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Ubon, Thailand 1971

2003 POW/MIA Day

Social Hall Attendant (center) and Social Hall Manager attend to Legionnaires at the old Horseshoe bar.

2003 POW/MIA Day

Past Post Commander and Tuskegee Airman Ulysses Theard

2003 POW/MIA Day

"Ski" right and Post Commander

Legionnaires & their wives

2003 POW/MIA Ceremony in the Philippines

The American Legion in the Philippines: part I

“That’s the way things are done.”

I got involved with the American Legion in the Philippines early in 2004. My wife had prepared a home for us in the islands while I worked long hours. Eventually, the time came to settle into the new home. We landed in Manila New Year’s Day early in the morning. My wife and I made our way to our home in the hills above Olongapo City only to find it had been robbed and ransacked in the weeks before we got there. My dream to relax in the tropics had taken a sharp detour.


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