News Brief for 16 September 2014

PFC Nathan Currie

Soldier rescues woman from alligator-infested waters News Brief

Soldier rescues woman from alligator-infested waters >> US Army
A U.S. Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician rescued a woman from alligator-infested waters here. Pfc. Nathan Currie, from the 756th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company, was fishing on the south dock of Fort Stewart's Holbrook Pond, when he heard the splash from a sedan driving into the pond.

Oil and gas companies court military veterans as shale boom grows >> Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
John MacZura, an Army infantry veteran, started work a week after graduation.

No court martial for nurse who refused to give forced-feeding at Guantanamo >> Miami Herald
A Navy commander has chosen not to court-martial a nurse who refused to conduct forced-feedings of hunger strikers this summer and has instead asked a board to determine whether the nurse should be allowed to stay in the U.S. Navy.

Veteran walks across U.S. for PTSD awareness >> KSDK St. Louis
This weekend, St. Louis played host to a man on a mission. U.S. Army veteran Eric Peters is only 23-years-old, but he's had a lifetime of experience serving in Afghanistan.

Vets flex their muscles — and business skills — at fitness jobs >> New York Post
At the crack of dawn, a roomful of 20 fitness buffs are determinedly doing jumping jacks and burpees in T-shirts with the words "Honor, Courage, Commitment" printed across the back. A drill sergeant-like voice pierces the silence - "This is the best you can do?" - and even the most exhausted stragglers pick up the pace.

Military mom supports troops with bracelets made from uniforms >> KHOU Houston
An army veteran and military mom, Elsa Zarate is passionate about honoring the uniform and the men and women who wear it. In an effort to raise support for service men and women, Zarate has been working hard to create handmade bracelets, called Bands 4 Courage.

Dereliction of Duty >> Ziegler & Lane Social Security Disability Law
Matthew D. Lane writes a blog post called Dereliction of Duty: I am a proud U.S. Army veteran who served with the 82nd Airborne Division during the first Gulf War (1990-91). My friends and fellow paratroopers have fought and died over the last thirteen years in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Vets of Iraq, Afghanistan being short-changed on the Medal of Honor? >> CNN
The Medal of Honor is the nation's highest military honor, signifying extraordinary acts of valor.

Medal of Honor awarded to two soldiers from Vietnam War >> LA Times
President Obama awarded two men the Medal of Honor on Monday afternoon for their bravery during the Vietnam War.

Two U.S. soldiers receive the Medal of Honor, decades after heroism >> Washington Post
Retired Command Sgt. Maj. Bennie G. Adkins stood ramrod straight on Monday as President Obama draped the Medal of Honor around his neck at the White House. It had been nearly five decades since he led Special Forces soldiers through a bloody ordeal that spanned a week in March 1966, but he still wore a crisp Army uniform, and saluted after receiving the nation's top award for combat valor.

U.S. to Commit Up to 3,000 Troops to Fight Ebola in Africa >> New York Times
Under pressure to do more to confront the Ebola outbreak sweeping across West Africa, President Obama on Tuesday is to announce an expansion of military and medical resources to combat the spread of the deadly virus, administration officials said.

The Veterans No One Talks About >> National Journal
Tens of thousands of soldiers who are discharged from the military each year are locked out of VA services.

VA secretary vows more changes, higher ranges of pay for doctors, nurses >> Stars and Stripes
As part of the effort to eliminate the VA appointment backlog by the end of next year, Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald said Monday that he plans to increase the range of pay for VA doctors and nurses, among other changes.

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