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News Brief for 11 September 2014 News Brief

Homeless veteran photographs homeless people in Prescott region >> The Daily Courier
Brad Messervy has been homeless in the Prescott area for the last five years and often sleeps in the forest, which he says he loves. Messervy chooses to be homeless out of a love for the lifestyle and the freedom it affords him.

Three years later, Afghan war vet and military dog are reunited in Dallas >> Dallas Morning News
A Garland resident and former U.S. Marine has reunited with a military dog that he served with in Afghanistan in 2011.

‘I have held that life in my hands’ >> Washington Post
My first morning in Forward Operating Base Lightning, Maj. Vance Trenkel, the Third Cavalry's public affairs officer, asked me to create a little good feeling and sketch someone wearing the Third Cav's Stetson. Of course I agreed, and made one plaintive request: it had to be some Clint Eastwood-looking crusty veteran of multiple conflicts. "I need to see the grit in the corners of his eyes," I said.

Man bikes across country to raise money for Veterans >> WRCB Chattanooga
Grehlinger is making his way across the country on two wheels. He's riding from Portland, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina, totaling close to 44-hundred miles in just 3 months. With every mile, he's raising money for Veteran's Best Friend, an organization that gives dogs to veterans suffering with PTSD.

G.I. Joe photo exhibit in San Jose brings to life the real plight of struggling veterans >> San Jose Mercury News
These are no ordinary Joes. At first glance, the G.I. Joe action figures who are the subjects of a stark photo exhibit on display at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library look disturbingly real. And that's precisely the point.

Sports becoming popular therapy for vets >> U-T San Diego
"This guy," said Travis Schneider, pointing toward the big brown eyes of his service dog, Gibbs, a white Labrador retriever. And sports. These two things have made Schneider's life tolerable since he left the Navy in 2012. The former gunner's mate lives with severe post-traumatic stress disorder and a mild brain injury after nine months in Iraq in 2008.

Surf's Up!

Marines attach cargo to a CH-53E Super Stallion

Thunderbirds perform Crossover Break Hit maneuver

F/A-18C Hornet launches from the USS George H.W. Bush

Alaska National Guard Conduct Hoist Training


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