets >> Philadelphia Inquirer
The beleaguered Department of Veterans Affairs depicted dissatisfied veterans as Oscar the Grouch in a recent internal training guide, and some vets and VA staffers said Tuesday that they feel trashed.

Inspector general censures senior FBI official for remarks about disabled veteran >> Washington Post
The Justice Department's inspector general has concluded that a senior FBI official created the impression of witness-tampering during a discrimination lawsuit brought against the bureau by a disabled Army veteran.

Changing Memories to Treat PTSD >> The Atlantic
A controversial area of brain research suggests it may be possible-but is it ethical?

Ala. VA employee accused of sexually abusing patient >> Montgomery Advertiser
A Veterans Affairs Southeast Network employee who works at the Tuskegee VA medical center and was charged with sexual abuse of a veteran patient in February is still receiving a paycheck.

Veterans Affairs to resume performing surgeries on Thursday >> Denver Post
The Veterans Affairs Eastern Colorado Health Care System (ECHCS) is restarting selected surgical procedures beginning Thursday.

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