3-Year-Old Boy Breaks Military Protocol


For what it is worth to all veterans, I would like to offer a solution based on faith in God. I realize that many are from different religions and it may not be compatible with all but for those who can I am suggesting a way to get things changed, or I believe that they will.
I recently located an old prayer or offering that is so powerful that God has stated that he will grant anything by means of it. (Hopefully we all understand it can only be used for good intentions. ) anyway, it is called THE HOLY FACE OF JESUS, AND THOSE INTERESTED I SUGGEST YOU LOOK IT UP. Holyface.org. Read the entire website and you will see promises etc. I know many of us were saved on battlefields and elsewhere by some force that defied the activities.
My idea about this is for those that are tortured by pain and suffering from injuries or disease as well as by the system, and even those with claims that have VA movement forward issues to join me in Offering The Holy Face of Jesus to the Eternal Father for our efforts. For the pain and suffering people it needs the system from the top of this overgrown and unyielding monster, called government, to drop the idiocy of over controlling the relief we Vets need for treatment. The dea should not be telling doctors how to medically treat people and the docs or administrators who are on the over control side need to have an epiphany and get understanding and compassion. God is all powerful and the story goes, " what is impossible for man is always possible with God." So, I suggest that we all join together in a spiritual chain letter to GOD to get the progress we need and the changes made that help us live better lives through proper treatment. That we know what works and how much medicine we need to control pain. We are children and have handled some fairly dangerous stuff before. I'm quite sure we can handle this situation as well.
So I place this out there for all to join me in asking our Great God to help us all out! I am praying for not just me but all and I do it everyday and even several times a day. I have had great progress with my treatment but still in need of slight improvement, so if you really care, join me and you will see that what I have told you is all-powerful and it actually really works! God is no joke although few would have you believe otherwise. The more that follow this the more affect and strength our request will be, as it is on the battlefield. God is always faithful to those that are faithful to him. Even if you doubt my assuredness I suggest you at least give it a try. What have got to lose? God does not lie and neither do I!
Semper Fi! To all my Vet brothers and sisters!

Being new to this website I believe I jumped the gun and should have learned how to place this in correct forum. If anyone could help me I'd be very appreciative. Just trying to help us all!

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