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Submarine Defensive Sytems

Early morning off the coast of a hostile nation, a Virginia-class nuclear attack submarine steams slowly out to sea. It follows a narrow channel in the in the coastal waters. The 7,700 ton sub had to get through the gap in the sea wall to deliver its SDV (SEAL Delivery Vehicle) in the calmer waters closer to shore. The problem was the sediment in the littoral side of the sea wall created a shallow bowl depriving a sub of its most useful defense; deep water. A sub in shallow water is like a bear hiding in your garage.

PFC Andy Barylski drinking Montagnard rice wine in Gia Vuc, Quang Ngai, RVN

U.S. Army SP5 Raymond Gardner - MACV PIO '66-'67

Fake Cyber Vets

Since this is my first posting on a new website dedicated to the interests of US Military veterans on the web, I decided I could best help you by drawing attention to a relatively new phenomenon:

Fake Cyber Vets

Free SAT and ACT Test Prep Program

eKnowledge, NFL players tackle SAT and ACT
Group donates free SAT/ACT prep programs to Service members

eKnowledge Corporation and a group of National Football League (NFL) players pledge to donate up to $10 million in SAT/ACT Test Preparation programs to Service members and their families in 2007.

Old Navy

Why are there more than 8 times as many searchs on search engines for the term "Old Navy" as there are for the term "Navy"?

My "Old Navy" are the sailors, coasties, marines, and merchant marines who fought and died for their country on ships around the world, not a bunch of clothes for teenagers.


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